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Chapter 338 - Look Him Up

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 338: Look Him Up

    Not waiting for Lu Xingzhi’s reply, Zhou Weiqi continued, “Say, how about we break off his member instead? He is a rich man, right? I don’t think he is going to stay that way for long.”

    “Just find out who he is first,” Lu Xingzhi said. “He is probably just someone who is a little rich and cocky.”

    With one look, Lu Xingzhi knew that whatever Mrs. Ge had on her were cheap, imitation goods.

    The only people who could fall for a woman like Mrs. Ge, with her age, marriage status and fashion sense, would only be an old man with some extra money.

    “Understood! I have some people around in Jin City that I know. It should not take long for me to find him,” Zhou Weiqi answered.

    Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao finished their breakfast and brought some back—for Sergeant Ge and Ge Wenwen.

    On their way home, they saw a puffy-eyed Ge Wenwen fighting with some other kids. The rest ran as fast as they could after seeing Lu Xingzhi approaching.

    “Ge Wenwen, why are you here?” Lu Xingzhi asked irritatedly. “Your father needs someone to look after him, not another incident for him to be worried about. If you are still like this, I will have your father send you back to your hometown and live alone with your grandmother.”

    “Uncle Lu, Grandmother doesn’t like me, I don’t want to go back.” Ge Wenwen could not stop crying. “Mom doesn’t want me anymore. I will be a good kid and listen to my dad, I’m going back home now. Please don’t ask dad to send me to Grandmother!”

    Ge Wenwen turned her back against Lu Xingzhi and ran off, toward the direction of her house.

    Jiang Yao was heartbroken seeing Ge Wenwen in such a state, she did not deserve to be treated like this.

    After what happened in the morning, Lu Xingzhi felt a little dispirited, even with his wife by his side.

    The entire morning was used by Jiang Yao to clean and tidy the house. She spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to put the accessories and the furniture. After hours of hard work, she finally had time to do some laundry and wash Lu Xingzhi’s uniform.

    Jiang Yao was standing at the balcony drying the laundry when she looked down and saw Lu Xingzhi trotting home with Colonel Lin next to him. The two men had no interactions and went their separate ways without talking to each other.

    Jiang Yao hurriedly finished her chore and went to open the door for Lu Xingzhi.

    Hearing footsteps, she went and stood by the stairwell asking, “You are quite early today! What happened?”

    Jiang Yao managed to look at the clock before coming out, lunch time was still at least an hour away.

    “Let’s go in first.” Lu Xingzhi saw Jiang Yao waiting for him by the stairs. He quickened his footsteps and pulled her along.

    The first thing he did after entering the house was to hug Jiang Yao tightly, so tight he almost crushed her.

    “Wait, what is going on here?” Jiang Yao sensed Lu Xingzhi’s troubled state of mind. The unusual silence between him and Colonel Lin on their way back home meant that something happened.

    “The rescue team that went yesterday was completely wiped out.”

    Wiped out.

    These two words meant a tragic outcome, with many lives lost last night.