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Chapter 364 - Truth.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 364: Truth.

    “Hahaha, the car is flying, dad is great!”

    Su Bei cheered. Her little face showed no trace of panic. Instead, she was happily laughing out loud. Su Canye on the other hand formed a sharp contrast with her,he was frightened out of his wits.

    Xiao Luo was driving under high intensity. The moment they entered the curve, he pulled sharply on the handbrake. At the same time, he steered the wheel sharply and controlled the accelerator accurately. Under his handling, the black SUV’s front wheels were drawn close to the double yellow line, but its speed did not decrease. It was instead smoothly gliding along the curve.

    As a racing enthusiast, Su Canye was familiar with this feeling, and a word immediately popped up in his mind – drifting.

    He opened his eyes and found the car’s current state, his eyes widened…


    They were actually drifting!

    This was not a sports car, this was just a common SUV, how was it able to drift? And how did it drift so well?

    Su Canye couldn’t understand what he was seeing and his eyes trembled violently.

    The front of the car was close to the double yellow line. If this was on Wolf Mountain, wouldn’t they be drifting along the inner ring?

    In his stunned silence, the black SUV had already passed through the curve.

    Xiao Luo pushed down the handbrake, turned the steering wheel back, released the brake, and then slammed on the accelerator. The SUV sprinted forward like an arrow. It was without any hiccups or buffers, making it impossible to feel the change in the speed of the vehicle. It was smooth though and through.

    Su Canye was stunned. Such handling was simply unprecedented!

    There was another sharp turn ahead. This time he was calm. He had to carefully see Xiao Luo’s driving skill.

    100 meters.

    Fifty meters …

    Fifteen meters.

    Here we are! ! !

    Su Canye calculated the distance from the curve silently, and his attention was highly concentrated at the moment of entering the curve.

    Xiao Luo wore a face of indifference, like calm water, he pulled the hand brake again. He then steered the wheels and controlled the accelerator in succession … another drift.

    Such a beautiful arc of motion!

    The steady drift was also well maintained!

    It was a perfect inside turn and overtake!

    Su Canye couldn’t believe his eyes, and he couldn’t believe even more that the cold-faced brother-in-law of his could drift the car so well. Moreover, this was an SUV, and it hadn’t been modified yet, but it already could drift through curves cleanly and smoothly. This driving skill was god-like.

    “Didn’t this guy say he couldn’t race?”

    Su Canye looked at Xiao Luo mumbling to himself.



    After two sharp turns, the black SUV overtook the four foreign men.

    Xiao Luo controlled the speed of the car, and kept it in line with the foreign man who spat at them. He then rolled down the window.

    When the foreigner saw that it was the car that he had spat on, his eyes widened. He cursed, “Damn it.”

    They were using motorcycles so they were naturally faster. Ordinary cars simply couldn’t catch up with them, let alone on the road where there were many cars.

    “Pull over.” Xiao Luo said lightly.

    “You son of a b*tch, Chinese dog, are you crazy? Do you want to compete in speed with me? Do you think you have the capital to shout at me?” The foreigner gnashed his teeth angrily.

    But at this moment, a black muzzle was pointed at his head, and a cold and grave air of death came from it.

    Xiao Luo raised his voice, and coldly warned again, “Pull over!”

    “Oh, sh*t.” The foreigner was frightened and quickly slowed down.

    Not to mention the foreigner, even Su Canye was frightened. He didn’t expect Xiao Luo to take out a gun from under the seat.

    “Gu Dong ~”

    He swallowed a mouthful of saliva hard. Su Canye suddenly felt that this cold-faced brother-in-law of his was mysterious. A person couldn’t see through him. He was also in possession of a gun! In China, guns were illegal and there were very strict laws and regulations. If caught, you would be going straight to jail and they would interrogate you to know where you bought the firearm/s.

    “We’ve caught up, hooray!”

    Su Bei did not have much reaction about the gun, instead she was very excited that they were able to catch up. To her, it was like playing a game of the police chasing the thief and catching up with the thief. Of course, this was something to be happy about.

    The four motorcycles stopped, likewise Xiao Luo’s car also stopped.

    Pushing open the car door, Xiao Luo was holding the NSA-equipped Desert Eagle in his hand, and went down.

    The four foreigners had already turned pale with fear. They looked at Xiao Luo, especially the foreign man who was the instigator. He was completely distraught and sat on the motorcycle trembling with fear. The arrogance from before was now completely nonexistent.

    “Si—Sir, don’t be impulsive, this guy didn’t mean it, I apologize to you on his behalf, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

    One of the four foreigners was relatively calm and rushed forward, attempting to appease Xiao Luo. He kept bowing and apologizing. No one could have imagined that they were the same group of arrogant people that had just given them the middle finger from before.

    “Is this a substitute for an apology?”

    Xiao Luo stopped his advance, his cold eyes swept over the foreigner who spat at them earlier, and in fluent English, he blurted out with biting coldness.

    The body of the foreigner shivered. He was very sure that he had met with malicious stubble. This Chinese would definitely dare to shoot and kill them. He could feel a bloody smell emanating from him even at a distance.

    “Johnny, hurry up and apologize to this gentleman,” said the calm foreigner.

    The foreigner immediately ran up and bowed deeply to Xiao Luo, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me!”

    Xiao Luo gave him a moment of silence, before he slapped him on the shoulder.

    Accompanied by a miserable cry of pain, the foreign man was forced to kneel on the ground. His knees collided with the ground severely. He felt his bones burst. The severe pain made the foreign man turn red like pork liver. His forehead was sweating.

    Xiao Luo snorted softly, “In our country, China, apologies have to be done kneeling to show sincerity.”

    The other three did not dare to say a word. Their body was straight as a pole, thinking why did they provoke such a malicious character?

    The man raised his head as he cried and looked at Xiao Luo in awe.

    Xiao Luo tapped him on the shoulder with the pistol. “Go and wipe off the spit on my car.” Then he added, “Wipe it with your hand.”

    “Sir, this is not in line with your Chinese hospitality. We made a mistake earlier, but we apologized, but you still made such an extremely rude request. I have the right to sue you at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The foreigner expressed strong dissatisfaction.

    Xiao Luo glanced at him indifferently and sneered, “You are living in a dream, I will give you two choices, either get a shot from me or wipe away the disgusting thing.”

    Xiao Luo not once thought that he was a gentleman nor a good person. These four people made him very uncomfortable and angry, so he reacted.

    “I protest!”

    “Peng ~”

    Xiao Luo kicked him directly. He fell on the ground crying in pain.

    As they looked at their companion, the others shuddered. Cold sweat dripped from their bodies. The foreigner nodded like chicken pecking rice, “I … I am willing to wipe it with my hand, I am willing to clean your car.”