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Chapter 343 - Would You Like to Become the Young Mistress of the Gu Family? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 343: Would You Like to Become the Young Mistress of the Gu Family? (1)

    Yun Rou first applied her makeup onto her face before picking up her phone and making her way to the balcony. Laying idly onto the lounger, she answered the phone with a gentle and captivating voice. “Hello, Auntie.”

    Rong Fanghua, who was on the other end of the call, was a little surprised that Yun Rou was able to accurately guess who she was. Eventually, she chuckled softly.

    It hadn’t been long since Yun Rou returned, yet she had already found out her mobile number and even saved it into her contacts. If she wasn’t wrong, it was likely that she hadn’t done this with only her. She probably had already saved the contacts of everyone else in the Gu family.

    It seemed like Rong Fanghua had found the right person for the job.

    Rong Fanghua sighed knowingly. “How thoughtful of you, Yun Rou.”

    Since that was the case, she didn’t bother beating around the bush any longer. She cut to the chase and said, “Yun Rou, I’m calling you to tell you that my husband has already tried to fight for you to become the Gu Corporation’s spokesperson. Unfortunately, Yu is very adamant in rejecting his proposal.”

    Yun Rou’s voice was instantly laced with a tinge of sorrow as she said, “I must’ve hurt Gu Yu too deeply back then. That’s why he’s not willing to give me a chance to redeem myself.

    “Even so, I still have to thank Uncle for speaking up for me. I’m very grateful. Please help me pass my thanks to him, Auntie.”

    “I will.”

    Rong Fanghua paused for a while before she added, “We might have not managed to reach a consensus for this partnership, but there’s another partnership that I’d like to suggest. However, I’m not sure if you’d be interested.”


    Yun Rou got up slightly, picking up the cup of coffee on the coffee table and taking a sip. Her gentle voice sounded once more as she asked, “Is it another partnership with the Gu Corporation?”

    “No, this time, it would be a partnership with my husband and me.”

    Yun Rou wasn’t too surprised that Rong Fanghua suggested something like this. If she was only calling to inform her that the spokesperson plan hadn’t worked out, it wouldn’t be much trouble for Rong Fanghua to do it herself.

    However, she wasn’t someone that would just partner up with random people, even if she knew that it was likely something involving Gu Yu.

    Those with intelligence would be at a disadvantage if they behaved too eagerly before knowing the trump card in their opponent’s hands. She would never make such a foolish mistake.

    Thus, Yun Rou didn’t answer her directly. Instead, she inquired sweetly, “Auntie, why do you and Uncle want to work with me?”

    How could Rong Fanghong not tell that Yun Rou was trying to maintain her stance? However, she wasn’t upset. It was good that Yun Rou was smart; if she wasn’t smart, then it wouldn’t be easy to accomplish things. If that was the case, then they would’ve wasted their efforts.

    After all, she would have to be someone truly remarkable to achieve success within those few years that she was abroad.

    Rong Fanghua chuckled. Instead of giving Yun Rou an answer, she asked, “Yun Rou, would you like to become the Young Mistress of the Gu family?”

    Yun Rou’s eyes darkened. Her lips curved into a smile.

    She didn’t keep her in suspense any longer, replying confidently, “It’s not something I’d like, but it is something that belongs to me!”

    Pleased with her answer, Rong Fanghua replied, “Great. I like working with smart and capable people with clear goals and ambitions.”

    Hearing how direct Yun Rou was, Rong Fanghong also went straight to the chase as she said, “It will be difficult for you to return to Gu Yu’s side and become the Gu family’s Young Mistress. However, my husband and I will give you the greatest assistance possible.”

    Yun Rou remained silent for a moment before she asked, “Why do you guys want to help me?”

    Rong Fanghua sighed. “Yu hasn’t truly accepted us as his family for all these years. Grandpa Gu is getting old. When he passes on, life will probably be difficult for people like us from the side branches of the family. We should find a plan to fall back on ahead of time.”