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Chapter 292 - Bo Muyis Friend

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 292: Bo Muyi's Friend

    Although she did not feel uncomfortable, Su Cha soon fell asleep after drinking the ginger tea.

    After waking up in the middle of the night, she realized that the lights were still on. She saw that Bo Muyi was still busy with work and had even received a call.

    "Okay, I have time tomorrow."

    He'd said this lightly and looked up to see Su Cha, who seemed to have woken up. After hanging up the phone, he stood up and walked toward her. "Why are you awake?"

    His sweet and clear voice made Su Cha sleepy again. His warm palm covered Su Cha's eyes. "Sleep, Cha Cha. I'll take you to see something interesting tomorrow."


    Su Cha wanted to ask him what kind of interesting thing it was, but she did not ask. She decided to think about it tomorrow and fell asleep again.

    When she woke up in the morning, Su Cha saw that Bo Muyi was already buttoning his shirt by the bed. Looking at his handsome face from this angle, she thought that he seemed to have become even more charming. Su Cha lazily turned around and asked him, "I remember you slept late last night. Why do you always wake up earlier than me?"

    She had woken up early every day, but Bo Muyi always woke up earlier than her.

    Basically, whenever she opened her eyes, she would see that Bo Muyi had already opened his and would tell her at once, "Good morning."

    When he heard Su Cha's voice now, he turned around with a smile. "You're awake? Good morning, Cha Cha."

    "Good morning."

    Su Cha got up and went to the bathroom to change out of her pajamas. After a while, she suddenly remembered what Bo Muyi said last night.

    "Did you say you wanted to show me something yesterday?"

    Bo Muyi: "Yes."

    He turned around, his eyes gentle. "A friend came back from overseas and asked me to meet him. I have time since I'm staying at home with you. If you are bored, would you like to go with me?"

    Su Cha was a little surprised. "You…"

    And friends?

    She had almost asked out loud. After all, judging from Bo Muyi's appearance, he did not seem like he contacted anyone other than for work. She did not expect Bo Muyi to have friends.

    He did not seem to be someone who did.

    However, he was her boyfriend after all. Su Cha was too embarrassed to complain.

    "Can I not have friends?"

    Bo Muyi had understood Su Cha's meaning. Embarrassed, she felt her face grow hot. "I didn't say…"

    He chuckled and said happily, "I don't have many friends, but I've known this one since I was young. He has been overseas for so many years and rarely comes back."

    Bo Muyi did not say anything more, and Su Cha did not intend to ask further, so she nodded. "Okay, I will go with you."

    Anyway, she had nothing to do today.

    After packing, Bo Muyi brought Su Cha out.

    On the way, Bo Muyi only told Su Cha that his friend's name was Tan Yezhu. His mother was from China, but his father was from overseas, so he had been helping his father's family manage his household affairs overseas all these years.

    Although he did not elaborate on the details, Su Cha knew from that family name that he was not ordinary. How could someone who could become friends with Bo Muyi be a normal person?

    The place where they met was called Chanxin Pavilion.

    Su Cha did not know where this place was, but after entering the pavilion, she found that it was a low-key and secret clubhouse. From the outside, it was just a simple and unobtrusive door. After entering, she found that it was as luxurious as a palace.