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Chapter 346 - Thank You For Coming (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 346: Thank You For Coming (2)

    Upon disconnecting the call, she put her shoes back on and grabbed her bag before turning to head out the door. She took the elevator straight to the parking lot in the basement and drove to the destination.

    After approximately half an hour, she arrived at the café and found all the furniture overturned. Food and drink were scattered all over the floor as if a hurricane had moved through the place.

    A young lady was crouching in a corner trembling. Her face was white and she looked frail.

    Xu Weilai's eyes zeroed in on her, and she quickly pushed aside a chair that was in her way. She reached the lady in two steps and hurried to pull her to her feet before helping her to a couch beside them. "Are you alright?" she asked gently.

    The woman looked up at Xu Weilai. In a voice that was still trembling with fear, she said, "Are… are you Reporter Xu?"

    "Yes, I am." Xu Weilai pull out a business card from her bag and handed it over to her to confirm her identity.

    This woman was the one who had called her moments before. She was also related to the case that Xu Weilai was currently working on. Upon returning to the apartment, Xu Weilai initially wanted to catch a short breather before contacting her. To her surprise, the lady contacted Xu Weilai first.

    While on the phone, she seemed to be under some sort of threat and had called for help, asking if Xu Weilai could come. That was when Xu Weilai rushed over.

    Seeing that the woman was still in shock and had yet to calm down, Xu Weilai didn't bother to question her regarding what had just happened. Instead, she sat beside her and waited patiently, patting her on the back in consolation.

    As the woman gradually eased up, her emotions all came pouring out at once. In a hoarse voice, she said, "Thank you for coming, Reporter Xu. Thank you. I was so scared just now, but I didn't know who I could contact. Thank goodness you're here…"

    As she rambled on, her eyes welled up with tears and she began to cry.

    Xu Weilai took out a tissue and wiped her tears for her. She did her best to maintain a gentle tone as she asked, "What happened? Are you able to tell me about it now?"

    All Xu Weilai currently knew was that this young lady was named Wen Xiaoshan and that she didn't have a full-time job. She worked in the café in the day, then at a club selling alcohol at night. Because of her pleasant appearance, many clients favored her. At the same time, she had very clear limits and never engaged in illicit exchanges with her customers.

    A week ago, while she was entertaining some clients in a private room, she had caught the eye of a young man. On the grounds of buying liquor from her, he had gotten her drunk and carted her off. By the time she had regained consciousness, she was already lying on a bed in a room.

    She had struggled to resist but lacked the strength to escape. Eventually, the young man had succeeded in having his way with her…

    Later on, she had reported him to the police for raping her. However, the man had turned around and instead accused her of selling her body to sell more alcohol and earn more money!

    On top of that, he then hired a lawyer and was preparing to sue her for defamation, extortion, and various other crimes.

    In the meantime, the police department was currently still in the midst of investigating and collecting evidence, but there was no progress even after a long time. She was worried that this matter would disappear among a sea of other cases. Thanks to the article in the newspapers about Rong Wang's scandal, she knew that Xu Weilai was a reporter with integrity and could possibly help her to obtain justice. Hence, she turned to Z Magazine for help.

    Wen Xiaoshan sniffed a few times before opening her mouth again. "Because I refused to drop the lawsuit, he's been sending people to harass and intimidate me lately. He would also bring his gang of thugs over to smash the café up. He even threatened me, saying that it would be more than the café getting smashed up next time…"