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Chapter 372 - The Relentless Roasts

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 372: The Relentless Roasts

    Before Ning Meng was able to read the message from Ning Wentao, her phone suddenly rang.

    After receiving the call, she heard a raspy, aged voice coming from the other side. "Hello, is this XX Bank?"


    Just as she was about to tell the person that he had gotten the wrong number, the man said, "I dropped my bank card earlier. What should I do?!"

    Ah, it was an old person in need. Well, it would not hurt to help a random stranger once a while. Besides, this was an elderly person. Thus, Ning Meng suggested in a friendly, warm tone. "Calm down, sir. You can bring your I.D. to the nearest XX Bank to report the card loss. They will be able to replace a new bank card for you."

    "… but couldn't I just pick it up?"


    This person… did his brain get soaked in a barrel full of acid?

    The corner of her mouth twitched as she looked at her phone. This was quite a strange phone call. Thus, she continued with a sly smile. "Sure, you could just pick it up. But make sure you do it nice and slow."


    "Because I fear that the water that was stuck in your brain would all come pouring out if you bend down too quickly!!"


    After giving a good yell, Ning Meng hung up the phone.

    Geez, since when had the scammers these days gotten so creatively comedic?

    However, after hanging up the call, the same number dialed in again. After picking up the call, Ning Meng did not hear the same raspy voice from the other side anymore. This time, it was a loud, young, joyful voice of a younger man.

    "Hey, kiddo~ why did you hang up? Come on, I was just messing with you! Oh, by the way, can you guess who I am?"


    Ning Meng's mouth twitched as she rolled her eyes at her phone.

    Recalling Li Shiyao's case earlier, Ning Meng opened her mouth and replied sarcastically, "You're my big brother?"

    "Aye, that's my smart dear sister indeed! Now, do you know why I made this call?"


    Okay, she wanted to take back what she had thought earlier. These scammers had not gotten any more creative these days.

    Geez, since when had the scammers these days gotten so lazy with their excuses to scam?!

    A cold smile curved up on Ning Meng's face. "You want money, right?"

    "Bingo! You're so right again! Why did you not transfer any money to me in the past 3 months? Could you please transfer some cash over to me? Your dear brother is starving to death here!"

    Ning Meng took a long, long breath upon hearing this.

    The man seemed to have noticed it and asked, "Why are you taking a deep breath?"

    "So, I don't need to stop for breath when I speak later."


    Right after that, Ning Meng took another long breath before raising the phone to her mouth. "Now, listen here, you twerp. You are so lacking in the intellectual department that I suspect you're an organism that has not finished its evolution ever since you left the ocean eons ago. Oh, wait, no. You're a high school brat that has the IQ of a pre-schooler, or maybe you're a dimwit hippo that had gotten rammed over by the Noah's Ark a long, long time ago, the super parasite that needs to leech on the cockroaches. Your existence on this planet itself has lowered the IQ of the entire human race to the point that even the scientists dare not dissect your super undeveloped brain. A human waste like you is like a piece of shit that dares to ask for a role in a popular TV drama. Even Ru Hua is 10 times more good looking than you. When you want to commit suicide, the others would beg for you to do it so clean that you don't leave your body behind, otherwise, it would polute the planet. Everything you touch has become so unclean that even the Amoeba species can't go near them without the risk of being poisoned to death. The human race will go extinct if they saw you try to get laid, and the grenades will self-desruct immediately when they see your face! This must be the unluckiest day in my life to have received a phone call from you! You'd better wish you will never cross my path on the street, or else I'll rip you to shreds!!"


    After yelling out her relentless roast at the man, Ning Meng hung up the phone.

    She really hated these phone scammers. Countless happy families had been ruined by these human filth! Trying to scam her, the great genius Ning Meng?! Ha! In their dreams!

    After hanging up her phone, the scammer did not call her back anymore. Heh, the guy had probably become so devasted after hearing her roast that he had decided to stop scamming!

    Oh, right. Her dad's message. Ning Meng quickly sent a reply to Ning Wentao: [I'm sorry. Just now, there was a man who phoned me. My "big brother", as he claimed, wanted to ask me for some pocket money. Lol!]

    A few seconds later, Ning Wentao's message came through: [Good job! Let that b*stard die of hunger out there! If he thinks he's so good, he should never think about coming back home!]


    ‘What? "Coming back home"?'

    Ning Meng stared at her phone in confusion.