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Chapter 583 - The Sixth Place, Jiang Miaoyu!

Medical Master
     Chapter 583 The Sixth Place, Jiang Miaoyu!

    “Yang Chenxiang.”

    When the short video on the big screen was done, the host took Yang Chenxiang to the center of the stage, handed the microphone to him, and asked, “Would you like to say anything?”

    “I… ”

    Yang Chenxiang choked with sobs, then took a deep breath and let it out. After he completely calmed down, he said, “I want to say that I will never regret choosing Chinese Medicine in my life, let alone becoming a doctor. Because I am a doctor, I know that the patients are rough. I can use my own strength to cure their diseases, which makes me so happy.

    “There’s something more.”

    Just as the host thought that he had finished and was ready to take the microphone back, Yang Chenxiang suddenly reached out, grabbed the microphone, tilted his head, and looked at the nine people over there. “The nine of them are too amazing. How can I be ranked 10th with such good scores? You guys are awesome!”

    Upon hearing that, the nine of them, including Fang Qiu, all laughed.

    The audience on the scene, as well as the audience in front of the TV, also laughed out loud.

    Although it was the tenth place, no one thought that he had lost.

    This was because everyone knew that this was a competition that he would not be lost. He had helped and saved so many people. What he had done was something that normal people couldn’t do. Hence, he didn’t lose.

    “Thank you.” Finally, after he thanked the host and all the audience, Yang Chenxiang turned and stepped off the stage.

    “Next.” As Yang Chenxiang left, the host immediately pulled himself together and said, “Let’s announce the ninth place!”

    Just as he finished speaking, all the people present immediately turned to look at the big screen.

    The ninth place? Who would it be?

    Could it be Fang Qiu?

    After all, Fang Qiu had seen more patients than any other people. In this case, the curing rate would obviously not be very high.

    Under everyone’s expectation, the ninth golden card kept growing bigger as it spun rapidly on the big screen.

    When it occupied the entire big screen, its spinning speed gradually decreased. Finally, when it stopped, the card was flipped over.

    Similarly, there was a photo and a name on it.

    As people took a closer look, they found it was Chen Ziju!

    Seeing this name, all the people present were obviously stunned, and then they were surprised.

    Chen Ziju was the descendant of the Chen family among the four prominent families.

    How could he be ranked ninth in this competition?

    “Oh my God!”

    “Chen Ziju is so powerful, but he’s ranked ninth?”

    “Is the descendant of the Chen family ranked ninth? How is that possible?”

    “What the f*ck! The four prominent families are going down!”

    While the audience was shocked, the other eight people in the contestants’ seats, except for Chen Ziju, breathed sighs of relief at the same time.

    However, compared to the eight of them, Chen Ziju was obviously more relaxed.

    He heaved a sigh of relief and stood up with a smile.

    At this moment, he didn’t care about winning or losing because it was too difficult to wait for the results to be announced. The moment the results were announced, he felt completely relaxed.

    Everyone got up and hugged Chen Ziju one by one.

    After hugging him, they sat back down.

    Everyone took a look at Fang Qiu. There was some surprise in their eyes.

    “This guy’s curing rate actually didn’t rank low after he had seen so many patients!

    “Logically speaking, this fellow should be ranked in the last few places. He isn’t ranked the ninth or tenth. Could it be that he is ranked eighth?”

    As they were full of doubts, everyone sat down and patiently watched Chen Ziju step onto the stage.

    In front of the TV, Fang Qiu’s father and mother also breathed sighs of relief.

    “It’s fine. It’s not Fang Qiu.”

    Although they didn’t say it out loud, the two who were sitting next to each other were so nervous that they held each other’s hands tightly unconsciously.

    In the northeast. “Pa!”

    Chu Yunyun, who had just got a piece of paper and wiped the sweat from her palms, slapped Xu Miaolin’s shoulder without saying a word. She rolled her eyes at him and asked, “Why don’t you seem nervous at all?”

    “Of course…” Xu Miaolin said proudly. When he was about to say that he was not nervous, he suddenly realized something and quickly changed his words. “Of course I’m nervous! It concerns me like hell!”

    Chu Yunyun immediately rolled her eyes at him.

    Seeing this, Xu Miaolin secretly breathed a sigh of relief. If he said he was not nervous, he would be beaten fiercely. After all, this was related to their marriage!

    On the stage, Chen Ziju went forward.

    Just like what they did before, with the introduction of the host, the big screen began to play a short video.

    Looking at the short video, Chen Ziju was also moved.

    Everyone was so moved that they burst into tears.

    Especially when they saw an old lady crying to thank Chen Ziju for saving her grandson’s life in the short video, they couldn’t help but think of what they saw in the last episode.

    It was this old lady who had come to ask for help carrying her grandson on her back. Because she and her grandson were left-behind, everyone felt grieved as they saw that.

    Seeing the old lady expressing her gratitude to Chen Ziju, everyone was even more moved and distressed.

    A moment later, the treatment data of Chen Ziju gradually appeared on the big screen after the video was finished.

    “The number of patients: 389.”

    “The curing rate is 83.3%, and the improvement rate is 100%.”

    Everyone took a look.

    Indeed, he had a higher curing rate than Yang Chenxiang who was ranked tenth. And he treated 36 more people than Yang Chenxiang did.

    “Congratulations.” The host smiled and said to Chen Ziju, “Would you like to say something?”

