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Chapter 293 - Beautiful Man

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 293: Beautiful Man

    It was the most extravagant and high-end clubhouse in the Imperial Capital.

    Those who went out here were basically from wealthy families. They did not have any special members and no one got in through recommendation. No matter how rich ordinary people were, they could not enter.

    When Bo Muyi arrived, the car was driven into the parking lot. The bellboy respectfully did not dare to look up at him, only saying softly, "Master Tan is already waiting for you inside."

    Hearing this, Bo Muyi smiled and looked at Su Cha. "He owns this clubhouse."

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows slightly.

    Based on the scenery of this clubhouse, it could be seen that this was an incredible place. To be able to open such a clubhouse in the Imperial Capital, one must have a powerful background.

    In the clubhouse, even the waiters standing aside were not ordinary people. They were mostly girls who looked as if they had been trained before. Their postures were uniform.

    However, they could not help but feel cautious when facing Bo Muyi.

    As if afraid of him, the clubhouse's manager calmly brought Bo Muyi and Su Cha to a private room, but he did not dare to look up at Bo Muyi.

    Su Cha found Bo Muyi's lethality funny.

    They were brought to the most luxurious room in the clubhouse.

    No one else could enter. When the manager opened the door, Su Cha and Bo Muyi went inside. What greeted them was not the low-key yet luxurious decoration of the private room, but a man sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.

    He had an indescribable charisma. Two buttons of his black shirt were unbuttoned, making him look very loose.

    His hair was considered long among men, falling all the way to his neck and shoulders. Only half of his hair was tied up, and the rest was covering half of his face. His face was also stunningly beautiful. It was not an exaggeration to call him gorgeous, but he did not seem feminine at all.

    It was just that people would think that he was a beauty in female clothing.

    His eyes were long and narrow, almost like a fox's. His eyes were too amorous, but his entire face gave off a sense of affection.

    If Bo Muyi gave people a gloomy, ruthless, and abstinent feeling, this man was totally on another extreme. He was sloppy and unrestrained.

    Su Cha could not believe that they could be friends.

    Beside him sat a woman. Her hair was ironed and curled up. Her tacky hairdo made her look stunning.

    She was dressed in a professional suit. Although she was beautiful, she seemed to be inferior to this man. However, the beauty had an extraordinary aura on her face. She was smart and strong. She held a grape in her hand and was slowly putting it into the man's mouth.

    Even when she saw Bo Muyi coming in, she didn't pause.

    As soon as Bo Muyi entered the room, Su Cha felt that his originally easy expression darkened the moment he saw the man. "Button yourself up!"

    When Tan Yezhu heard that, his lips curled up slowly as he said casually, "Muyi, take a seat."

    The woman next to him reached out and buttoned his shirt. Then, she stood up and smiled calmly. "Young Master Bo."

    Bo Muyi lifted his eyes and glanced at her. He held Su Cha's hand without any care and sat down. The man opposite him looked at them with interest. After he sat down, Bo Muyi said, "Let me introduce you. This is my girlfriend, Su Cha."

    He spoke solemnly, which made Tan Yezhu raise his eyebrows.