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Chapter 348 - Worries (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 348: Worries (2)

    She checked her facts again. This country club was extremely private and exclusive. Members couldn’t register under aliases; they had to use their legal names. Moreover, members that were allowed entry were required to possess both wealth and social status!

    Xu Weilai’s wealth did not hit the mark, and neither did her social status. After all, the Xu family was no longer as it had once been. Her identity as the daughter of the Xu family was practically useless at this point.

    What a tricky situation she got herself into…


    Gu Yu returned to the apartment at ten o’clock at night and headed into the bedroom first. When Xu Weilai was nowhere to be seen, he removed his tie, threw it aside, and headed into the changing room to change his clothes. Then, he walked out of the bedroom and went to the study.

    Upon opening the door and stepping in, he saw Xu Weilai seated behind the desk, working diligently.

    He strode over and saw that her dinner on the desk had turned cold. His eyes narrowed at the fact that she hadn’t taken more than a few mouthfuls.

    Xu Weilai belatedly realized that he had come in. She glanced up at him and followed his line of sight onto her dinner. She grimaced inwardly and hurriedly explained, “I… I ate too much at lunch with you, so I didn’t feel hungry during dinner. I didn’t go hungry, I swear!”

    She couldn’t tell whether or not Gu Yu was angry. After glancing at her coolly with his dark eyes, he turned and strode out without another word.

    As Xu Weilai looked at his back, she knew how weak her excuse sounded. She quickly got up and followed him out. The moment she stepped out of the study, she heard Gu Yu approach Mrs. Lin, who was doing housework in the living room. He ordered her, “Prepare some supper.”

    “Yes, Young Master,” Mrs. Lin replied.

    Xu Weilai was stunned. Gu Yu wasn’t angry with her! Instead, he was simply worried that she hadn’t eaten enough. Thus, he had gotten Mrs. Lin to prepare supper for her…

    Gu Yu turned around. When he saw Xu Weilai, his voice turned grave as he said, “You better finish it!”

    Xu Weilai immediately stood at attention. “Roger that!”

    Mrs. Lin was cooking a piping hot bowl of noodles for her. Although Xu Weilai’s mind was preoccupied and she didn’t have much of an appetite, she didn’t want Gu Yu to worry about her. Taking several mouthfuls, she finished the noodles and even slurped up the remaining soup.

    When she entered the bedroom, Gu Yu had just taken his shower and was walking out of the bathroom. As Xu Weilai glanced at him instinctively, a thought suddenly flashed in her mind. Her eyes lit up as she then said sycophantically, “Gu Yu, I finished my supper down to the last drop!”

    Gu Yu glanced at him and saw the sly expression in her eyes. He walked over the couch and sat down on it lazily before saying, “What do you want to say to me? Out with it.”

    Completely unabashed at him seeing through her act, Xu Weilai she walked over with a smile. “Mr. Gu,” she called out, “Considering your elevated social status and your wealth, you must be a member of L Country Club. Am I right?”

    Gu Yu leaned back against the couch and crossed his long legs gracefully. “Yeah,” he replied casually.

    He truly was a member!

    Xu Weilai sat beside Gu Yu. With hope in her eyes, she asked, “Well, could you spare some time tomorrow to take me there?”

    Gu Yu raised his eyes to look at her as he opened his mouth and replied with a succinct, “No.”

    Xu Weilai didn’t know how to respond.

    “L Country Club requires members to enter with their legal names. Every club has its rules, and I can’t break them. Therefore, I can’t take you in,” Gu Yu explained casually to her.

    Gu Yu was a person who could move heaven and earth; his excuse sounded very flimsy.

    However, Xu Weilai didn’t want to force him to help her if he wasn’t willing to. She simply replied, “If that’s the case, I’ll think of another way!”