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Chapter 1001 - Grampy, I Miss You!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1001: Grampy, I Miss You!

    Wen Xinya had also bought some gifts from Russia, for Mother Wang and Auntie Wu. Ever since she reunited with the Wen Family, Mother Wang had been taking care of her meticulously. Hence, she was filled with gratitude towards the elderly lady.

    The things that she had given Auntie Wu were in fact meant for Mrs. Zhou. After all, Mrs. Zhou used to work for the Wen Family and treated Wen Xinya rather well, too. Unfortunately, she got kicked out after being set up by Ning Shuqian. Wen Xinya decided to buy some health supplements for her in order to express her gratitude.

    The two of them were extremely touched and grateful because they were not expecting a gift or souvenir from her at all.

    Dinner ended on an unhappy note last night, though Wen Xinya was rather interested to find out what proposal Wen Haowen was talking about. However, she was not that impatient as to jump straight into the investigation. Since the shareholders had gotten involved, she believed that Secretary Cao would soon feed her with the information she wanted.

    What truly caught Wen Xinya’s attention was the fact that Wen Haowen had been staying out late every night.

    According to Mother Wang, the first time that Wen Haowen had ever spent a night outside was on the third day of Wen Xinya’s vacation to Russia. Ever since then, he proceeded to spend about four nights away from home. However, Old Mr. Wen did not discover anything because Old Mrs. Wen was there to help him cover it up.

    Mother Wang had no idea where Wen Haowen had gone, though she discovered that Wen Haowen’s shirt reeked of female perfume and she could instantly tell that it belonged to a sordid woman.

    Greatly taken aback, Wen Xinya began to suspect that Wen Haowen had an illicit lover.

    It did not quite make sense. Although Wen Haowen was narcissistic and conceited, he had always been concerned about his reputation, and the matter regarding his adulterous affair had already given him a huge blow. She refused to believe that Wen Haowen would dare to get up to anything dubious, especially since the matter had just passed not too long ago.

    She guessed that Wen Haowen must have allowed his sexual urges to get the better of him, compelling him to go out and seek pleasure from women. However, she did not expect him to be so brazen as to spend nights away from home. He was too audacious.

    It was no wonder that Old Mr. Wen had given him a stern warning.

    Wen Xinya called Celestial Detective Agency and instructed them to look into it and find out what actually was going on.

    After settling everything, Wen Xinya stopped thinking about those mattes and drove back to the Mo Family home.

    After parking her car in the garage, she entered the living room with the bags of gifts.

    Mother He and Mother Jiang frantically rushed forward to carry the bags that she was holding. “Missy, please allow us to carry the shopping bags. You can’t manage alone.”

    Mother Jiang chimed in. “Why didn’t you get us to come and help you carry the things into the house?”

    Wen Xinya chuckled and said, “There may be a lot of things, but they’re not that heavy. I can manage on my own.”

    There were lots of bags because she had brought a gift for everyone in the Mo Family home.

    Old Mr. Mo was sitting in front of the coffee table and sipping on some tea in the living room. Wen Xinya scurried towards him and hugged his arm. “Grampy, I’m back. I missed you so much.”

    Old Mr. Mo glanced at her coldly and said, “I thought that you were having a whale of a time in Russia with Si Yiyan.”

    He rendered her speechless.

    As the saying goes, one is marked by the company one keeps. Wen Xinya had become much more thick-skinned after dating Si Yiyan for three years. She continued to pester Old Mr. Mo coquettishly. “Grampy, why would you say that? I really miss you. I even brought you a gift.”

    Although she was preoccupied with having fun in Russia, she still missed her Grampy.

    Old Mr. Mo stared at the bags on the glass coffee table and said with a grin, “I shall see what gift you’ve brought me.”

    Although she was not by his side all the time, he knew that she was in a place where he could protect her. However, he began to miss her dearly ever since she left for a two-week vacation to Russia. Hence, he was extremely thrilled to see her visiting him.

    Wen Xinya held onto Old Mr. Mo’s arm and walked towards the couch.

    She then grabbed two bags from the pile of bags and said, “Grampy, I can guarantee that you’ll love this.”

    Old Mr. Mo began unwrapping the present.

    The long sandalwood box was simple yet delicate with a touch of muskiness. The fragrance of the wood lingered in the air and it obviously contained a precious, ancient scroll.

    The other square sandalwood box also exuded the same fragrance.

    Wen Xinya urged. “Grampy, hurry and open it.”

    She had given both the paintings and scrolls that Duke Moville had gifted her to Old Mr. Mo. Although she could appreciate them and knew that they were legendary pieces of art, she felt that she would only do them justice by gifting them to Old Mr. Mo.

    Old Mr. Mo had already opened the box and was appreciating the painting fondly. He could not help but exclaim in awe, “It’s no wonder that this is one of the ten most famous paintings from China. I didn’t expect that I’d ever get to see this painting in this lifetime. I’m incredibly honored!”

    The scroll of an excerpt from Wang Xi’s “The Seventeenth Note” took Old Mr. Mo by surprise as well. He immediately exclaimed, “I remember adding one of the seventeen notes to my collection. I didn’t expect that I’d have the chance to own ‘The Icy Cold Snow’ too. It’s such a blessing!”

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “So you were that tycoon who won the auction for that painting at a bidding price of 300 million yuan. I’m sorry for the disrespect.”

    Old Mr. Mo chided. “How rude of you.”

    His words sounded stern yet affectionate.

    Wen Xinya held onto Old Mr. Mo’s arm and giggled foolishly.

    Old Mr. Mo had always been reserved and he would rarely show his emotions. It was Wen Xinya’s first time seeing him so excited. In fact, she was rather glad to see him that way and she could understand how he felt too. The two gifts were just to his liking.

    Old Mr. Mo put the presents away carefully. Staring at Wen Xinya calmly, he asked, “Did Si Yiyan help you get those gifts?”

    For the past few years, Si Yiyan had been gifting him with expensive presents in order to curry his favor.

    Wen Xinya pouted and lamented. “Grampy, that’s the wrong mindset. Why do all superior gifts have to be from Si Yiyan? I’m capable enough to shower you with expensive gifts that you like too, Grampy. I put in lots of efforts to get these two gifts. They have nothing to do with Si Yiyan.”

    Old Mr. Mo laughed and said, “You’re just a little smart, that’s all. Seems like you’ve become much more narcissistic and self-conceited.”

    He was obviously joking.

    He did not deny the fact that she had become very capable.