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Chapter 358 - Hug Tightly, Your Little Fairy is About to Sleep

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 358: Hug Tightly, Your Little Fairy is About to Sleep

    When Jian Qi let go of Coco, her face had returned to its original calmness.

    Coco could not help but look at her in a depressed manner. “Did you say those things to insult or to compliment me?”

    “I was making a confession to you!” Jian Qi gave off a devilish laugh.

    Coco remained silent.

    “Baby, can you stop making fun of me?”

    When Jian Qi nodded, the smile on her face became somewhat twisted. “Alright, I’ll stop toying with you. After all, it doesn’t work on you. My Lord Coco needs to be dominated by another man. There’s no way I can turn you straight!”

    Coco. “…”

    “Goodbye, young lady!”

    When Jian Qi saw how enraged Coco became, she smiled. “Lord Coco, if you can’t find any other man, you can try turning my idol gay. At least he is handsome!”

    “Besides, you two spend so much time together. You should make the first move!”

    “Jian Qi, don’t make me hurt you physically!” Coco took a deep breath.

    “Do you think you can torture me like Little Tang Tang?” Jian Qi chuckled.

    Coco resisted the urge to say something vulgar.

    ‘Damn it. It’s that guy with the Tang surname again.’

    ‘Young lady, how infatuated are you with this man?’

    Right then, there was an announcement for passengers to board the bus. “Lord Coco, I have to go now…” Jian Qi waved at Coco.

    “Stay safe and don’t get into trouble!” Coco urged once more. He felt like a mother worried for his child.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Do I really give off such a bad impression?’

    ‘What did he mean by getting into trouble?’

    As soon as Jian Qi got onto the bus, she started napping. After spending the past three days with Coco and going to places, she actually did feel quite tired.

    Once the bus started moving, Jian Qi’s head tilted to one side.

    However, there was a part of the journey that had rather bumpy roads. When the bus ran over a rock, the entire bus shook. When Jian Qi’s head knocked directly onto the glass window, it hurt so much that she inhaled deeply in shock.

    As she really was too tired, she tilted her head to the other side without opening her eyes.

    After the bus shook several times more, Jian Qi’s head eventually leaned against the shoulder of the person who was sitting next to her.

    At first, Jian Qi had decided not to sit upright. However, as she was leaning against this person’s shoulder, she could feel a familiar chill being emanated from the person next to her.

    Her eyes immediately became wide open as she sat upright in an instant.

    With her gaze lifted, she looked into the person’s cold eyes. Jian Qi immediately began to smile devilishly. “Little Tang Tang…”

    As Tang Jinyu observed the young lady who was moving closer to hug his arm, he began to regret sitting in this bus.

    Meanwhile, as Jian Qi hugged him, she rubbed his head against her shoulder without a care in the world. “Little Tang Tang, did you follow me here?”

    “Let go of me!” Tang Jinyu uttered in a hushed tone.

    Due to the surprise in his voice, people in the bus began to look their way.

    However, not only did Jian Qi not let go of his arm, she directly lifted his hand and placed it around her shoulder. She was now completely snuggled up to him.

    “Hug tightly. Your little fairy is about to sleep. If you don’t, I might hit my head again. What will you do then?” Jian Qi said before directly closing her eyes to nap in his embrace.

    Tang Jinyu had come at the right time. He was a rather nice pillow in human form.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jingyu was about to push her away when the bus suddenly shook a little. Jian Qi’s head slipped off from his shoulder slightly.

    As it happened, Tang Jinyu subconsciously reached out with his hand to hold her and prevented her head from slipping down further.

    When he realized what he had done, he took a deep breath and removed his hand.

    ‘Never mind.’ He thought. It would not change the outcome even if he pushed her away.

    Jian Qi was thick-skinned and did not worry about other people watching them. However, he still cared about his own reputation.

    Throughout the journey of several hours, Jian Qi tried to stay alert at first. However, after hugging Tang Jinyu for some time, she eventually fell into a deep slumber.

    Naturally, she did not notice Tang Jinyu’s gentle act of tucking her hair which was dangling in front of her face to the back of her ear.