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Chapter 289 - Explosion

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 289: Explosion

    Seeing Bo Muyi's awkward expression, Su Cha could not help but laugh. "I didn't say anything."

    Bo Muyi frowned slightly. "I…"

    Seeing his expression, Su Cha found it amusing. She went forward and grabbed Bo Muyi's wrist. "You will know about these things just by thinking about it. You are too nervous."

    The man looked at her with a deep gaze. "You said that I can't monitor you. I don't want you to misunderstand…"

    "I can differentiate between a misunderstanding and an unreasonable behavior."

    Su Cha sighed softly. "Muyi, you don't have to be too nervous all the time. I don't care about these things."


    He nodded and held Su Cha's palm. Suddenly, he smiled. "You went to eat at your mother's house. Were you happy?"

    Su Cha knew that he would also ask about that, so she nodded and said, "It's great. I was happy to see her current husband."

    A strange light flashed past Bo Muyi's eyes when he heard that. It was so fast that it was almost undetectable.

    "That's good."

    It was unknown if what he said was meant for Su Cha or if he meant something else.

    There seemed to be a deeper meaning in it.

    Su Cha had eaten, but Bo Muyi had just returned from the company. She accompanied Bo Muyi for supper. On the way, Su Cha looked at the news on Weibo.

    Although Zi You's matter had nothing to do with her, Su Cha wanted to see how far he had fallen.

    As Su Cha predicted, Zi You's incident had made a huge impact.

    On Weibo, he was the most popular trending topic. The top three most popular searches had something to do with him, although the titles did not look good.

    In particular, those who had something to do with Zi You, especially the members of his group, were also one of the top ten trending searches.

    Sometimes, the trending searches represented a celebrity's popularity and the attention he or she was receiving. The more famous a celebrity was, the more they liked to stay on the trending searches. Moreover, it was an insider secret that the trending searches could be bought. Many celebrities often became number one on the trending searches because of a trivial matter. The netizens would speculate that they were year-round users on Weibo. Otherwise, all kinds of lousy things would not have gone trending.

    Celebrities were proud of getting into the hot searches. In order to gain attention, they did not care about the reason at all.

    But no one would want to see their artists' names on a trending list like Zi You's.

    However, the news continued to spread. No matter how much money they spent, they could not stop it.

    Not to mention that this matter was done by Bo Muyi. Who could suppress it?

    Zi You had been exposed for having a sugar daddy in the past, and both men and women were involved. Not only that, but he was also often caught flirting with female actors and actresses. There were also some long-silenced issues, including the abandonment of his first girlfriend.

    All sorts of scandals were being thrown at him, almost causing his fans to become dizzy and certainly catching his company off guard.

    No celebrity could turn this kind of tide.

    Zi You's agency did not dare to clarify this matter. What was there to clarify? Was it a rumor?

    Don't be ridiculous. The video had already been exposed all over the internet. Even if people were just spreading rumors, the agency would not have the confidence to refute them.

    Zi You disappeared without a trace. That night, his apartment was surrounded by angry fans.

    For the whole day, every trending topic had something to do with Zi You.

    The production crew that did not seem to have much to do with Zi You had also become a hot topic because he was a judge in Dreams in Progress.