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Chapter 582 - The Tenth Place!

Medical Master
     Chapter 582 The Tenth Place!

    Her son had grown up.

    He needed to be in a relationship sooner or later.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu’s mother didn’t take the initiative to ask about Fang Qiu’s relationships.

    However, now it seemed quite good if he really fell in love with Jiang Miaoyu.

    On TV, Jiang Miaoyu didn’t stop. “Croton Tiglium has the most powerful property, but it doesn’t work with Semen Pharbitidis.

    “Clove couldn’t mix with Curcuma Aromatica. Mirabilite can’t combine with Sparganium.

    “Radix Aconiti can’t take with Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii. Ginseng can’t match with Faeces Togopteri.

    “Quilled Cinnamon can harmonize the cold, but it can’t combine with Halloysite.

    “The efficacy is different between drugs, and the processing methods are also different.”

    With the same rhythm as Fang Qiu’s, she recited the whole rhyme calmly without any pause.

    She then stepped back to the queue after she finished.

    At this time, Luo Jie, who was standing next to Fang Qiu in the second place, stood up.

    “Spleen-warming Decoction of the Formula Rhyme.”

    Just like everyone did before, Luo Jie immediately began to recite after reading the question with the same rhythm as Fang Qiu’s.

    “Spleen warming, Aconite, and dried ginger. Licorice, Ginseng, and Rhubarb.

    “Regulating cold and heat should use the method of reinforcement and reduction. Using heat to eliminate cold can vitalize the Yang Qi in the spleen.”

    After reciting two sentences, Luo Jie opened his paper once again.

    “Boats and Carts Pill of Formula Rhyme.”

    He read another question and then continued to recite.

    “Boats and Carts, Semen Pharbitidis, and Rhubarb. Euphorbia, Flos Genkwa, and Areca.

    “Green-skinned orange is taken in the form of powder, which can greatly help drain and disperse distension.”

    There were two questions. He recited four sentences in total.

    Luo Jie then stepped back to the line.

    In the beginning, everyone was surprised that Luo Jie would answer two questions. When he finished reciting, they knew that he was lucky. There were only four sentences in the two questions. The total number of them was only half of Fang Qiu’s.

    Followed by the third, the fourth one stepped out. The contestants came out one by one to recite according to the host’s request.

    Soon, all ten of them finished reciting, but none of them made a mistake.

    On the spot, everyone was surprised.

    However, there was an uproar on the Internet.

    Of course, it wasn’t because no one had made a mistake. After all, they were the top ten in the country. It was normal for them to recite it. If they couldn’t recite it, they would be slandered.

    The reason why the netizens burst into an uproar was that the reciting rhythm of these ten people was so good.

    One by one, they recited smoothly like ripples in the water without any feeling of unfamiliarity. Surprisingly, they formed a kind of effect similar to a poem recitation.

    The rhythm of the poem, as well as the knowledge of Chinese Medicine, gave an unexplainable sense of beauty.

    On the one hand, people admired the ten contestants’ grasp of knowledge. On the other hand, the smooth recitation of the ten people also made people more interested in Chinese Medicine.

    For a long time, everyone thought Chinese Medicine was old-fashioned and serious. No one thought Chinese Medicine could also be presented in this way.

    After the recitations of the ten people were finished, there were even some people starting to mix some poems in the broadcast room on the Internet.

    Different poems and lyrics were mixed together, which led people to have deep thoughts while some made people laugh.

    On the spot, even Director Li Huawen didn’t expect this small test to be so effective.

    He also wanted to thank Fang Qiu for that.

    The others might not understand. But as a director, he should be able to see it.

    The most important thing for a show was the mood!

    The quality of the show didn’t solely depend on images. The purpose of the editing was to highlight the tension and mood so that the key points which were not eye-catching could attract the audience after the editing.

    There was no doubt that the key point of these ten people’s recitations was Fang Qiu because he was the first one to step out and recite.

    Under normal circumstances, reciting an ancient Chinese article or an ancient Chinese poem would use a very common tone just like reciting to the teachers in school.

    Who would do what Fang Qiu did and make the whole process like a poem recitation?

    But Fang Qiu just did it.

    The most important thing was that Fang Qiu took the lead.

    As the first one to recite, Fang Qiu had imperceptibly raised the level of the contest in recitation for the ten contestants.

    Fang Qiu did it well, which naturally aroused other people’s desire to win.

    In addition, with Jiang Miaoyu’s assistance, everyone tried their best to follow the rhythm of Fang Qiu, reciting it in the best voice and tone, so as to create such a good effect.

    “Fang Qiu, you are really my lucky star!”

    Director Li Huawen was pleased.

    He had already thought that this section of the ten people’s recitations would inevitably become a heated topic on the Internet. After the show was over, it would become a classic that countless people on the Internet would repeatedly watch.

    On the stage, after the ten people finished reciting, the host immediately said with joy, “Congratulations! All the ten contestants have passed the test!”

    Just as he finished speaking, the audience broke into rapturous applause.

    “Please take a seat, ten contestants.”

    The host signaled the ten people to sit on the side of the stage. Ten chairs had been set there long ago.

    After the ten of them seated, the host returned to the stage.

    “Next, it’s a crucial moment!”

