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Chapter 373 - Whos Ru Hua?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 373: Who's Ru Hua?

    Ning Meng was shocked seeing this.

    She read the message again and again, and yet, she still could not believe just how rich this information she was receiving was!

    So, if she was reading Ning Wentao's words correctly, she had an older brother…?!

    However, the novel had mentioned it very clearly—"Ning Meng" was the only child in the Ning Family. This was the reason why "Original Ning Meng" was a snobbish little brat. This was also the reason why, after her death, Su Tiantian was the one who had gotten the inheritance of the Nings' wealth, seeing as Ning Wentao had no other heir.

    There had been no mention of an "older brother" anywhere in the novel at all.

    Driven by curiosity, Ning Meng cautiously sent a message to probe further: [My older brother?]

    In less than a minute, Ning Wentao replied with a long rant via a voice message: "Yes, your older brother. So what? I'm sure you know this, but that good-for-nothing little swindler had run away from home 10 years ago! He even said that he isn't going to call himself a Ning anymore. So, he is not my son anymore! No one mentions him ever again in our home! Now, I know you have a soft spot for this brother of yours and you've been giving him allowances behind my back. Nonetheless, I would like to ask this of you this again. Don't give him any money. Not even a cent! If he wants to live by his own means, he should do just that! Besides, it's already been decided that you're going to inherit everything from me. He will not get anything from me!"


    Geez, Ning Meng could not help but feel sorry for this older brother of hers. She swiped to the banking app that was on her phone to check her previous transactions. Sure enough, she saw that Original Ning Meng would send money to an account every single month—to a "Ning Zhi".


    So, it was true that she had an older brother!

    Just when Ning Meng was deep in her thoughts, suddenly, her phone started to ring again.

    It was from the same number earlier.


    Gosh, she had given this man such a fierce yelling earlier… now, she was kind of afraid of receiving this phone call!

    She did not know just what kind of older brother she had in this world.

    Nevertheless, she needed to receive the phone call anyway.

    As soon as she accepted the call, Ning Meng opened her mouth to soothe her brother. "Um, I'm so sorry, bro… I thought it was a phone call from a scammer, and you…"

    Before she was able to finish her words, Ning Zhi asked in a confused tone, "Meng Meng, I don't get it. Just who is this ‘Ru Hua'? And what's Amoeba?"


    Ning Meng's mouth twitched after hearing this. So, it turned out she had an older brother that thirsted for knowledge?

    "Well, Ru Hua is a woman. An extremely beautiful woman…"


    "Yes, absolutely!"

    After all, there was no Stephen Chow in this novel world. Thus, it was quite natural for Ning Zhi to not know an infamous character from his movies.

    "Then… would it be alright for me to ask for some money from you?"

    "Sure. I'll do it right away!"

    Judging by how Original Ning Meng was still taking care of him even after Ning Wentao had disowned him, Ning Meng guessed that they had a good sibling kinship between them. Hence, after hearing his voice, she could not help but feel some siblingly warmth in her heart.

    "Okay! Remember to transfer it to me as usual."

    "Remind me… how much do you need again?"

    "300,000 Yuan."


    Standing firm on her feet so that she did not fall from the shock of hearing that number from her phone, Ning Meng stared at the sky for a moment before mumbling into her phone, "Hello? What did you say? I can't… I can't hear you. Geez, the signal here is so bad… so, was it 10,000 Yuan? Okay, I'll transfer it right away… Hello? Hello, are you there? Hello~~"

    Then, she hung up the phone.

    A monthly allowance of 300,000 Yuan? He might as well go and rob the national bank!

    Mr. Ning Zhi had already run away from home, and yet, he still wanted to live a luxurious life!

    Pouting, Ning Meng put away her phone. It was then that she saw Ning Ke standing before her.


    She looked around to check. Yes, she was not mistaken. This was the filming site of a TV Drama. How did this little harpy get in here?

    Ning Meng sighed. "Look, dear… you don't need to follow me around like a haunting wraith just because your sister died. If you want to woo Huo Beichen so much, you should just follow him around, not me."

    However, as soon as she finished her words, she saw a shocked expression on Ning Ke's face. "Died? Who said my sister died?"