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Chapter 460 - The Death of the Black Six-Winged Dragon

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 460 The Death of the Black Six-Winged Dragon

    Zhou Wen felt as though all his bones were fractured and his organs were bleeding. He failed to stand up despite struggling a few times.

    The black six-winged dragon stared at Zhou Wen, its eyes filled with anger and killing intent. In the next second, it opened its mouth and spewed out devilish flames that resembled a volcanic eruption. The flames could destroy everything. Ignoring the fact that Zhou Wen was heavily injured and unable to resist, even if he wasn’t injured, it wasn’t likely that he could withstand this blow.

    Zhou Wen could only watch as the demonic flames spewed out as he remained powerless to resist them.

    An Sheng was still about a thousand meters away from Zhou Wen. He had a solemn expression as he placed the golden apple on the ground. Essence Energy erupted from his body as he made a strange pose with his hands as a glow coruscated between his brows.

    At that instant, An Sheng’s figure blurred as though he had turned into a phantom. However, that was only an instant. Soon, his figure became corporeal again, but he wasn’t An Sheng. He had turned into the heavily injured Zhou Wen.

    An Sheng appeared where Zhou Wen previously was.


    The black six-winged dragon’s terrifying demonic flames struck An Sheng. Even the mountain wall behind him was torn apart. Large swaths of the mountain walls cracked and dust scattered.

    “Ah Sheng!” Zhou Wen was alarmed as he struggled to stand up, but he repeatedly fell to the ground.

    The dust dissipated and An Sheng’s body was covered in blood. His armor had also shattered. He pressed his hands on the ground and wobbly stood up.

    The raging black six-winged dragon opened its mouth to spew another mouthful of flames. Zhou Wen didn’t have any combat strength, and An Sheng’s situation wasn’t any better. All he could do was grit his teeth and summon Banana Fairy, allowing her to use Great Yin Wind at the black six-winged dragon.

    The black six-winged dragon felt the Grand Yin Wind and turned its head to spit out a mouthful of demonic flames. It collided with the Grand Yin Wind and immediately scattered it. Banana Fairy was tossed in the air and was thrown far away, like a leaf dancing in the wind.

    The black six-winged dragon also turned its head and looked at Zhou Wen. Finally, its gaze locked onto Zhou Wen. Its eyes were filled with bone-chilling hatred as it dragged its broken wings and, step by step, walked towards Zhou Wen. It looked like it wanted to devour him to dispel the hatred in its heart.

    An Sheng summoned a bow and shot arrows at the six-winged dragon, but it ignored him. The arrows stabbed deep into the wound on its back.

    Ignoring everything, the black six-winged dragon continued walking towards Zhou Wen as though there was nothing else in its eyes other than Zhou Wen.

    “Gold apple, throw away the gold apple,” An Sheng shouted at Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen picked up the golden apple on the ground and threw it into the distance, but the black six-winged dragon didn’t look at the golden apple. It firmly walked towards Zhou Wen, who found it difficult to even stand up. It opened its mouth, baring its terrifying fangs.

    From the looks of it, there’s no escape for me today. I should have known not to enter dimensional zones in real life. Every time I enter a dimensional zone in real life, something bad happens. Could it be that I’m unlucky and there’s something the dimensional zones have against me? Zhou Wen thought in a self-deprecating manner.

    An Sheng kept attacking the black six-winged dragon to attract its attention, but it ignored his attacks because it hated Zhou Wen to the core. Although An Sheng’s attacks injured the black six-winged dragon’s body, he was unable to seriously injure it.

    Roar! The black six-winged dragon had already rushed in front of Zhou Wen and was about to devour him.

    Zhou Wen’s mind raced, but he couldn’t think of a solution. An Sheng summoned a sword and leaped onto the black six-winged dragon’s back. He stabbed into its wound, but the black six-winged dragon didn’t seem to notice. The killing intent in its eyes burned intensely. It didn’t spew out any demonic flames. Only by gnawing on his bones and chewing on his flesh could it fully vent its anger.

    Just as Zhou Wen was about to be devoured, a figure appeared in front of him, blocking the mouth of the black six-winged dragon.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t help but cry out when he saw that Zhang Yuzhi was blocking him.

    Zhang Yuzhi stood in front of Zhou Wen, but she had no intention of retreating. She clasped her hands together and placed them on her chest as she looked at the black six-winged dragon in a pleading manner. “I beg you, don’t hurt him, alright?”

    “What’s the point of begging it? Move away quickly!” Zhou Wen thought to himself, Isn’t this courting death? Your tiny figure is only a snack for the black six-winged dragon. You’ll be devoured in a mouthful.

    However, to Zhou Wen’s surprise, the black six-winged dragon didn’t bite down at all. It looked at Zhang Yuzhi with some hesitation.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng looked at Zhang Yuzhi in shock. An Sheng also stopped driving his sword deeper, afraid that he would anger the black six-winged dragon.

    Zhang Yuzhi approached the black six-winged dragon and pressed her hand against its face. She gently said, “Please don’t be angry anymore, alright?”

    The black six-winged dragon stared at Zhang Yuzhi as it let out a low whimper. It seemed to be about to fly into a rage and devour Zhang Yuzhi who was right by its mouth. However, it didn’t move. It seemed to be hesitant.


    Suddenly, a blood-red light burst out from the black six-winged dragon’s chest. Blood spewed out like a fountain, bringing with it a purple beam of light. It was the Demonic Neonate’s ancient sword.

    The black six-winged dragon had ignored the ancient sword when it stabbed into its neck. However, at some point in time, the ancient sword had pierced its body and entered its heart. At this moment, it broke through its heart and heavily injured the black six-winged dragon.


    The black six-winged dragon’s demonic flames erupted as terrifying power instantly reduced the entire area to ruins. An Sheng’s first reaction was to flash in front of Zhou Wen and raise a shield to block the terrifying demonic flames.

    The shield instantly shattered and turned to ash. An Sheng held Zhou Wen with one hand and pressed his other hand on the ground. Together with Zhou Wen, they instantly vanished into the ground.

    However, the terrifying force reduced the ground to dust. Zhou Wen felt An Sheng heavily slam into him before the two of them flew out. In the next second, he felt a large amount of cold seawater surge in.

    When the terrifying demonic flames stopped, half the island had been destroyed, forming a crater a thousand meters in diameter. The seawater gushed in and Zhou Wen and An Sheng barely floated up. Banana Fairy had pulled them out of the sea.

    The two of them were almost half-dead. Their gazes landed on the spot where the black six-winged dragon was. Only the spot it stood on wasn’t destroyed. It stood in the middle of the crater like a stone pillar, staring at Zhang Yuzhi with a strange look in its eyes.

    Zhang Yuzhi was so close to the black six-winged dragon, but she didn’t suffer any damage. From her appearance, it was likely that despite the black six-winged dragon unleashing its power in that situation, it still avoided her.

    “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Zhang Yuzhi hugged the black six-winged dragon’s chin and cried.


    The black six-winged dragon collapsed to the ground. The vitality in its body gradually dissipated, but it didn’t close its eyes. It stared at Zhang Yuzhi as though puzzled. There was also sorrow, anger, and indescribable complexity in its eyes.

    Banana Fairy tried her best to pull Zhou Wen and An Sheng to the platform. Both of them were covered in injuries, but after being washed by the seawater, there wasn’t much blood on their bodies. They fell to the ground without the strength to even sit up as their bodies ached terribly.