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Chapter 411 – Yin and Yang Energies

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     The Immortal Sect’s strength stood upon the pinnacle of the Land of Divinity and Demons. They had countless powerhouses and even several mighty beings that dominated above the highest heavens. Even the Demonic Path who they were enemies with didn’t dare to cause trouble at the Immortal Sect. Thus, through the endless years of peaceful living, the inspections at the entrance of the Immortal Sect became increasingly lax over time.

    On this day, two beams of light flew over. One person was large and burly with a yellow face, and the other was as thin as a stick of wood with a complexion like black iron. The several Immortal Sect cultivators that stood guard at the entrance glanced over them. Seeing that their cultivations were average and they came from within the sect, they didn’t care much at all.

    One of the cultivators lazily said, “Who are you? Where do you plan on going?”

    The large cultivator cupped his hands and bowed, “Senior-apprentice brother, the two of us are logistics disciples from Highheaven Peak. We have orders to go out and purchase some materials; this is our order.”

    He took out a jade slip as he spoke.

    The cultivator inspected it and found that it was indeed an order to purchase goods. It tossed back the token. “Alright. Hurry up and come back within the month.”

    “Thank you, senior-apprentice brother.”

    The large cultivator cupped his hands. Then, he grabbed the thin cultivator and flew away from the entrance. They soon vanished from sight.

    “Since when did Highheaven Peak accept these two weirdoes? They are so strange-looking.”

    “Don’t manage the business of others…but, those two are indeed a bit ugly.”

    “Haha, in particular that thin one. You could hang him up on your front door to repel evil spirits!”

    A moment later, the two beams of light flew towards the edges of the Immortal Sect and down into a mountain valley. The thin cultivator coldly snorted. As opposed to his appearance, his voice was completely different; it was actually extremely clear and pleasant-sounding. “This is all your horrible idea. We could have just stayed in the sect, so why do we have to run out!”

    The tall and burly cultivator turned around and laughed. “If you really grew up into this appearance, perhaps you might have the added effect of expelling dark spirits!”

    “You…” The skinny cultivator was breathless with anger. Light flashed around his body and his face faded away to reveal Ning Ling’s charming but angry expression. Across from her, there was the sound of cracking bones as the yellow-faced large cultivator slowly transformed into Qin Yu.

    “Go, go, go! I’ve been in the Land of Divinity and Demons for so long but I haven’t really gotten to see this world yet. You should be roughly the same, right? We can take this chance to relax and look around.”

    Ning Ling lightly coughed. She turned her head and walked away.

    “Hey, wait for me!”

    “I’m not waiting for anyone!”

    As the two bickered, their figures gradually faded away.

    Not too far away, on a thick tree branch, a bird was looking at the two as they walked into the distance. A light flashed in the bird’s eyes and then it flapped its wings and followed.

    Purple Moon sat in her palace, looking at a light curtain in front of her. It reflected the image of Qin Yu and Ning Ling walking away hand in hand. A cold expression crossed her face.

    “Honorable master, does this disciple need to make arrangements to have junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling return earlier?” A female cultivator to the right respectfully asked.

    Purple Moon said, “Keep an eye on Ning Ling. As long as they don’t go too far, let her do as she pleases…consider this her last memories with him.”

    “Yes, honorable master.”

    There were no other influences in the region where the Immortal Sect was. All cultivators who lived here had some connection to the Immortal Sect. Thus, there was an unusual state of peace here, with almost no cultivators fighting. It was like a pure land of ultimate bliss, a paradise on earth. Qin Yu found it hard to believe that such a suitable place to live in could be found in the Land of Divinity and Demons.

    After he and Ning Ling restored themselves to their true appearances, in order to avoid trouble they put on a minor disguise. However, Ning Ling’s charm still brought them a bit of trouble.

    But with their current cultivations, dealing with these things was simple. They only treated it like a small interlude in their play. After Qin Yu beat away some fellows that were seeking trouble with Ning Ling, she finally decided to put on Qin Yu’s black robe. Once she covered herself with it, they finally had some peace and quiet.

