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Chapter 414 – Grandmaster Yao

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Out of the ten criminals, only three were left alive. Looking at the skill of those examining the survivors, it was clear they had done similar things numerous times before.

    Suddenly there was a cry of alarm. “Senior apprentice-brother Fei, come over and take a look!”

    The blue-faced cultivator frowned. “Stop shouting around randomly. What is it?”

    The inspecting cultivator hurriedly said, “This criminal simply doesn’t have any poison in his body. It’s like…he hasn’t eaten a pill at all...”

    Fei Jin’s complexion changed. “Move away!” He half-squatted down and made a tiny cut in Qin Yu’s skin with a finger. He took out a drop of blood and smelled it, his eyes brightening. Then, he turned his hand and took out a special round stone. He wiped the drop of blood on the stone, but there wasn’t any response at all.

    Excitement grew in Fei Jin’s heart, but he maintained his composure. He said, “This person’s body is a bit strange. Continue the inspection, I will bring him to see Grandmaster Yao!”

    As he spoke, he picked Qin Yu up and walked away.

    After leaving the courtyard, Fei Jin was no longer able to contain his excitement. He rapidly continued forward, soon arriving at a giant palace.

    This palace had spell fluctuations at the front. Fei Jin took out a metal token and waved it about. A black light shined and the spell immediately separated to two sides. He rushed in without stopping and said, “Grandmaster Yao, Fei Jin requests a meeting for an important matter!”

    After a long time, a person covered in a black robe walked out from the depths of the hall. His expression was cold and grim and his voice was sharp and cutting. “Fei Jin, you should be aware that when I am refining pills, no one can disturb me! Since you dare to rush in here, you had best give me a satisfactory answer!”

    Fei Jin’s body shivered. “If it wasn’t important this junior absolutely would not have dared to disturb Grandmaster Yao.” He cautiously placed Qin Yu on the ground, “Grandmaster, please take a look. This junior suspects that this person is the one you have been searching for all this time, a person with a natural-born physique capable of purifying all poisons!”

    “What did you say!?” Grandmaster Yao shouted out loud. His figure flickered and he arrived in front of Fei Jin. He took Qin Yu’s hand in his own and a black energy rushed into his body. One could clearly see black lines like a spider web appear at Qin Yu’s wrist and rapidly spread throughout the rest of his body.

    But at this time, the spreading black silk seemed to meet its natural nemesis and began to rapidly melt away. Grandmaster Yao coughed and sharp sounds began to emit from his hand; large pieces of it were actually beginning to rot away. Even so, his voice was filled with ecstatic joy. “A pure body! This is truly a pure body! Hahaha, good, this is too good!”

    Fei Jin fell to his knees. “Congratulations Grandmaster Yao!”

    Grandmaster Yao smiled before he barely managed to suppress his excited state of mind. His eyes flashed. He asked, “Besides you, is there anyone else who knows about this?”

    Fei Jin’s heart skipped a beat. He truthfully said, “There were several other fellow disciples who came with me to help grandmaster test medicine.”

    Grandmaster Yao lightly said, ”Fei Jin, since you have managed to find the pure body, I will abide by my promise and give you the chance to be my disciple.”

    Fei Jin was overjoyed. He bowed again and again, “Disciple greets teacher! From this point on I will be loyal and devoted, with no other intent!”

    Grandmaster Yao smiled. “Very good. Then, go and bring those fellow disciples here. They can also be considered as having performed a merit, so I will reward them accordingly.”

    Fei Jin respectfully said, “Yes, teacher. This disciple will go now.”

    After Fei Jin left, Grandmaster Yao quickly squatted down and probed Qin Yu’s body with his fingers. He frowned, “His injuries are actually this severe. But luckily this person’s background doesn’t seem too bad. A little bit of effort and he should recover.”

    He flicked his sleeve and an invisible strength wrapped around Qin Yu. Grandmaster Yao walked deep into the hall, opening several secret doors one after another. After passing through eight more corridors, he arrived at an extremely hidden secret chamber and placed Qin Yu on a stone bed.

    This stone bed was exceedingly strange. It was cold all over, but this ice cold strength wouldn’t harm the cultivator lying on it. Instead, it could suppress one’s injuries and even accelerate the recovery of the body.

    Grandmaster Yao lifted a finger and tapped the point between his eyebrows. Then, he pulled out a thin blood red chain. If one looked carefully, they would see that this chain was composed of countless tiny runes, each one emitting mystical and obscure fluctuations of strength.

    Pulling out this blood red chain seemed to cause tremendous damage to him. Grandmaster Yao’s face paled and his complexion darkened. Then, with a pat of his hand, the blood red chain fused into Qin Yu’s body.

    In the next moment Qin Yu’s injuries started to heal at an incredible speed. It seemed that the blood red chain contained an incomparably formidable energy.

    Grandmaster Yao sneered. “I already know that you have awakened. But, let me warn you to be honest, otherwise you will not like the consequences.” Then, with a thought, Qin Yu’s eyes popped open on the stone bed. His body tensed and blue blood vessels popped up all over his body as if he were suffering from excruciating pain.

    “Humph!” Grandmaster Yao said, “This is only a small punishment. Do not try and do anything, otherwise I can make you wish you were dead with a single thought. First, you will lie down here honestly. Once I have handled some trivial matters, I will come back and have a talk with you.”

    Grandmaster Yao turned to leave. On the stone bed, Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together. After sensing his body for a long time, a strange light flashed in his eyes. This time, it seemed as if…he had found a blessing after misfortune?

    Indeed, after suffering bad luck for such a long time, he finally managed to find some good luck.

    After determining that there weren’t any problems for the moment, he closed his eyes and dozed off. Although he had been unconscious this entire time, his mind was subconsciously tensed and exhausted. Now he was able to relax a little and he soon entered into a deep slumber.

