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Chapter 365 - Keeping Pace with the Trend.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 365: Keeping Pace with the Trend.

    The four foreigners honestly cleaned up the mess they made. Xiao Luo didn’t make it difficult for them either. Before getting back in the car to leave, he left them with a remark, ‘this is Chinese territory.’

    At this moment, Su Canye was looking at him in great awe at this moment and asked cautiously, “That… Cold-faced man, you … You have a gun…?”

    “It’s fake, it’s a prop gun used for movies.”

    Xiao Luo threw the desert eagle into Su Canye’s hand randomly. There was no need to worry about it going off because there were no bullets in it. Moreover, he also assumed that Su Canye could not tell whether the gun was real or not.

    “Prop gun?”

    Su Canye took it in his hand with a grain of salt and weighed it a few times. “No, it’s all made of metal, and the heavy feeling is very real. It looks like a real gun.”

    “Have you ever touched a real gun?” Xiao Luo had a pondering smile.

    Su Canye shook his head and answered honestly, “No, I’m not a member of the army. How could I have touched a real gun?”

    “See? You don’t know… Prop guns are specially used for acting, therefore, they are made to be realistic.”

    “So that’s why.”

    Su Canye nodded and then asked, “What are you doing with a prop gun?”

    “Didn’t you see that just now?” Xiao Luo asked back.

    “I saw it, I saw it. I really feel relieved. Those four foreigners were so arrogant at first. But when you pulled out the gun, all of them became as meek as dogs. It seems that I have to carry a prop gun myself later on. Brother-in-law, give me this prop gun. That way, I won’t be afraid of any trouble from others anymore.” Thinking of what happened just a moment ago, Su Canye felt very jolly. At first, he despised Xiao Luo as a brother-in-law, but because of this one thing, he felt a lot closer to him now.

    Xiao Luo coughed, “This one won’t work!”

    This was a real gun, so how could he give it to this boy?


    “Because this prop gun is mine…”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It’s a pledge between me and your sister.” Xiao Luo made up a random reason.

    “This prop gun is a pledge between you and my sister?”

    Su Canye was stunned and took the Desert Eagle in front of his eyes and looked at it carefully. “Huh?! I saw a necklace, a phoenix hairpin and a ring as a pledge. But I have never ever seen a prop gun used as a pledge. You and my sister aren’t that strong, are you? My sister married you only because you slept with her. You two have no affection at all. So how can you have a pledge of affection?”

    Xiao Luo was stunned. It was indeed true that a lie needed to be covered up with a 100 more lies. But he didn’t bother to explain it, and lightly dropped one sentence, “These things don’t need to be explained to you so clearly.”

    “Ahhhh… Forget it, if you don’t want to talk about it, I’m not a busybody. Here, you can have it back.”

    Su Canye tossed the Desert Eagle back to Xiao Luo and resumed his former posture. His hands crossed on his chest, his feet spread apart, sitting in his seat like some master.

    Next to him was Su Bei, the girl was glancing between him and Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo put away the Desert Eagle, took one look at Su Canye from the inside rearview mirror, and secretly wondered why he was talking so much with this boy.

    Su Canye, who was jiggling his leg, suddenly thought of something. “Brother-in-law, please do me a favor…”

    “Help you win your car back?” Xiao Luo saw through his thoughts at a glance.

    “How did you guess it? I admire you for that. And yes, that’s precisely the case, what do you think about it?”

    Xiao Luo flatly refused, “No!”

    He was too lazy to do such a thing. What’s in it for him? Moreover, he really would like to ask Su Canye, do I even know you that well?

    “Brother-in-law, please don’t be like this. I’ll call you brother-in-law from now on. Just please help me. I have seen all your moves just now. You are a good racer and there is absolutely no problem in winning back my Bentley.” Su Canye lowered himself as he pleaded.

    “I’m very busy. I don’t have time.” Xiao Luo replied.

    “Come on, I’ve made a thorough investigation. You haven’t even found a job yet. You eat my sister’s food all day and live in my sister’s house. You being busy all day doesn’t mean that you were ‘actually’ busy.”

    Su Canye bargained, “Won’t you really help me? If you don’t help me, I’ll put you in some ‘special shoes’ later on. ”

    Xiao Luo turned a deaf ear to his words, “Do whatever you want.”

    “I …”

    Su Canye was frustrated. He didn’t expect his cold-faced brother-in-law to not budge, but he didn’t stop there. No, he couldn’t stop there. He lost his Bentley. It cost more than 6 million yuan. Thinking about it made his flesh ache. And last night he even had a nightmare about losing the car, the night was really bitter.

    He began to make a scene, and then he turned to Su Bei and tried to get her to ask Xiao Luo to help. The naive girl was deceived by his poor appearance, and together with him, begged Xiao Luo for help. In an instance, inside the car was filled with shrill noises from the two people.

    Xiao Luo actually experienced the feeling of the Monkey King in the “Chinese Odyssey”. He was really upset when he heard a group of flies buzzing in his ear. However, Xiao Luo could not bear to shout at Su Bei. So he finally gave in and agreed to it for the time being.

    At the same time, on the other side of the spectrum, Su Li was refueling gas when she told Shen Qingyan that Su Canye lost his Bentley and asked for help.

    “Ha ha ha … Li, your brother is really naughty. This is the third time.” Shen Qingyan’s sweet laughter came from the phone.

    Su Li palmed her forehead and said, “That guy is just … sigh”

    “It’s not strange that he can’t improve since he has a sister who loves him so much. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the car problem. In four days, we’ll meet in Wild Wolf Mountain. You will go with me and will be my co-pilot.”

    Su Li frowned, “I’ll go too?”

    “Of course, it will be a big night. We just have to cover you up a little. No one will recognize you by then. Besides, no one would guess that our big star would go to places like Wolf Mountain.” Shen Qingyan smiled gently.

    “Okay, I haven’t been out for a long time too.” Su Li nodded and agreed.

    “Well, now that your brother’s problem is settled. Let’s talk about you. Li, you and Xiao Luo… Exactly how would either of you take responsibility? Just because you lost your virginity to him, you got married to him. This was too hasty!” Shen Qingyan was at a loss.

    Speaking of Xiao Luo, Su Li’s eyes dimmed quickly and a wry smile appeared on her face, “Apart from his decent appearance, he basically has nothing notable about him. Since we already are in a relationship, I have accepted it. I can only hope that he can gradually improve.”

    “Li, I don’t even know what to say about you. We’re now in the 21st century, our thoughts have to keep up with the trend. Why are you as chaste as an ancient woman? If your fans know this, they will be so desperate to force and rape you just so they’ll get married to you.”


    Su Li’s face was red, she was left speechless.