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Chapter 359 - It Was All a Trap!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 359: It Was All a Trap!

    Once the bus arrived at the station, people on board began to stand up from their seats and got off.

    Tang Jinyu looked down at Jian Qi and saw that she was still sound asleep. ‘Is this a pig?’ He could not help but curse in his heart.

    ‘What has she been up to for the past three days?’

    When he saw that the bus was nearly empty, Tang Jinyu began to speak in a hushed voice. “Get up. We need to get off the bus!”

    The person in his arms did not budge.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath before extending his hand to pinch Jian Qi’s nose.

    Suddenly, the person who was in deep sleep grabbed his hand. Immediately thereafter, she opened her mouth and bit down on Tang Jinyu’s hand.

    Feeling the pain, Tang Jinyu began to frown.

    When Jian Qi slowly opened her eyes, she caught sight of Tang Jinyu with his eyes narrowed.

    As she chuckled, she opened her mouth and gently blew at the spot where she had bitten on the back of Tang Jinyu’s hand. “Little Tang Tang, I dreamed of pork knuckles earlier!”

    Tang Jinyu did not believe her at all.

    With his hand clenched tightly, Tang Jinyu was about to say something when the driver standing next to him began to speak. “Hey, both of you, we’ve arrived at the station.”

    Tang Jinyu glared at Jian Qi coldly before standing up and getting off the bus directly.

    When Jian Qi saw how enraged Tang Jinyu looked as he stormed off, she smiled devilishly.

    How dare he pinch her nose?

    ‘You deserved to be bitten!’

    The truth was she had already woken up when Tang Jinyu called her the first time. She was slow to respond only because she was still feeling a little groggy.

    After waking up, she was slightly surprised to find that she had fallen asleep so soundly in Tang Jinyu’s embrace.

    It was such a frightening thing!

    When had she become this trusting of another person?

    Jian Qi frowned before standing up and getting off the bus.

    Once she did so, she looked at Tang Jinyu who had already walked far away.

    She hurriedly caught up with him. “Little Tang Tang, wait for your little fairy!”

    When Tang Jinyu heard the voice from behind him, he hastened his footsteps.

    “Little Tang Tang…” Jian Qi began shouting.

    People around began to look at Jian Qi before finally landing their gaze upon Tang Jinyu.

    A middle-aged man grabbed Tang Jinyu by his hand. “Is that your girlfriend? I think she is calling out to you.”

    Tang Jinyu did not bother turning his head around. “I don’t know her,” he replied stonily.

    While Tang Jinyu was speaking to the middle-aged man, Jian Qi had managed to catch up. “Little Tang Tang, why did you walk so quickly?”

    Jian Qi reached out with her hands to hug Tang Jinyu’s arm.

    Right then, the middle-aged man looked at Tang Jinyu before shaking his head with a chuckle.

    Clearly, he seemed to be thinking something along the lines of ‘kids these days have started pretending not to acknowledge their partners whenever they fight’.

    After Tang Jinyu looked at the middle-aged man’s expression, he calmly ignored him and began walking away.

    Jian Qi chuckled. “Little Tang Tang, why didn’t you wait for me to get off the bus?”

    “Let go!” Tang Jinyu exclaimed coldly.

    “Little Tang Tang, are you still angry?” Jian Qi laughed. “I really did dream of pork knuckles.” She sounded genuine.

    “Are you hungry?” Tang Jinyu stopped walking and looked at her.

    “Yeah, it’s because I’m hungry. That’s why I opened my mouth and bit down on your hand when I dreamed of the pork knuckles!” Jian Qi nodded.

    “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to eat something.” Tang Jinyu sounded unusually gentle.

    “Yeah, sure!” Jian Qi laughed.

    ‘He’s being very agreeable today!’ She thought.

    When the two had sat down in a restaurant nearby, Jian Qi was about to pick up the menu when Tang Jinyu stopped her and instead grabbed the menu and returned it to the waiter.

    “Three sets of pork knuckles!” Tang Jinyu said.

    The waiter was stunned momentarily. “Three sets?” He asked again to make sure he did not hear Tang Jinyu wrongly.

    “Yeah, three sets. That will be all. Hurry up and serve the dish.”

    “Alright. Please wait for a while.”

    Very soon, the pork knuckles were served. In fact, they were the kind of whole pork knuckles that were braised.

    “Eat!” Tang Jinyu pushed the plate close to Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    It was all a trap!