    Grandmaster Yao shook with excitement. He took several deep breaths before he managed to compose himself. “I never imagined that I would be able to find the pure body in this Black Demon Sect. The heavens truly haven’t abandoned me! But, there are still some small traces left in this matter that I need to fully process before I can have peace of mind.”

    Soon, Grandmaster Yao returned to the main hall. He waited for a moment as Fei Jin brought the several Black Demon Sect cultivators over.

    “We greet Grandmaster Yao.” Fei Jin bowed first.

    Grandmaster Yao revealed a look of appreciation. This boy was actually quite smart. He faintly smiled, “Today, you have found a very good medicine testing candidate for me. It will certainly be helpful in refining pills in the future. I would like to administer rewards, so I had Fei Jin bring you all here.”

    He flicked his sleeve and several jade boxes fell down in front of the people. “There is a Star God Pill in each of these jade boxes. I refined them using many treasures, and there is jade toad blood essence contained within. It will help you greatly increase the potency of your mortal bodies.”

    Fei Jin politely bowed, opened up the jade box in front of him, and then swallowed the pill.

    With him as an example, the other Black Demon Sect cultivators all followed suit, even though they had some doubts in their hearts. They all swallowed a pill.

    Grandmaster Yao smiled. “This pill has a slow-spreading medicinal efficacy. You can refine it here.” His gaze fell on Fei Jin. “Come. There are still some matters I need you to handle.”

    Fei Jin hurried over upon hearing his name called.

    The other Black Demon Sect cultivators all revealed looks of envy. As they thought about how Fei Jin had brought this person here, he must also have obtained the most advantages.

    “Honorable master.” Fei Jin bowed, his expression a bit disturbed.

    Grandmaster Yao lightly said, “At least you have decent eyesight.” He took out a pill and tossed it to him, “Eat this.”

    Fei Jin ate the pill. He felt a warm current spread through his body and his heart and mind were invigorated. “I thank honorable master for the generous gift!”

    Grandmaster Yao said, “If you work attentively then I will not treat you unfairly. After a moment, clean up the hall. If there is any trouble following this, just say that they enraged me and I killed them myself. The higher ups in the Black Demon Sect won’t make things hard for you.”

    “Yes, master.” Fei Jin bowed. As Grandmaster Yao’s footsteps faded away, he finally looked up, excitement in his eyes. He had already heard that even though Grandmaster Yao was ranked last amongst the various alchemy grandmasters in the sect, his origins were mysterious and even the high level figures of the sect dreaded him.

    Now, it seemed that it was true. Otherwise even if he were an alchemy grandmaster of the Black Demon Sect, he wouldn’t have dared to casually execute these disciples.

    Fei Jin secretly shook his head. Some of these cultivators were relatively close to him, and it was much easier to use them for work. But what a pity, Grandmaster Yao had decided to eliminate any potential witnesses so there was nothing he could do about it.

    There might have been some sympathy, but even more so…this was life, and no one could blame anyone. After all, if any of those changed spots with him, Fei Jin also felt that they would have sold him out without any hesitation.

    Walking back to the front of the hall, he could already hear cries of extreme pain echoing all around. Fei Jin stood straight, then, once all the sounds vanished, he stepped in.

    The several Black Demon Sect cultivators didn’t even have their corpses anymore. They were now nothing more than horrendous masses of noxious pus and goo on the ground. Fei Jin had no expression. He first took their storage rings and then waved his hand, scattering wood powder on the ground. Once this goo came into contact with the powder it was rapidly absorbed. The ground cleared up in an instant, without even the slightest scent left behind. He flicked his finger and a black flame fell onto the inflated powder. Then, it burned away, turning to ashes.

    Like that, all traces of these people were thoroughly erased from the world.

    Fei Jin quickly left Grandmaster Yao’s residence and reported the matter of these disciples offending Grandmaster Yao and being killed by him. As he looked at the darkened expression of the External Affairs Elder across from him, he couldn’t help but feel perturbed.

    But soon, he obtained a reply concerning this matter. Looking at the External Affairs Elder subconsciously open his mouth, Fei Jin felt excitement grow in his heart.

    He had indeed grabbed onto the correct thigh!

    And at this time, Grandmaster Yao had already returned to his secret chamber where Qin Yu was. He said, “I am captivated by researching the path of poison. In order to obtain data, I need to carry out a massive number of experiments. But, this method requires a considerably high cultivation for the person testing the medicine. The losses are simply too great. However, your appearance can change this situation.

    After a pause, Grandmaster Yao continued to say, “If you help me research pills then I guarantee that you will be here for at most ten years before you are freed. There is even a possibility that I will accept you as my disciple and give you a better future. Otherwise, I have many ways to destroy your mind and turn you into a living idiot.”

    Qin Yu suddenly stood up and cupped his hands together, “Disciple Ning Qin greets teacher!”

    Grandmaster Yao was stunned for a moment before he chuckled. “Good, what a promising young man. Since this is the case, I will accept you as my disciple. My disciple, your body is too weak right now. Rest for the time being. Once you recover, you can help teacher test medicines.”

    Qin Yu respectfully said, “This disciple obeys!”

    Grandmaster Yao clapped his hands. A beautiful maid walked out. However, she didn’t emit any aura of life; she was only a refined puppet.

    “Take Ning Qin away and arrange a living place for him. Ning Qin, I have poisons spread out everywhere here, so to avoid any accidents, don’t casually walk about. I will give you the things you need to heal yourself. You just need to rest and recuperate.”

    Qin Yu’s expression was full of gratitude. “Thank you, teacher!”

    “Young master Ning Qin, please follow this servant.” The puppet maid said, her tone pleasant yet hollow.

    Qin Yu bowed and followed behind her.