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Chapter 415 – Shen Yuanyin

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Immortal Sect.

    Purple Moon’s eyebrows were furrowed together as if she were thinking about some concerns. Then, the space in front of her started to ripple.

    Han Chengping’s phantom stepped out. He cupped his hands together and smiled, “Greetings, Great Elder.”

    “Humph! Just what are you here for?” Purple Moon said without expression.

    Han Chengping’s smile didn’t diminish in the least. “Now that the great thorn has been removed from your heart, I’m here to remind Great Elder that it’s time for our agreement to begin.”

    Purple Moon’s eyes were ice cold. “Since I agreed to this matter, I naturally cannot go back on my word. But, do you think Ning Ling has the mindset to care about such things right now?” Her voice was slow and steady, but every syllable was filled with a faint sharpness. “I don’t need you to remind me, and I hope that you aren’t saying this today to threaten me, understand?”

    Han Chengping cupped his hands together. “How could I dare to threaten Great Elder? I was just feeling a little restless. Since Great Elder has made a vow, I will patiently wait.” He drew back one step and continued to say, “This being the case, I will no longer disturb Great Elder’s rest. Farewell.”

    Just as he was about to leave, his complexion suddenly changed. Across from him, Purple Moon’s eyes revealed a shocked look. Her figure flickered and vanished. In the next instant she appeared outside a stone chamber. With a flicker of her sleeve she broke open the stone doors and flew in.

    Ning Ling was sitting down cross-legged. At this time her aura was in chaotic disorder and her strength was wildly rampaging through her body, tearing her apart from the inside. From first glance, one could see that this was her boundary collapsing, a result of the backlash from her losing control.

    “Ning Ling, what have you done!?”

    Purple Moon cried out loud. She lifted a hand and thrust out a finger, forcefully suppressing Ning Ling’s rampaging cultivation.

    Ning Ling opened her eyes and her gaze was far and empty. “Honorable master, this disciple truly hopes to take revenge for Qin Yu, but I cannot control my heart. Every time I think about how he is dead, I feel that there is nothing left in this world but despair. Every day I am still alive, I must withstand another day of pain, a pain that rips at my heart. I beg you, master, please don’t save me again. Let me follow Qin Yu in death and free myself from this suffering.”

    Purple Moon’s face filled with startled anger. “What ridiculous nonsense! Ning Ling, wake up! Qin Yu has already died; do you want to die for a dead person? Even if you don’t want to take revenge, have you forgotten that person beneath Torment Pagoda? She already knows you will arrive soon and she is anticipating meeting you!”

    Ning Ling bitterly smiled. “In truth, I have already started to feel regret. Why did I choose to leave the land of exiles and come to the Immortal Sect? I have never seen my mother before, and even in my mind she is nothing but a blank. For her, I abandoned Qin Yu. I was already unfair to him once. And now, Qin Yu chased me all the way to the Land of Divinity and Demons, not even hesitating to cultivate the dangerous Primordial Singular Energy Art and finally ruin his own life…I have worked so diligently for mother, and done all that I could to repay her for the graciousness of giving me life in the past. But, I will always owe Qin Yu and I will never have the chance to pay him back. Now, I just want to leave this world and be together with Qin Yu. Perhaps he is in some other world all alone, waiting for me.”

    As she spoke to here, light flashed in her eyes. This was a light of anticipation and resolve, and it was like an arrow that pierced through Purple Moon’s heart. She simply never imagined that Ning Ling’s feelings were so deep. In the end, all the preparations she made were useless.

    Han Chengping’s avatar appeared behind Ning Ling. With a wave of his hand, she closed her eyes and fell unconscious.

    Purple Moon angrily shouted, “What did you do!?”

    Han Chengping floated backwards, avoiding the strength that recklessly surged towards him. He said, “I only made her sleep for a moment, otherwise there is no way we could converse.” He continued to say, “Great Elder, I will speak honestly. Ning Ling has already set her mind on dying. You can rescue her once, twice, three times, but can you be forever by her side, guarding her?”

