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Chapter 347 - Worries (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 347: Worries (1)

    Xu Weilai knew that Wen Xiaoshan was referring to the same lawless young man from the club.

    Wen Xiaoshan was an orphan who didn't have many close friends. Being helpless alone in the big city, she had decided to contact Xu Weilai for help.

    Fortunately, that young man and his hoodlums had merely come to cause trouble to scare her. They hadn't injured her.

    With the café thoroughly destroyed, Wen Xiaoshan was left traumatized. The café had to close for the day, and Xu Weilai helped to lock up the premises before giving her a lift home in her car.

    On the way, Wen Xiaoshan updated Xu Weilai regarding everything she knew about the case.

    "Reporter Xu, the room that was the scene of the crime is currently being blocked off by the police. Everything inside has been left exactly as it was. During the scuffle, I tried to fight him off. I managed to push him off the bed, but I ran into the coffee table while I was running towards the door. I got as far as to open the door, but he dragged me back before I could run out."

    "I don't know whether it was when I was taken to the room while I was drunk, or if it was when he dragged me back from the door. Regardless, it was all recorded by the surveillance camera. That would be enough to prove that he forced himself onto me. However, the surveillance footage from that very night went missing! The only footage available was of me pouring alcohol for him in the private room at the club before he pulled me onto his lap. Because he was a customer, I had no choice but to smile back at him. Because of that, he's intending to sue me! He even threatened me by saying that he'll have me jailed for daring to offend him!"

    As she spoke, Wen Xiaoshan slowly lost control over her emotions. "How can the rich and powerful turn black into white as they please? Is there any justice left in this world?"

    With her free hand, Xu Weilai pulled out a tissue and handed it to her. "Don't worry, Miss Wen," she consoled, "I will do my best to investigate this matter. I won't let the bad guys get away with this."

    As Wen Xiaoshan looked at her with reddened eyes, something flashed within them. Then she looked down and whispered, "I'm depending on you, Reporter Xu."

    After sending Wen Xiaoshan home, Xu Weilai spent some time gathering more information from her. Then, she got up to leave. Before she departed, she reminded Wen Xiaoshan to contact her if anything urgent came up.

    Upon returning to the apartment, Xu Weilai headed straight to the study and began to study the case carefully.

    Firstly, she had to verify that what Wen Xiaoshan told her had been true. In other words, she had to personally visit the crime scene —the room, in this case— and she had to be quick about it!

    If she didn't, once the police removed the blockages and someone restored the place to its original state, there would be no way to search for clues regarding what exactly had happened any longer.

    Secondly, she had to find the missing surveillance recording. If the surveillance recording showed the man taking Wen Xiaoshian away and dragging her back into the room while she tried to escape, that would be the most damning evidence against the perpetrator!

    Her biggest challenge she was currently facing was that there would a police officer guarding the room; no one would be allowed entry into the room. Furthermore, she was sure that the man would have also sent someone to watch over the room very closely. Thus, not even a fly would be able to get past without being seen, much less a full-grown adult human.

    The country club was run by the Li family. Coincidentally, the young man was the Li family's youngest son, Li Huihuang. It didn't take much to surmise that he had either deleted or hidden the surveillance footage. Xu Weilai knew that recovering it wasn't going to be easy.