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Chapter 370 - The Shameless Li

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 370: The Shameless Li

    Everyone heard Ning Meng's voice loud and clear, and they all looked at her.

    Papa and Mama Li feared that things would go wrong if they delayed it any further, resulting in them not getting their money. Thus, Papa Li immediately pulled a long face in protest. "Who the hell are you, little girl?! This is our family matter. You have no right to meddle in this!"

    As soon as he had finished his words, Li Shiyao anxiously answered, "Dad! She's my boss!"

    Papa Li was shocked. "Your boss?!"

    Still, being the swindler that he was, Papa Li instantly softened his attitude. "Hello! Good day, boss. Li Shiyao is my daughter. Look, her money is my money, you see. So, if she's earned any cent to her name, please transfer them all to my bank account. Here, take this. It's my account number."


    Ning Meng stared at the man speechlessly. Geez, did this man have no shame?

    Her mouth twitching, Ning Meng asked, "Well, the reason I stopped you was because I have some questions to ask."

    "Sure, ask away."

    "Is your dear son working? Does he have a job?"

    "Of course he has a job!"

    "How much does he earn a month?"

    "2000 Yuan per month!"

    "How about his girlfriend? Does she work as well?"

    "Of course not! How could we ask her to get a job when they're about to get married and have kids."

    Ning Meng briefly scanned Papa and Mama Li before asking, "Do you both have any pension?"

    Papa Li let out a fake cough before answering, "We don't have a pension. You see, we're both vendors who sell pancakes. Haven't saved up anything post-retirement. And now, we're old. Can't work anymore."

    "Ah, I see~" Ning Meng widened her eyes cunningly before opening her mouth again. "Well, now. We might have a slight problem, then. Let me sort out the bill for you."

    Then, she started to curl up her fingers, simulating a calculation in the air. "Your daughter is using one of our company's Audi. An Audi TT to be exact. Not really posh, but the little TT eats up quite a bit of money to maintain. It costs at least 2000 Yuan to maintain per month. Now, your entire family's monthly expense is about 2000 Yuan too, I think. So, that's 4000 Yuan. Now, if Li Shiyao has loaned you 500,000 Yuan later, can you still manage with all the debts?"

    "What? Can we manage? Li Shiyao can support us, can she not?"

    Papa Li's self-entitlement was so forthrightly spoken that Ning Meng could hardly believe her ears. "So? You don't expect Li Shiyao to continue supporting your entire family for the rest of her life, do you?"

    Papa Li nodded his head and answered, "Well, as a matter of fact, we do expect that from her!"

    "But… what if her little brother has a child down the line?"

    Papa Li smiled happily as he answered the question. "I've got it all planned out. You see, in 10 years, I'll buy a house for my son. 10 years later, Li Shiyao would have earned more money for us. Then, I can buy another house for my grandson. It's a good plan, even if I say so myself."


    Ning Meng glanced at Li Shiyao with a conflicted look. "Then, when do you expect her to buy herself a house? She's turned 24 this year, you know."

    Papa Li shrugged his shoulders. "She's a woman. What is she buying a house for? She can look for a mate that owns a house. Then, once she's married, she's got herself a house. Easy as that."

    Jesus Christ! Ning Meng was utterly shocked to see how shameless this Papa Li was. This man gave her a run for her money for how shameless he was!

    Sure, an actress could earn a lot of money when she got famous. However, due to their expensive lifestyle to maintain—a price to pay for giving up their anonymity, there would not be much left for them in terms of savings unless they were extremely careful in their financial planning.

    Besides, even if they could save some money down the line, just how many posh houses could Li Shiyao buy for her self-entitled parents?

    And so, after asking the questions she wanted to ask, Ning Meng gave Fei Bai a look.

    Fei Bai was a simple man who only knew two ways to solve problems—with his fists, and with the money he had earned from Huo Group. He had never needed to use his head for problem-solving as he only needed to follow orders from his boss. After being given a timely hint by the missus, he finally understood the problem his dear Li Shiyao was facing.

    Indeed, he could not give them his money.

    This Li Family was like an endless pit. They were asking for 500,000 Yuan now, but the next time, they would ask for a million!

    And Papa Li was the kind of person who would not stop until he had sucked all the blood from his daughter. If he knew that Fei Bai had a lot of savings in his bank, he would ask for the entire ownership of his bank for his dear son.

    Yet, due to Papa and Mama Li being Li Shiyao's parents, Fei Bai could not just kill them and be done with it. Still, he could not just pay them off to make them go away…

    What should he do?!

    Seeing that Ning Meng was not saying anything anymore and now that Fei Bai had seemed to have given up in giving him the money they had asked for, Papa Li sat down on the ground and pouted. "I don't care! You ungrateful daughter, you! I tell you what! If you don't give us our money, we'll just sit here and not move an inch! We'll see how you are going to shoot your film with us getting in the way like this. If you want to continue shooting your scenes, you'd better pay up right now! Otherwise, I'll come every single day!"