    Purple Moon coldly said, “What plan do you have?”

    Han Chengping said, “According to what I remember, Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace has an inheritance, a supreme soul-sealing treasure. It could be used to extract a cultivator’s memories and seal them away.”

    Purple Moon’s complexion changed. “You want me to erase Ning Ling’s memories?”

    “This is the only way to save her. If she forgets, then her heart will not hurt and she will no longer desire to kill herself.” Han Chengping’s eyes flashed. “After experiencing so many twists and turns, even if she loses her memories, her mind will have been tempered. There is an extremely high possibility that she would be able to cultivate the strongest cultivation method of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, the Sublime Lost Emotion Code!”

    Purple Moon was silent for a long time. She flicked her sleeves and lifted Ning Ling up before soaring into the skies.

    Three months later, a female cultivator walked out the front doors of Purple Moon’s palace. A gentle breeze blew past her, causing her dress to float in the wind. She looked up at the beautiful sun in the skies and her eyes narrowed a little. “Shen Yuanyin…even this name sounds strange. It’s like I lived a long, long dream, and I finally awoke from that dream. Yet, I seem to have forgotten many experiences from within the dream…but what I have forgotten shouldn’t have existed anyways. It was only a dream, so simply let it go.”

    “Greetings, senior-apprentice sister Yuanyin!” Several female cultivators respectfully said.

    Shen Yuanyin nodded slightly. Her feet stepped onto the void and she flew up, leaving the mountain.

    In the next moment, massive black clouds appeared in the skies up above and countless bolts of lightning shot forth. Loud rumbling sounds resounded through the horizon.

    Shen Yuanyin looked up, her gaze faint and without feeling. She lifted her hand and grasped forward. A pure white sword appeared in her hand as she slashed upwards.

    Thunder flashed and then all of the thunder vanished. In the next moment, the almost endless black clouds were directly split into two.

    It was incomparably neat, as if cut in half by a sharp sword!

    Sunlight sprinkled down, bathing Shen Yuanyin. She was like a goddess descended from the highest heavens. Her dress floated around her and her aura began to rise at an astonishing speed.

    She instantly broke through the limit and entered the Blue Sea realm. But, her promotion didn’t stop here. She reached the fourth level of the Blue Sea before she slowly started to return to normal.

    A great voice echoed through the skies, resounding through the entire Immortal Sect. “Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace disciple Shen Yuanyin has broken through to the Blue Sea boundary. Today, she will be conferred the rank and title of Little Palace Master. Her status is limitlessly venerated and a trillion lives will prostrate themselves before her.”

    “We greet Shen Yuanyin, Little Palace Master!” Countless Immortal Sect cultivators fell to their knees and bowed, revealing their awe and reverence towards this peerless beauty who appeared beneath the skies.


    Qin Yu’s mind wavered a little. He opened his eyes from his cultivation but frowned as he couldn’t find the reason why. Puzzled, he slowly suppressed this thought. Then, as if sensing his own condition, he happily smiled.

    He couldn’t help but admit that this cheap teacher Grandmaster Yao was actually extremely useful in helping him gather treasures. In fact, he truly worked hard. Even though his injuries were so serious, he had almost fully recovered in a short three months.

    Unfortunately he knew there was no good intention behind it at all. Moreover, Qin Yu had experienced this once before…as he thought of Purple Moon, a cold killing intent flashed in his eyes.

    His mind returned to that day. He was prepared to rush into the ninth level of the Primordial Singular Energy Art and everything was going smoothly. But, just as he revolved the cultivation method to a critical stage, his mind went completely blank. It wasn’t because he was distracted or anything, but because the revolution method for the Primordial Singular Energy Art had simply vanished. In the next moment, he utterly lost control of the yin and yang energies that had been peacefully fusing together so far.

