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Chapter 456 - The Strange Waterfall Pool

Let Me Game in Peace
     456 The Strange Waterfall Pool"Your luck is pretty good. Your first Water Elemental Sprite produced a crystal, but unfortunately, it's not a Companion Egg," An Sheng said with a smile.

    Zhou Wen kept searching for Water Elemental Sprites on the island, hoping to have a Companion Egg drop. However, Zhang Yuzhi wasn't interested in Companion Eggs. She only took photos as though she was on a tour.

    "Why is that Water Elemental Sprite a little different?" When Zhou Wen and company came to a waterfall, they saw a strange Water Elemental Sprite.

    Typical Water Elemental Sprites were blue in color and looked spherical, but in fact, they were the shape of water droplets. However, this Water Elemental Sprite was silver in color. It didn't look like a water droplet, but a snake.

    "This should be a high-level Water Elemental Sprite. It might be an Epic creature. Be careful," An Sheng said responsibly.

    Zhou Wen was indeed very careful. He summoned stone armor and didn't approach the silver water snake sprite. He summoned his Overlord Sword and slashed at it from afar.

    The water snake didn't dodge. It opened its mouth and spewed out silver water. However, the water that it spewed out was somewhat strange. It was actually in the shape of a venomous fang.

    A sword beam slashed across, shattering the water snake's venomous fangs. The sword beam continued to slash at it.

    When the silver water snake saw that something was amiss, it turned around and slipped into the pool beneath the waterfall. Its body resembled water to begin with, so once it entered the pool, it immediately vanished. It was impossible to tell its location with the naked eye.

    Thankfully, Zhou Wen had Truth Listener. The Truth Listener earring's ability ignored color, so he immediately saw the silver water snake in the pool. When Zhou Wen chased after it, he sent a sword beam into the pool.


    The water surface was parted by the spinning sword beam, slicing apart the silver water snake's body. Even the water-elemental crystal in its body was shattered.

    A silver crystal-shaped Companion Egg dropped and sank to the bottom of the pool.

    A Companion Egg dropped? Zhou Wen stood by the pool and observed for a while. When he saw that there were no signs of other dimensional creatures in the pool, he jumped in and dived towards the bottom.

    Zhou Wen reached out to pick up the Companion Egg. Just as he was about to float up, he suddenly felt a tremendous suction force at the bottom of the pool. It caused his body to instantly sink as though a toilet whirlpool was sucking at him.


    Zhou Wen was flushed down with the flow of water and discovered that there was a huge space beneath the pool. Beneath it was churning seawater.

    Zhou Wen looked up, but he didn't find the cave entrance that he had washed down from. There were black rocks above his head without any gaps.

    He slashed at the rock, shattering a huge piece, however, there were still rocks behind it. Zhou Wen slashed several times, but they were all rock. There was no exit.

    As for the destination of the underground seawater flow, there was a light that seemed to be the exit of a tunnel.

    Zhou Wen had no choice but to follow the flow of the water as he headed for the exit. As long as he could get out, it wouldn't be difficult for him to circle back to the pool again.

    Soon, Zhou Wen rushed out with the flow of water. When he exited, he realized that he was at the waterfall's entrance.

    After Zhou Wen came out of the waterfall, he directly floated in the air, alarmed by what he saw.

    No matter how he looked at the waterfall and the pool below, it looked like the one he had fallen into. However, he had clearly fallen into the pool of water beneath, so why would he come out of the waterfall from above?

    Zhou Wen carefully observed his surroundings. Indeed, the environment was identical. It was the pool that he had fallen into, but there was no sign of An Sheng or Zhang Yuzhi.

    Don't tell me they went into the pool to look for me? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he flew higher, hoping to confirm that they were still on the island.

    As he flew into the air, he managed to take in the entirety of the small island.

    The extremely beautiful island was filled with green grass and flowing water.

    However, when Zhou Wen's gaze landed on a spot, his pupils constricted abruptly. There was an apple tree growing on a grass slope.

    There was only one apple on the huge apple tree, but that apple was somewhat unusual. It was as though it was made of gold and emitted a resplendent glow.

    Under the apple tree, there was a black lizard sleeping. The lizard was even bigger than an elephant.

    Soon, because lizards didn't have wings, Zhou Wen realized that it wasn't a lizard but a legendary West District dragon. On the dragon's back were two fleshy wings.

    Gold apple… Dragon… Zhou Wen was alarmed and puzzled.

    This was a little similar to the myths that Zhou Wen had read. Legend had it that the human hero, Peleus, married a sea-nymph. They had invited all the gods to their wedding but chose not to invite the goddess, Eris. Unhappy about this, she produced a golden apple at the wedding and tossed it into the feast of the gods. On it were the words "to the most beautiful."

    In the end, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite entered a dispute for the golden apple. This eventually led to a human war.

    Legend had it that the golden apple tree was in a holy garden, guarded by a hundred-headed dragon, but that was only a legend. This place didn't look like a holy garden.

    The black dragon under the golden apple tree didn't look like it had a hundred heads—it only had one.

    Zhou Wen didn't know what the golden apple was for, nor did he wish to snatch it, lest he alarm the black dragon. Although it might not be a hundred-headed dragon, the dragon itself was a Mythical creature of legend. Zhou Wen didn't wish to take the risk.

    However, what puzzled Zhou Wen was that before they had come onto the island, they hadn't seen the golden apple tree or the dragon. Why did these things suddenly appear?

    Zhou Wen checked the entire island, but he didn't find An Sheng and Zhang Yuzhi. The strangest thing was that even the boat that they had moored on the beach had vanished.

    Could it be that this isn't the island from before? It just looks a little similar. When I passed through the hole beneath the pool, I arrived somewhere else? The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more he found it possible.

    Splash! Splash!

    As Zhou Wen was pondering over the matter, he heard two splashes. It was as though a stone had dropped into a pool of water. He turned his head and saw An Sheng and Zhang Yuzhi fall from the waterfall and fall into the pond, stirring up a huge splash.

    They were fine and quickly crawled out of the pool, but Zhou Wen felt something amiss. He turned to look at the black dragon under the apple tree. Indeed, it had awoken from its slumber. It slowly got up and looked towards the waterfall.

    "Zhou Wen, what are you doing up there?" Zhang Yuzhi shouted at Zhou Wen when she saw him in midair.