    Glancing at all the audience, the host said, “We’re going to reveal the final scores of the ten contestants!”

    As soon as he said that, there was a burst of expectant cheers in the audience.

    On the Internet, everyone stopped sending comments on the screen and held their breath, waiting for the final results to be announced!

    The host opened his mouth. “First of all, let’s announce the tenth place first!”

    The atmosphere instantly became tense.

    Whether it was the audience or the ten contestants, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the host.

    But at this moment, the host suddenly smiled and pointed to the screen. “Please look at the big screen!”

    Everyone turned their heads hurriedly.

    They found that ten golden cards appeared out of nowhere on the big screen.

    Ten cards were lined up in a row.

    From left to right, it wrote, “1, 2, 3…” Ten numbers were all on the cards.

    At this moment, all eyes were concentrated on the tenth golden card.

    “Please announce it!”

    As the host gave the order, the 10th card was zoomed in rapidly and slowly flipped over when it occupied the whole big screen.

    What people saw was a photo.

    At the bottom of this photo, there were three big characters written in vigorous handwriting—Yang Chenxiang!

    Seeing this name, the other nine contestants heaved sighs of relief at the same time.

    It wasn’t them, which meant they still had a chance!

    What was different from the others was that Yang Chenxiang, who was sitting in the eighth position, suddenly froze when he saw that he was ranked tenth. Then, he smiled slightly and didn’t show any dissatisfaction on his face.

    This time, whether it was getting on the stage, drawing lots, or taking the seat, they were all decided according to the rankings that had been determined in the last round.

    In other words, when the top 10 contestants were determined, Yang Chenxiang was ranked eighth among the top 10.

    The reason why he suddenly froze was probably that he couldn’t accept the fact that his ranking had dropped.

    Yang Chenxiang stood up.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu also got up and walked over. He hugged Yang Chenxiang and patted him on the back.

    The others also got up and hugged him.

    “Okay, please step onto the stage,” the host shouted.

    Yang Chenxiang walked to the center of the stage.

    The host also came over, took Yang Chenxiang to the side of the stage, and said, “Now I would like to invite everyone to watch a short video with me. Please look at the big screen.”

    Everyone turned their heads to watch.

    On the big screen, a short video was played.

    This was a short video that was specially made to Yang Chenxiang.

    At the beginning of the video, it started with Yang Chenxiang’s performance in this 11th episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, as well as the situation during the three-day consultation.

    Then, what appeared in the video was the photos of many patients that Yang Chenxiang had treated.

    The photo was on the left side of the big screen, with a black picture on the right.

    While everyone was looking at the photos, there would be the patients’ physical conditions before the consultation on the black picture, as well as their health conditions after the consultation and the final therapeutic effects.

    From these descriptions, all the patients’ symptoms were clearly eased after Yang Chenxiang’s prescription.

    The first photo shrunk.

    The second photo appeared.

    Then it shrunk, and the third photo appeared again.

    In this way, more and more photos appeared one after another.

    A short while later, all the pictures completely covered the big screen.

    Then the last photo appeared from a corner of the big screen.

    It was zoomed in.

    In this photo, there was a smiling young man.

    It could be clearly seen that there was a line of handwritten words in this photo, which wrote, “Thank you, Dr. Yang Chenxiang.”

    The photo stayed on the screen for three seconds.

    Then it shrunk, and the next photo was enlarged. It was a middle-aged man who was also smiling.

    “Dr. Yang, it’s so great to know you. Thank you for treating me, thank you.”

    “Yang Chenxiang, you’re a good doctor. You’re the best doctor I’ve ever met.”

    “I wish Dr. Yang Chenxiang can get better and better. Xiao Liu, the patient you have cured.”

    “Uncle Yang, your medical skills are amazing. I like you!”

    One after another, there were adults and children in the photos.

    In every photo, there was a smile and a sentence expressing gratitude.

    As more and more photos appeared, the movements of the photos were getting faster and faster.

    In the end, with countless patients’ smiles as the background, there were several large characters in the middle on the big screen—Thank you, Yang Chenxiang!

    On the stage, Yang Chenxiang stood beside the host and smiled shyly, but when they looked at him carefully, they could clearly see that his eyes had turned red, and tears seemed to roll down his face.

    He was swallowing hard, not knowing whether it was because of nervousness or something else.

    With more and more tears, the smile on his face became wider.

    Beside him, the host also smiled and patted Yang Chenxiang on the shoulder with red eyes.

    The audience on the scene and in front of the TV was also deeply moved. Many people shed tears of gratitude.

    At this moment, they truly experienced the power of Chinese Medicine.

    Without thinking about it or doubting it at all, they could all tell that the patients were expressing their gratitude from the bottom of their hearts!

    In the end, the big screen froze.


    A number lit up, which meant that Yang Chenxiang had seen a total of 353 patients in the past three days.

    Curing rate: 81.1%.

    Improvement rate: 100%.

    The final data were released.

    At the sight of the data, everyone was suddenly shocked!

    “The improvement rate is 100%?”

    “What the f*ck, his score is so dope. How can his curing rate be so high?”

    “No way, this is only the tenth place!”

    “He’s so powerful, but he’s only ranked the 10th? Then how awesome are the top nine?”