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Chapter 290 - He Is Finished

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 290: He Is Finished

    However, this matter did not seem to have much to do with Zi You's incident. Even if a person had a discerning eye, how could anyone guess that Zi You's present situation was all because he had called a female contestant in the middle of the night and was then dealt with?

    Su Cha was scrolling through Weibo messages when a photo of Zi You suddenly appeared. Bo Muyi's pupils constricted when he saw it. He took Su Cha's phone and said, "Don't look at things that could affect your appetite during dinner."


    The girl smiled happily, looking rather malicious. "I'm quite happy that something happened to him."

    After all, if this person were not dealt with, who knew how he would continue harassing her?

    Bo Muyi's method was thorough.

    As soon as Bo Muyi saw Su Cha's smiling face, he could not help but take a deep breath right by her cheek. He squinted his eyes happily and said, "This actually makes you happy? It seems like I did something right."

    Su Cha glanced at him. The man's expression was obvious. There were three words written all over his face, "Please praise me."

    Su Cha rubbed Bo Muyi's hair and praised him directly, "Muyi, you are amazing!"

    Bo Muyi was elated. "I will be happy if Cha Cha is happy."

    If Zi You heard their conversation, he would have vomited blood.

    However, he was already exhausted and desperate.

    He could not figure out who did it.

    Usually, before a celebrity met with an incident, unless it was an enemy attack, the media would first approach the agency of a celebrity. They would either extort them or lay out conditions, or people who had heard about it could warn them.

    It was not like now, wherein something suddenly happened without warning.

    When the trending topic appeared, Zi You had been in his apartment and he did not dare to leave.

    His manager and a few fellow members called him to scold him. This was no longer his problem. He was a member of the group. Once something happened, everyone would be implicated.

    Their IOK had finally attained fame on the national level. Now that it was all ruined by Zi You, the company's efforts had been completely destroyed. Who would not treat Zi You as a thorn in their side now?

    If he had not done such a lousy thing, no one would have been able to make trouble for him.

    "Let me ask you again. Do you really not know whom you have offended?"

    The manager was questioning him desperately over the phone. Zi You thought for a long time but did not know whom he had offended. He could only cry, "I don't know. I have offended too many peopleā€¦"

    The manager was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

    Zi You was already in his twenties, yet when something like this happened, he could only hide in his house and cry, unable to do anything.

    And there was truly nothing he could do.

    "Zi You, take care of yourself. You won't be able to survive in the industry after such a big incident. You'd better listen to the company at this time. A clarification meeting will show that you have nothing to do with your group members. Otherwise, do you know the consequences?"

    The company could only protect the other members as much as possible. Zi You could only give up.


    A person like him would not agree immediately. The manager said harshly, "Why? You actually have the cheek to ask. What right do you have to negotiate with us? Just you wait!"

    With that, the manager hung up the phone angrily.

    Zi You was at a loss. He cried even louder. For a moment, Su Cha's face flashed in his mind, but it was insignificant.

    He was finished!