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Chapter 291 - Relying

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 291: Relying

    Zi You was in despair in the apartment, but the couple on the other side were relaxed and happy.

    After supper, Bo Muyi had some work to do.

    Su Cha was about to go to bed to rest, but not long after she lay down, Su Cha felt a soreness in her stomach. She felt a bad feeling and went to the washroom to find out that she had been visited by her period.

    This was an awkward moment. Su Cha used to be in so much pain when her period came, but since her stay in the ancient times, her symptoms had become much better. There was no sign of it coming.

    After cleaning herself up, she went to bed. Su Cha did not see Bo Muyi. She was about to call for him when she saw Bo Muyi walking in with a cup of hot water in his hand.

    "Is your auntie here?"

    The man walked over with a calm expression on his face. He handed the cup to Su Cha and said worriedly, "I asked the servant to get you a cup of ginger tea."

    Su Cha was not embarrassed, but she was a little surprised. "How did you know?"

    Although her stomach did not feel uncomfortable, Su Cha took the cup of tea and sipped on it.

    She felt warm inside.

    This person could really notice her condition at any time.

    "It's about that time."

    He had said it casually, but it was something that's hard to notice. "Aren't you always…"

    He suddenly stopped talking.

    Su Cha was surprised and sad for some reason.

    She lowered her eyes, feeling bitter.

    He was just concerned about her, so he could clearly remember the days when her Aunt Flo visited her.

    Even though she herself could not remember.

    In this world, Su Cha had never experienced such concern from others. It was only Bo Muyi. Only him.

    Bo Muyi seemed to feel a little awkward. He tilted his head and lowered his voice. "I know your stomach used to hurt."

    Even when she used to be in so much pain, he had had no right to take care of Su Cha back then.

    Hence, all his caring had been kept in his heart. Only now did Su Cha find out.

    She gradually calmed down and looked at Bo Muyi with a gentle gaze. "I've been paying attention recently, so it's not very painful. It'll be better if I drink this ginger tea, then I'll go and rest. You should finish your work early."


    Bo Muyi wrapped his arms around Su Cha's waist and got her to bed. "If you don't feel well, you should rest early after drinking the tea. Don't go to any studio to practice your singing tomorrow. Rest well at home for a day. I will do my work at home tomorrow and accompany you."

    Su Cha did not know whether to laugh or cry. "It's just a normal thing, there's no need to…"

    Before she could finish, the man frowned heavily. It was rare that she did not want to argue with Bo Muyi, so she could only say helplessly, "Alright, I'll listen to you."

    Bo Muyi laughed at her words.

    The handsome man smiled slightly, as if he wanted to dazzle everything. The brilliant light reflected in his eyes could make people risk their lives to protect him.

    He touched Su Cha's face and said lovingly, "My good Cha Cha, listen to me. You have to call me if anything happens."


    Su Cha rubbed her cheek against his palm. Unconsciously, she had started to rely on Bo Muyi.