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Chapter 371 - Hes No Son of Mine!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 371: He's No Son of Mine!

    After seeing just how bratty her parents were, Li Shiyao could not feel any more ashamed as everyone stared. She bit her lips anxiously as she looked at her parents pitifully with her beautiful hazel eyes. "Mom, dad! Please, let's talk about this later when we're all at home and I'm done with my work, alright?"

    Papa Li gave her a cold smirk. "No deal. You either give me my money now or we'll stay here. If you can't film for one day, this filming company will lose one day of profit. Now that I've stopped you guys from filming, this loss won't just be 500,000 Yuan, aye?"

    Indeed, the logistics, location booking… everything about producing a TV Drama cost bazillions of money. If they wasted time, it was quite equivalent to wasting money.

    Li Shiyao panicked upon hearing this. "No, dad… you can't do this!"

    Her petite body trembled as tears pooled in her swollen, red eyes. Yet, she could not say anything further to change her parents' minds. What else could she do?! These two were her mother and father. Despite having learned about needing to be an independent, strong woman, the strong concept of filial piety ingrained in her made her unable to defy her parents.

    Just when Li Shiyao and Fei Bai were wondering what to do to solve this situation, Ning Meng opened her mouth. "Sure. Just wait there. I'll call the police."

    Everyone was stunned upon hearing this.

    Li Shiyao stared at Ning Meng with her teary eyes. This would not work! She did try to go to the police for help once, but the police had said that they could not interfere in family affairs. After all, Papa and Mama Li were only at her doors to demand money from their daughter and did not break any law…

    Nonetheless, Li Shiyao did not say anything. She believed Ning Meng knew what she was doing.

    Papa Li smirked smugly after hearing what Ning Meng had said.

    "There's no use calling the cops on us, you dummy! She's my daughter, and I'm her father! It makes perfect sense for me to ask her to repay us for raising her!"

    A smile curved up on Ning Meng's face. "Maybe, but you're not the father of everyone in the film set here. Papa Li, you have disturbed our filming progress on purpose, which means you're causing financial losses to Lemon Entertainment with explicit intent. Now, as a representative of Lemon Entertainment, I have the right to call in the police to arrest you for intrusion and also sue you for all the incurred losses. Oh, and of course, I will also demand for indemnification for moral damages too."


    Papa Li was tongue-tied after receiving such a strong rebuttal from his daughter's boss.

    Ning Meng then turned toward Li Shiyao and spoke coldly, "And you, Li Shiyao! You have squandered the opportunity our company has given you! Now, you'd better get back to work, otherwise, I'll replace you with some other more talented actress!"

    Li Shiyao instantly understood what Ning Meng was trying to do and quickly lowered her head to mock up an apology. "Ms. Ning, please don't replace me! Give me another chance!"

    Papa Li was once again stunned by what he was seeing. "What… what does she mean?"

    Making full use of her great acting skills, Li Shiyao mocked up an anxious look toward her father.

    "Dad, if Ms. Ning replaces me with someone else, I'll never get paid! And if I can't repay that 500,000 Yuan of debt soon, the loansharks will visit our home next!"

    Papa Li immediately stood up in horror. "What? It was you who loaned that money. Why should we have to deal with your debt?"


    Ning Meng was so speechless as she glared at this piece of filth. Really, now? And he had never thought a lick of this when he had spent that sweet money he had gotten from his daughter?

    Unable to watch these two self-entitled boomers any further, Ning Meng yelled loudly, "Guards!"

    "No! No, no, no… please, good madam. Don't call the authorities in. We'll go. We'll go!"

    Papa and Mama Li finally stood up and walked out of the set. "Li Shiyao! Just you wait. We'll see if you can stay in this filming set forever!"


    After the Lis had left the set, everyone scrambled to resume filming once more. However, Li Shiyao was deeply affected by the meddling of her parents, and so, she was unable to perform at her best. Even though they had to NG a lot of times, Liu Miao still patiently gave the girl time to regroup.

    Looking at Li Shiyao, Ning Meng let out a sigh as she walked out of the set. The girl was not out of the woods yet, they needed to think of something to help her deal with her parents' situation.

    Thinking about this reminded her of her father—Ning Wentao. It had been days since she had last contacted him. Ning Wentao was definitely missing her deeply now.

    Thus, she raised her phone and sent him a message: [Dad, it's a good thing you don't have a son in our family. Otherwise, he might come and compete with me over the inheritance.]

    Ning Wentao's reply came in less than a minute: [Don't worry, Meng Meng. Everything under my name is yours. That brat won't get a penny from me. He's no son of mine!]