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Chapter 362 - If She Doesn’t Have Genuine Feelings, I’ll Make Her Have Such Feelings!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 362: If She Doesn’t Have Genuine Feelings, I’ll Make Her Have Such Feelings!

    Tang Jinyu shifted his gaze away from Jian Qi to Leng Yu. Without saying anything, he decided to walk away directly.

    Leng Yu chuckled. “Boss, Jian Qi is a good person…”

    Tang Jinyu stopped walking as he turned around and looked at Leng Yu yet again.

    “What are you trying to say?” Tang Jinyu asked in his calm voice as per usual.

    Leng Yu looked at him and laughed. “She does have an interest in you. Although it may seem like you are torturing her, it’s all for her own good. To the rest of us, your means of torturing her are merely akin to our simple daily training.”

    “Despite your cold attitude toward her, you are the person who cares about her the most. Otherwise, you would not have asked us to be careful so as not to hurt her left arm during training. More importantly, you would not have refused to let her overuse the sniper rifle when we were training in the snowy mountains.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at Leng Yu in a cool manner. His cold demeanor made it difficult for one to guess what he was thinking.

    “Don’t I treat you all the same way?”

    “It’s not the same,” Leng Yu said, “If anyone else dared to do what Jian Qi has been doing to you, I don’t think she would still be able to stay in the Special Fire Team. Perhaps, that person would have already been in the hospital in a paralyzed state!”

    When Leng Yu noticed that Tang Jinyu was remaining silent, she thought of Jian Qi while she was sleeping the other night. “Boss, have you ever thought of what would happen if the young lady going after you every day suddenly disappeared…”

    “What have you found out?” Tang Jinyu asked as he looked thoughtfully at Leng Yu. There was an intense gaze in his eyes which made Leng Yu feel as though she was being seen right through.

    Leng Yu chuckled calmly. “Jian Qi said something in her sleep the other night.”

    “What was it?”

    “I’m finally going home!” Leng Yu said.

    Leng Yu had never kept anything a secret from Tang Jinyu. Since she liked Jian Qi, she did not wish for her boss to regret losing this girl in the future.

    Tang Jinyu frowned slightly.


    “Leng Yu, you’re mistaken!” Tang Jinyu suddenly exclaimed to cut Leng Yu off.

    “What? Don’t you like Jian Qi, Boss?” Leng Yu felt confused.

    It was impossible. Based on Tang Jinyu’s personality, if he did not like a girl, he would not tolerate her to such an extent.

    “Do you think Jian Qi likes me?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Leng Yu nodded.

    Tang Jinyu smirked. However, Leng Yu felt annoyed by his response because she sensed that he was somewhat undermining himself.

    “Boss, you…”

    “Leng Yu, do you think Jian Qi has genuine feelings?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Leng Yu frowned as she looked at Tang Jinyu. She was confused as to why he would ask such a thing.

    “It’s not like that when you like someone!” Tang Jinyu exclaimed. “You’ll understand when you fall for someone in the future!”

    Without saying anything else, Tang Jinyu turned around and was ready to leave.

    “Boss, don’t you like Jian Qi? What if she really disappears one day? Are you going to just let her disappear like that?” Leng Yu asked.

    Tang Jinyu smiled as he lowered his gaze slightly. The deep look in his eyes made him seem shockingly confident. “Do you think I’m someone who could be easily seduced?”

    Leng Yu’s frown deepened as she felt even more confused by what Tang Jinyu said.

    “If she doesn’t have genuine feelings, I’ll make her have such feelings!” Tang Jinyu added frostily.

    As Leng Yu watched as Tang Jinyu walked away, she was stunned for several seconds before she began to smile.

    It seemed that she was being worried for no particular reason.

    Boss always knew what he wanted. She had indeed done something unnecessary today.

    ‘However, does Jian Qi not have genuine feelings?”

    ‘Moreover, Boss, how do you know what it’s like to like someone?’

    ‘Who do you like?’

    ‘Jian Qi?!’

    That meant that Leng Yu had been correct in her observations!