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Chapter 584 - Fang Qiu Got Into the Top Two!

Medical Master
     Chapter 584 Fang Qiu Got Into the Top Two!

    “A mysterious surprise?

    “What’s it?”

    Not only Jiang Miaoyu who was in the middle of the stage, but also all the audience on the spot, the remaining five people in the contestants’ seats, and all the audience who were watching the live broadcast, were very curious.

    Why didn’t the first four people have a surprise but only Jiang Miaoyu did?

    Why wasn’t the top five and only the sixth place had?

    Everyone had all kinds of doubts.

    Under the stage, Director Li Huawen, who had been monitoring all the things of the live broadcast, looked at the contents of the live broadcast on the stage. He suddenly pulled the assistant director next to him and asked, “How’s the audience ratings now?”

    “7.5%,” the assistant director said in a low voice.

    “All right.” Director Li Huawen nodded and his face softened a little.

    Due to the well-designed show and the fact that it was a live show, the audience ratings had reached 7% at the beginning of this episode.

    Although the ratings were already very high, there was still a long way to go before the ratings reached 8%. However, Director Li Huawen’s purpose was to exceed 8%!

    With the current ratings, as long as the ratings increased by another 0.5%, the ratings would be able to exceed 8%!

    On the stage. “Please come onto the stage, surprise!”

    As the host said, the big screen on the stage suddenly split, just like when the three judges appeared.

    As the big screen cracked, an old man walked up with a stick in his hand.

    Seeing Jiang Miaoyu in the middle of the stage, the old man smiled happily.

    The host came forward to greet him.

    The host held the old man, and they walked all the way to Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Let’s ask where this old man comes from.”

    The host said to the camera and the audience on the spot, and then asked, “Sir, where are you from? Why did you come to this stage?”

    “I came here to thank Dr. Jiang.”

    The old man looked at Jiang Miaoyu with a smile and said, “Thank you for treating me, Dr. Jiang. If it weren’t for you, I would have been buried.”

    As he spoke, he knelt down to Jiang Miaoyu.

    “No, please don’t do that.”

    Jiang Miaoyu also hurriedly knelt down, lifted her hands to hold the old man, and said, “Sir, saving people is what I should do. Please get up.”

    While speaking, Jiang Miaoyu helped the old man up.

    At that moment, there was thunderous applause on the scene!

    Not only the audience on the spot but also all the netizens watching the live broadcast could clearly see that this old man could only see Jiang Miaoyu in his eyes. His smiling face was full of gratitude.

    At this moment, everyone was moved.

    An old man specially came from such a distance in order to show his gratitude to Jiang Miaoyu, which really needed to make a lot of effort.

    Some netizens were moved by this scene and cried.

    At Fang Qiu’s home, Fang Qiu’s mother rubbed her eyes and said, “This girl is really good.”

    “Yeah.” One of the relatives nodded and immediately said, “By the way, isn’t this girl in the school with Fang Qiu? Maybe you can let Fang Qiu ask her to be your daughter-in-law. Look at this good girl.”

    “Ha-ha.” Fang Qiu’s mother smiled. But no one knew what she was thinking.

    On TV, as the host interviewed him, the old man said something grateful. After that, Jiang Miaoyu and the host held the old man to get off the stage.

    “Next, it’s time to make a speech.”

    Returning to the center of the stage, the host said to Jiang Miaoyu, “Please leave your last words on this stage.”

    “I’m glad that I am a Chinese Medicine doctor.”

    Jiang Miaoyu then said, “Chinese Medicine is the treasure of Huaxia heritage since 5,000 years ago. Although I was born in a Chinese Medicine family and have learned Chinese Medicine since I was a child, I’m still studying. There’s no end to the road of studying Chinese Medicine!

    “The sixth place is the best reward for my efforts over the years. But even so, I will still be worried when I see patients. I am afraid that I can’t cure them, so I won’t stop learning. From now on, I will work harder and become a better doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine. I will become a good doctor who can cure any disease!”

    Her speech made the audience applaud again and again. Even the host couldn’t help applauding for her.

    “Of course.” Jiang Miaoyu turned to look at the remaining five contestants and said, “I’m also looking forward to the final rankings.”

    After that, she smiled at Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu replied with a smile and watched Jiang Miaoyu step off the stage.

    The show continued.

    “Now, let’s reveal the fifth place.”

    The host shouted and then asked, “Who could it be?

    “Please look at the big screen!”

    A moment later, the fifth golden card on the big screen flipped over.

    “The fifth place, Li Sanxiao!”

    With the host’s announcement, all the people present were suddenly shocked.

    “It turned out to be Li Sanxiao, not Fang Qiu?”

    “No way. Fang Qiu actually made it to the top four?”

    “I feel if things go on like this, Fang Qiu will directly get into the top three.”

    “He had seen too many patients. How many patients can he cure if he ranks in the top three?”

    “That’s impossible. If Fang Qiu can make it to the top three, that would be too terrifying.”

    All sorts of exclamations were heard.

    As everyone was looking forward to Fang Qiu’s ranking, they also gave Li Sanxiao warm applause.