    In that instant, Qin Yu realized what was happening. The Primordial Singular Energy Art that Purple Moon gave him was incomplete to begin with! In other words, the so-called helping him cultivate and wanting to transform his Undying True Demon Body into the Ancient Chaos Body was nothing more than a lie!

    Having lost control of the yin and yang energies, the terrifying destructive strength that resulted was enough to instantly tear Qin Yu apart. If Undying hadn’t suddenly woken up and filled in the final missing remnant of the Primordial Singular Energy Art and then used some unknown method to tear open space, he would have already become ashes by now.

    Thinking of this, Qin Yu felt even more enmity towards Purple Moon and the Immortal Sect. And as he thought of how Ning Ling had witnessed the yin and yang energies go out of control, she must have believed he had died. She was surely in deep sorrow right now.

    The only thing that let Qin Yu feel at ease was since Purple Moon dared to plot against him, she must have made backup plans ahead of time to guarantee Ning Ling’s safety.

    “Immortal Sect…” Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed the ice cold killing intent in his heart. Right now, in front of that towering colossus, he was no different from a tiny ant, one that had no chance of taking revenge. In fact, he couldn’t expose his identity in front of the Immortal Sect. Otherwise, in order to silence him, the Immortal Sect would not hesitate to pay any price to finish him off and ensure that Ning Ling never discovered the truth.

    Purple Moon had employed numerous schemes and hadn’t hesitated to use up countless treasures to openly and honestly place him in a hopeless situation…from this, it could be seen that the importance that the Immortal Sect placed on Ning Ling was far higher than he originally thought.

    Humph! Even though they thought they had perfectly calculated everything, no one in the Immortal Sect could have imagined that Undying grasped the complete Primordial Singular Energy Art. Not only did Qin Yu not die, but he managed to truly fully cultivate the Primordial Singular Energy Art. One day, he would eventually return to the Immortal Sect and inform Ning Ling of what happened. When they were back together, he would make sure the entire Immortal Sect paid the price for what they did!

    There was a knock on the door. Qin Yu composed himself and said, “Enter.”

    The puppet maid pushed open the door and entered. There was a warm smile on her face. “Young master Ning Qin, Grandmaster Yao has asked for you.”

    Qin Yu looked at the beautiful yet lifeless maid in front of him and a look of pity flashed in his eyes. This sort of lifelike puppet had been refined from what was originally a living person. The process was incomparably painful and after the refinement was complete, the soul would still be left within the puppet, but forever controlled by someone else. Not just that, but the soul of the refined puppet would constantly withstand suffering and pain. The agony was unimaginable.

    “I understand. Just wait outside the door for a moment.”

    The puppet maid respectfully bowed and walked out.

    Qin Yu stood up. A sneer lit up his lips. Now that that person saw his injuries were nearly fully healed up, he had finally lost his patience.

    Fine, then I’ll deal with you first!

    Qin Yu straightened his robes and walked out the door. “Let’s go.”

    The puppet maid guided the way. Qin Yu discovered that she seemed to want to say something, but she eventually remained silent.

    A moment later, the two arrived in front of the chamber Qin Yu was first brought to. Grandmaster Yao was sitting atop a stone bed. His eyes opened and he faintly smiled. “Good disciple, your body has recovered, right?”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “I must thank honorable master for providing so many treasures to me.”

    It seemed that his goal was about to be achieved and everything was within his control. Grandmaster Yao cackled several times and said, “There is no need to thank me. I have my own purpose in helping you. Everything’s fine as long as you pay me back.”

    Qin Yu smiled. “I wonder how honorable master wishes for this disciple to pay him back?”

    Grandmaster Yao’s laughter became even sharper and more twisted. “Simple. Just offer your soul and body to me.” With a flick of his sleeves, a light shined and locked out the entire chamber.

    “Good disciple, teacher has helped you so much, so don’t resist!” An invisible strength imprisoned Qin Yu and pulled him straight across from Grandmaster Yao. Grandmaster Yao’s eyes suddenly turned pitch black as two dark beams of light shot out, drilling into Qin Yu’s eyes.