    Chen Ziju took the microphone.

    “Just like Yang Chenxiang.”

    Chen Ziju looked at Yang Chenxiang who was sitting under the stage and continued, “I don’t regret being born in our Chen family, and I don’t regret choosing to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine. I am proud of myself being a Chinese Medicine doctor. The only regret is that my medical skills are not good enough. In the future, I will work harder and become a better doctor!”

    After that, he turned to the remaining eight people in the contestants’ seats and said like Yang Chenxiang, “You guys are too cruel!”

    The eight contestants laughed again.

    “Now, please announce the eighth place!”

    After seeing Chen Ziju off the stage, the host continued to shout.

    Everyone immediately turned to look at the big screen.

    “The eighth place, Wang Shijie!”

    As the eighth golden card flipped over, the host shouted.

    Wang Shijie stood up and stepped onto the stage.

    In the contestants’ seats, everyone was more curious.

    “Fang Qiu is not ranked the last three?

    “It’s definitely him next, isn’t it?”

    In their eyes, it was almost impossible for Fang Qiu to win the championship. After all, there were too many patients that he had treated. He should be in the last few places. Even if he was not in the last three places, he should be in the last five places.

    At the same time, Fang Qiu’s father and mother breathed sighs of relief again.

    On TV, the process was the same as before, which moved the audience with a short video.

    In the end, Wang Shijie’s detailed results appeared on the big screen.

    “The number of patients: 387.”

    “Curing rate: 85.1%.”

    “Improving rate: 100%!”

    As soon as this result was announced, it immediately aroused many people’s exclamations.

    What did it mean to have a curing rate of 85%?

    The people of the Chinese Medicine industry, who were watching the live broadcast, were also particularly astonished.

    “Wang Shijie?”

    “This kid doesn’t have any background. How could he be able to do this?”

    “This kid is really amazing.”

    “Yes, but this level of curing rate is actually ranked the eighth. Sure enough, the top ten in the country are not easy to deal with!”

    As everyone was shocked, the host continued to interview him and asked him to say something.

    It was still the same.

    Wang Shijie also didn’t regret what he did and was very proud of studying medicine.

    Before leaving, he didn’t forget to give the seven people who were still on the stage a fierce look according to the routine. By the way, he said, “Although we’re defeated, we’re honored!”

    After that, Lin Dan was ranked the seventh!

    He treated 401 patients with a curing rate of 87.1%!

    As soon as the data came out, those who were watching the live broadcast of the final were relieved again because the seventh place was still not Fang Qiu!

    Meanwhile, all of them were also looking forward to it.

    “Since the scores of the seventh place have reached this level, how far Fang Qiu’s scores of seeing a total of 1050 people will reach?”

    After that, the host asked him to say something after showing the video.

    “I want to say that I am very relaxed now. Are you all very envious?”

    Taking the microphone from the host, Wang Shijie said to the seven people with a smile, “I know that you are all very nervous. Meanwhile, I am also looking forward to your final results and your curing rates, especially Fang Qiu’s!”

    Upon hearing that, the rest of the contestants laughed again, so was the audience.

    Netizens even burst into an uproar.

    “We’re also looking forward to it!”

    “Yes, I’m here just to see Fang Qiu. How can I not be looking forward to it?”

    “Fang Qiu has seen so many patients. How can his curing rate be so high?”

    “The curing rate of the seventh place is 87%. Fang Qiu has seen so many patients, but the curing rate is higher than 87%. That’s awesome, isn’t it?”

    “I’m looking forward to Fang Qiu getting into the top five!”

    Not only the netizens, those drug producers who had been paying attention to the show all began to complain.

    “F*ck, why isn’t it Fang Qiu?”

    “The next one is definitely going to be him!”

    The live broadcast continued.

    The sixth place was Jiang Miaoyu. She treated 398 patients with a curing rate of 87.9 % and an improving rate of 100%.

    As they saw that Jiang Miaoyu actually got the sixth place, all the students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine immediately cheered and burst into thunderous applause.

    Jiang Miaoyu’s performance in the school was very good, but it was a bit inferior to Fang Qiu’s. Many people secretly speculated that it was awesome for Jiang Miaoyu to make it to the top ten.

    But no one had expected that not only did Jiang Miaoyu get to the top ten, but she also got the sixth place. It was such a good result.

    It was because they didn’t expect this that the students of UJCM would be so excited.

    “That’s right.”

    As Jiang Miaoyu’s master, Chu Yunyun nodded with satisfaction and said after seeing Jiang Miaoyu’s ranking, “It’s just that she hasn’t followed me for a long time. Otherwise, her ranking could be higher!”

    On the spot, as she saw that she was in the sixth place, Jiang Miaoyu gave a smile and got up immediately.

    As for her, the place was already very good. After all, the remaining five people were all recognized as incredible beings. In addition to the three descendants of the four prominent families, there were Luo Jie and Fang Qiu, the two freaks. It was not easy for her to squeeze into the top five.

    Moreover, when she got into the top ten in the country, she was ranked the ninth. Now she directly reached the sixth place, which was enough to prove her strength!

    On the stage, a short video was played.

    “Before interviewing Jiang Miaoyu, the show’s crew specially prepared a surprise for her.”

    After seeing the moving video, the host suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, “Please come onto the stage, the mysterious surprise!”