    “He lives up to be the descendant of one of the four prominent families.”

    “Top five in the country. This place is very good.”

    “Yes, these young doctors of Chinese Medicine are really amazing.”

    In the discussion of the audience, the final score of Li Sanxiao slowly appeared on the big screen.

    He treated 420 patients.

    The curing rate was 88.1%, and the improvement rate was 100%!

    This result was also within the expectations of the audience.

    Because the improvement rate of the first five contestants was 100%, the audience knew that the improvement rate of the ten contestants must be 100%. The key to this ranking competition was the curing rate.

    A moment later, the short video was finished.

    Li Sanxiao started to give his speech.


    Holding the microphone, Li Sanxiao, scratching his head and laughing at the same time, which made all the people present and most of the people who were watching the live broadcast burst into laughter.

    “Actually, I thought I could make it into the top three. Ha-ha.”

    Li Sanxiao said with a smile and then suddenly looked serious. He frowned and said, “I didn’t expect that I fell to the fifth place. Alas… I don’t know that there are so many experts here. But I’m also very glad to compete with these experts. Ha-ha.”

    After that, he stepped down.

    This time, the host hadn’t made a sound yet.

    All the people turned to stare at the big screen together.

    Because everyone was so looking forward to Fang Qiu’s score that they had to take a good look at what Fang Qiu could get!

    “The fourth place!” the host shouted.

    The fourth golden card flipped over on the big screen.

    “The fourth place, Leng Wenzhuo!”

    The host shouted, “She also won the highest score of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.”

    The audience broke into rapturous applause.

    As they were applauding, everyone was stunned.

    “Why isn’t it Fang Qiu?”

    “Oh my God, does Fang Qiu really make it to the top three?”

    “The fourth place has been announced, doesn’t it mean that Fang Qiu has already ranked in the top three? He’s so awesome.”

    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the students of the whole university were extremely excited.

    Chen Yinsheng, who watched the live broadcast with the students, secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

    At least now it seemed that whether Fang Qiu was the first or not, he would at least be in the top three. With Jiang Miaoyu who had won the sixth place, the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was going to be famous this time!

    As the Vice President, Chen Yinsheng was very satisfied with the result and very pleased.

    At Fang Qiu’s home in Linxi County. “Doesn’t this mean that Fang Qiu is ranked among the top three?”

    “Fang Qiu is really amazing!”

    “It’s not the end yet. Maybe Fang Qiu will win the championship.”

    “Yes, Fang Qiu is a miracle-working doctor. Even if he has seen a lot of patients, he must have a good score!”

    On the TV, the short video was finished.

    Leng Wenzhuo took the microphone from the host with a smile and said, “My mission is accomplished. I want to tell you that women can also learn Chinese Medicine. I love Chinese Medicine. Now whether we can defeat Fang Qiu or not depends on the two of you!”

    After that, her cold face rarely gave a smile at the last three contestants.

    Luo Jie and Gu Shaoyu gave Leng Wenzhuo a reassuring look at the same time.

    Seeing this, everyone laughed.

    All the netizens who were watching the live broadcast also laughed.

    At first, everyone came to see Fang Qiu be ranked the last, but they didn’t expect that Fang Qiu’s result had not been announced even when the live broadcast was half done. The most terrifying thing was that everyone thought that Fang Qiu was going to be in the last place, but they found that he actually got into the top three.

    With the words said by Leng Wenzhuo when she stepped down from the stage, it seemed that the situation had been completely reversed. It no longer seemed that everyone was fighting for the championship but was fighting against Fang Qiu.

    In the face of such a situation, Fang Qiu could only shake his head and smile wryly.

    “The tenser moment has come.”

    As Leng Wenzhuo left, the host shouted again, “Next, we’ll announce the third place of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition!”

    “Who could it be?”

    While speaking, the host focused his eyes on the remaining three, and the camera followed his eyes, moving back and forth on Fang Qiu, Luo Jie, and Gu Shaoyu.

    “Please… announce it!”

    After creating a tense atmosphere, the host suddenly shouted.

    Everyone turned to look at the big screen immediately. The camera also connected with the big screen in an instant.

    On the big screen, the third golden card flipped over.

    One second, two seconds, three seconds… The card turned!

    “The third place, Gu Shaoyu!” the host shouted.

    As they saw Gu Shaoyu’s photo and name, the audience burst into an earth-shattering uproar.

    “Still not Fang Qiu?”

    Not only the on-site audience but also all the netizens were shocked at this moment!

    Fang Qiu actually made it to the top two!

    There was even a possibility of him winning the championship.

    How was this possible?

    He had seen so many patients. How could he have such a good result?

    This time, the other seven people who had already stepped down the stage couldn’t help being moved.

    The audience didn’t know the details, but they clearly knew that Fang Qiu had seen 1050 patients in 75 hours and only rested for two hours.

    That was overwhelming.

    Under such circumstances, how could Fang Qiu’s curing rate be so high? He actually made it to the top two.

    It was too terrifying!

    At this time, Gu Shaoyu’s final result also came out.

    He had treated 441 people.

    The curing rate was 89.1% while the improvement rate was 100%!