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Chapter 288 - Ah Chen Said It Himself, Not Me

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 288: Ah Chen Said It Himself, Not Me

    After entering the Lookout Pavilion, Su Cha did not ask about Miss Ye.

    The old lady did not say anything to her either and just said, "I don't think you two have a common language. You didn't have to introduce yourself."

    Su Cha smiled. "Do you think so, Grandma?"

    The old lady gave her a meaningful look before returning to her courtyard.

    Su Cha returned to Bo Muyi's courtyard. He was not back yet.

    Taking advantage of this time, Su Cha returned to her bedroom and started to cultivate.

    Recently, she had had to change from meditation to actual combat practice. After all, she had to exercise her body before she could achieve any results.

    Her inner-force mental cultivation technique was currently improving. She was aware of her progress, and she also gradually became clear about the division of strength in this world.

    From the moment she entered the Lookout Pavilion, Su Cha could already sense where the secret guards were stationed.

    These secret guards were secretly protecting Bo Muyi and the entire Lookout Pavilion.

    Su Cha had a rough idea of their strength. She could probably fight with them only one at a time.

    Other people had been cultivating for decades, but she had relied on her past life's advantage to practice martial arts that did not belong to this era.

    When she could fight against a hundred people at once, Su Cha would be around Bo Muyi, so she basically did not have to worry about his safety.

    However, she could also feel that these secret guards had particularly strong external forces, and the aura of their inner force was not very obvious.

    In real martial arts, the support of the inner force was very important. Take the lightness skill as an example. With external force, a person could instantly reach the third floor. But with Su Cha's inner force, she could easily fly up.

    This was beyond the imagination of science.

    However, martial arts itself did not make sense.

    Even the Martial Union and a legendary martial arts school like the Tang Sect existed. What science was there to talk about?

    It was easy to detect someone's inner force. She needed to touch the person's meridians, but it was a pity that she could not touch anyone under Bo Muyi's nose.

    She had only come into contact with ordinary people. She could not judge the other party's strength with her naked eyes, so she had to train harder.

    But now that she was about to start the actual combat, even though it was not appropriate to be indoors, it was also not realistic to be outside for a long time. After thinking for a while, Su Cha walked out and called out, "Ah Chen?"

    Ah Chen suddenly appeared, as if he came from the shadows. "Yes."

    But Su Cha felt him.

    He had jumped down from upstairs…

    The silent Ah Chen was indeed capable.

    She said with a calm expression, "I need a training room. I want to exercise and practice singing. I don't like people looking at me through surveillance cameras, do you?"

    Ah Chen's eyes flickered as he nodded. "I understand. When do you need it?"

    "From tomorrow onwards."

    After saying this, Su Cha went back into the room.

    Ah Chen felt that her request was a little strange, but after thinking about it, he felt that there was nothing wrong with it and went to do it.

    After Bo Muyi came back, he asked her directly, "You need a place to exercise? We have one right here. If you still need to practice songs, I will get someone to prepare the equipment for you."

    Su Cha hummed and looked at Bo Muyi. She wanted to tell him about what had happened this morning, but Bo Muyi thought that Su Cha wanted to say something else. He snorted and said, "Ah Chen told me himself. I didn't ask him. I didn't monitor you!"

    Su Cha: "…"