    By a mountain stream, a bonfire was lit. Fish and shrimp were caught and roasted on a branch. Every bite was delicious and every breath was filled with a fragrant breeze.

    In a small and peaceful town, they sat at a tea stall holding hands. They watched children play in the distance, sweat sprinkling from their heads as their laughter rang out like silver bells.

    In the blink of an eye, a month passed. Qin Yu and Ning Ling followed their hearts wherever they took them. There were no amazing and wonderful experiences, but this made the peace and serenity they experienced even more real and vivid.

    Unknowingly, their hearts grew increasingly close.

    At a tea stall, Qin Yu drank a mouthful of rough village tea, savoring the bitterness in the taste. He smiled and said, “Senior-apprentice sister, it’s about time we return.”

    Ning Ling softly said, “Time passes so quickly…then, let’s go.”

    Standing up and laying down their bill, Qin Yu held onto Ning Ling’s hand. The two stepped forward and their figures soared into the horizon.

    “Ahh! It’s immortals!”

    “Immortals, please accept me as your disciple!”

    The owner of the tea stall grabbed onto the silver money on the table. His face flushed with excitement. He had already decided to pass this silver down as a family heirloom.

    In the clouds above, Ning Ling glanced down at her final stop. There was a look of disappointment on her face. She said in a haze, “Qin Yu, will we return?”

    Qin Yu hugged her close and smiled. “When we return to the Immortal Sect this time, I will cultivate to the large success stage of the Primordial Singular Energy Art in a single go. From then on, we will never be separated again!

    Ning Ling nodded.

    A day later, the two changed their appearances and used their fake identities to smoothly reenter the Immortal Sect. As for what happened afterwards…these two people never existed to begin with, so who was going to bother investigating them?

    “You can do it! I hope that when I leave seclusion, you will have reached Blue Sea!”

    Qin Yu smiled and walked into his training chamber. The stone door closed behind him, cutting off Ning Ling’s line of vision. Her heart trembled. As she watched the tightly shut stone door, she couldn’t help but feel a little restless.

    After hesitating again and again, Ning Ling didn’t go into seclusion. She sat outside Qin Yu’s training chamber.

    “Mountain master, will you be cultivating here?” A maid asked with an awkward expression.

    Ning Ling lightly said, “I will explain this matter to honorable master. You may all leave.”


    The maids turned and left.

    Soon, Purple Moon’s avatar arrived. “My disciple, your cultivation has reached a critical moment; how can you be wasting your time here?”

    Ning Ling stood up and bowed. Her expression was faint, “The Primordial Singular Energy Art is incomparably critical. After achieving it, the breath of precelestial energy will directly attack the ninth level. This disciple cannot be at peace, so I ask honorable master to consent.”

    Purple Moon frowned. Just as she was about to say something she was interrupted by Ning Ling. “This disciple has already made up her mind. There is no need for honorable master to say anything else.”

    Purple Mon sighed. “Alright. Do as you please.”

    Shua –

    Her avatar vanished.

    “Thank you, honorable master.” Ning Ling turned around and sat down. She stared at the stone door and slowly closed her eyes.

    One month, two months…one year…two years…

    Soon, Qin Yu entered his third year of seclusion.

    Ning Ling sat outside the training chamber. Her white dress was flawless and her beauty was even more soul-stirring.

    Suddenly, her eyes flashed open. She looked up into the skies, pleasant surprise on her face.

    Rumble rumble –

    Between the heavens and earth, there was the loud sound of crashing rivers and streams. Endless heaven and earth spiritual energy gathered from all directions.

    There was so much that it condensed into essence, as if countless flowing rivers had really appeared in the skies!

    These rivers of spiritual strength connected together in the skies, forming into two massive lakes.

    The lake on the left was pure white and the lake on the right was pitch black. Both lakes had wild waves surging within them and their thunderous sounds shocked the heavens.

