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Chapter 369 - Mr. Man of Steel—Fei Bai

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 369: Mr. Man of Steel—Fei Bai

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    Fei Bai wanted to sort things out the usual way he knew—violence. Yet, the ones standing before them were Li Shiyao’s family members. Thus, he could not do anything as drastic as that. Seeing that Papa Li was struggling as he stood up, Fei Bai went ahead to pull him up. However…

    “Help! My arm’s broken!”

    Papa Li yelped loudly.

    As soon as that happened, Mama Li rushed toward them and raised her hand, wanting to slap Li Shiyao. “You ungrateful daughter! How dare you do this to your father! If you want to hit your father, you should hit me too! You ungrateful child!”

    Things were happening too fast. Li Shiyao had just gotten some time to rest, and yet, upon walking out of the filming area, she had gotten slapped.

    Although Papa Li was being held off, there was no one else holding off Mama Li. Seeing her mom’s hand raised up high, about to slap her again, Li Shiyao ducked down instinctively, when suddenly…

    A muscular, manly figure stood before her, blocking her from any harm. It was Fei Bai. Seeing that Mama Li was going to attack Li Shiyao, he quickly let go of Papa Li and shielded her with his body.

    In an instant, Mama Li’s hand slapped onto Fei Bai’s shoulder instead of Li Shiyao’s face.


    The sound of Fei Bai getting hit could be heard by the entire filming crew. And then…

    “Ouch! My hand hurts so much!!! Is this man made out of steel or something?!”

    Mama Li stared at her red, swollen hand as she shrieked in pain.

    Papa Li, who was about to rush toward Fei Bai and hit him, quickly pulled back his arm as he lowered his head and looked at his leg. Yes! He could use his leg! Hence, he quickly kicked Fei Bai’s left calf…


    Papa Li took in a gulp of cold breath before kneeling to hug his leg. His pinky toe hurt like hell! How could this man’s calf be so hard?! It was like kicking at a wall made of metal!

    Seeing that Li Shiyao was completely shielded by Fei Bai, Papa and Mama Li could not help but wonder just how this seemingly skinny man’s body had gotten so hardened and sturdy…

    Not daring to resort to violence again, they pointed their fingers at Li Shiyao and yelled, “Your little brother is going to get married soon! Give us 500,000 Yuan now!”

    Hearing this, Li Shiyao finally pulled herself together and realized what was happening. In an instant, she felt a surge of panic and shame overwhelming her mind. Everyone in the filming set had now seen her in this embarrassing situation.

    Now, all she wanted to do was dig a hole and die in it.

    Li Shiyao’s face was as red as a tomato when she finally mustered enough courage to speak again. “I… I don’t have that much money right now…!”

    This TV drama was invested in by Lemon Entertainment, and she was Lemon Entertainment’s artist. In other words, before the company was able to get the TV drama on-air and earn some money from it, they would not pay her any dividends of her share. In other words, she indeed did not have much money in her bank account at the moment.

    Mama Li shook her in disbelief. “Don’t lie to me. You’re a big star right now, how could you not have money? I know all about it, you know! They’ll pay you 100,000 Yuan for each episode, and this TV drama has 30 episodes! That means you’ve got 3 million with you! I don’t want much. Just give mommy 1 million and that will do!”


    Li Shiyao had no way to refute this—in the contract, that was indeed her income from this TV drama. However, that was before she got her share. The way the entertainment business worked was that the company that managed the artists would need to get some share of their earnings. Thus, she would actually get less than 3 million from this TV drama, and still, that number was before paying the taxes.

    If she deducted all of those, all she would get was just 500,000 Yuan. A hefty sum, yes. Except, she was planning to pay off the debt that she carried on her shoulders on behalf of her little brother with that money…

    Li Shiyao was practically driven to tears as she begged her mother. “Mom, the last time when you were renovating the house, you asked for 500,000 Yuan. That 500,000 Yuan was borrowed from loan sharks. I still need to pay them back. And after I pay them back, I would have no money left…”

    “If we don’t get our money, we won’t leave!”

    Papa and Mama Li stood there stubbornly with their arms crossed over their chests. “Now, how about this? We’ll talk to the director. How can he ask you to work without paying you?”

    In tears, Li Shiyao clenched her fists. “Mom! Dad! Don’t do this, please!”

    Fei Bai, the Man of Steel, suddenly opened his mouth. “I have the money.”

    Papa and Mama Li’s eyes glittered upon hearing this.

    Li Shiyao looked at Fei Bai in shock as he continued, “I’ll give the money on her behalf.”

    If it was a problem that could be solved by paying them off, it was hardly a problem for him.

    “Yes, that’ll do, too! Now, come. Give us the money!”

    Papa Li rubbed his hands greedily.

    Fei Bai nodded and prepared to leave the two greedy, entitled Papa and Mama Li. Suddenly…


    Ning Meng’s voice could be heard from behind.