    Every wave, even the giant lakes themselves, were condensed from the purest heaven and earth spiritual energy. The two colors of white and black stood opposed, but they also mutually attracted each other.

    Ning Ling’s eyes grew increasingly bright. What she saw was the indication that the eighth level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art had reached large success. Once the two great white and black lakes blended together, it would mean that the precelestial energy had reached perfection. With it would be large success of the ninth level.

    This was also another strange aspect of the Primordial Singular Energy Art. The first eight levels seemed to all be about saving and gathering up one’s potential. Once one reached the threshold of the ninth level, it would be like an erupting volcano, thrusting one directly into the ninth level.

    But at the same time, the ninth level was also the most perilous step in the entire Primordial Singular Energy Art. A single mistake would cause the yin and yang energies to become unbalanced. Subsequently, a horrifying collision would occur. The power of this collision would be enough to instantly tear apart the cultivator, even exterminating their soul.

    “Qin Yu, you must succeed! I will be waiting for you outside! You can do it!” Ning Ling’s voice was low to the point where only she could hear it.

    Shua –

    Purple Moon’s figure appeared in midair. She came down and landed in front of Ning Ling. “My good disciple, you need not worry. To cultivate to the eighth level perfection of the Primordial Singular Energy Art in ten years, that means Qin Yu is suited for this cultivation method. Fusing yin and yang energies together and reaching the ninth level shouldn’t be a problem.”

    Ning Ling bowed. “I hope it is as honorable master says.”

    Purple Moon looked towards the skies. As she saw the incomparably vast lakes formed from yin and yang energies, a complex look flashed in her eyes before turning icy cold.

    It was no longer possible to change Qin Yu’s ending.

    She did feel some regret, but what she did wasn’t wrong.

    Ning Ling was destined to become the master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace. It was impossible for her to have personal love for anyone.

    Her only mission was to live and die for the sect.

    The change occurring at Ning Ling’s dwelling drew countless gazes from all around the Immortal Sect. All of them had shocked expressions. Just what was that girl who possessed the bloodline of god doing?

    Dozens of miles away, on a tall and straight mountain peak, Wenren Dongyue had his head slightly lowered. He stood behind a middle-aged man. This man had a noble and grand air about him; the white hair at his temples didn’t damage his image. Instead, it made him exude a feeling of the endless years, of time everflowing.

    “It’s begun.” The middle-aged man lightly sighed. “Dongyue, do you know that this child was able to cultivate the Primordial Singular Energy Art in a mere ten years, surpassing all previous records within the sect? He is truly a heaven-gifted talent. Compared to him, even you are a little lacking. Purple Moon has given birth to regret, but what a pity, the Primordial Singular Energy Art is incomplete and there is nothing she can do but beat it until the very end.

    “Ultimately, it is just that this junior’s luck is too poor. But to you, this is a heaven-gifted opportunity. If you can obtain Ning Ling’s favor, then after a thousand years there is sure to be a small space for you in the Immortal Sect.”

    Wenren Dongyue bowed. “This disciple will try his best to obtain junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling’s approval and not disappoint teacher.”

    The middle-aged man smiled. “I, Han Chengping, have a limited lifespan, so it is no longer possible for me to peek at the highest level. Dongyue, you have the advantage compared to me. You must remember to grasp every opportunity. If you fail in the end, the one you will disappoint is not me, but you.”

    Wenren Dongyue bowed deeply.

    “Now, watch carefully. This is the falling of a star that should have illuminated this era. I hope his death will become a stepping stone that will help you ascend to heaven.”

    Wenren Dongyue’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. As he looked into the distance where the two massive lakes with overpowering momentum were gathering, the corners of his lips lifted in a happy expression.

    Qin Yu, you indeed surpassed all expectations, but this was never a fair competition to begin with. You will die today and I will replace you and become junior-apprentice sister Ning Ling’s man.