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Chapter 374 - Poor Little Qi Shan~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 374: Poor Little Qi Shan~

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    Ning Meng was stunned upon hearing Ning Ke’s words. She instinctively asked, “But isn’t she ‘no more’?”

    When Huo Beichen had said that his first love was “gone”, Ning Meng thought this meant that she had died. Yet, judging from Ning Ke’s reaction, it seemed that that “First Love Ning Meng” did not truly die…?

    Ning Ke got extremely agitated in an instant. “Indeed, she is ‘no more’, but that doesn’t mean that she’s dead! Don’t you get it? My sis is…”

    Then, she realized that her voice had hiccupped into a sob. After pausing for a second, Ning Ke took in a long breath before resuming her words. “Other than ‘Ride With The Wind’, I am willing to do anything. I’ll give you anything in exchange for you leaving Huo Beichen. Name your price.”


    Although she did not understand what Ning Ke had tried to say earlier about her sister, Ning Meng noticed that this girl had a sense of hysteria in her demeanor. Nonetheless, her words held obvious hostility within them.

    Thus, not willing to spend her time entertaining this girl, Ning Meng said, “Sure, I’ll name my price.”

    Ning Ke’s eyes glittered instantly. “What is it?”

    “Now, listen closely.”

    “Okay, what is it?”

    “If you can smooth all the rough edges of every single mountain on the planet and make the sky and ocean become one, only then will I leave Huo Beichen.”


    Ning Ke raised her head, the nerves cracking on her forehead. “How dare you make fun of me!!”

    Patting Ning Ke’s shoulder, Ning Meng said, “No, I wasn’t making fun of you. You asked me to name a price. So, I just come out with some random ones. It’s not so difficult to do any of that, honestly. You just need perseverance and determination. You can’t give up without trying, you know? Have you heard of The Legend of the White Snake? The villain monk Fa Hai set a curse that detailed that unless the lake Xihu in Hangzhou dried up and Leifeng Pagoda came crumbling down, the Madamme White Snake would not be released from his incarceration spell. And yet, the poor Madamme White Snake’s son, Xu Mengjiao, did not go to the Leifeng Pagoda to weep every single night. He went on to study hard to become successful in life and also to research on ways to free his mom. Sure enough, his perseverance moved the heavens, and the gods released her! That being said, good luck~”

    While Ning Meng was saying this to Ning Ke, she thought to herself quietly,

    After she had finished speaking, Ning Meng quickly got into her car. Before Ning Ke was able to stop her, a muscular man dressed in a full-black suit stepped out from within the shadows and pulled her aside. “Ms. Ning Ke, Mr. Huo has given an order that asks us to make sure you don’t appear within a 5 km radius of the missus.”


    Ning Ke stared at the man in shock before trying to dash toward Ning Meng’s car again. Yet, Stephen was quite agile in his footwork and quickly blocked her path. Now, all Ning Ke could do was stare as Ning Meng’s sports car left her sight!

    Stephen opened his mouth again. “Mr. Huo has also said that he still remembers his promise to take care of you. Therefore, he will do his best to ensure that no harm comes your way. However, this doesn’t mean that he can tolerate just any nonsense you throw his way. So, please behave, Ms. Ning Ke.”

    After saying this, Stephen stepped away and melted back into the shadows.

    Ning Ke was so pissed that her entire body was trembling in anger. She immediately took out her phone to make a call to Huo Beichen. Alas, he did not pick up her call at all.


    As she was driving, Ning Meng realized that it was still too early for her to head home. So, she decided to head over to visit her hubby and the three stooges at Huo Group.

    This time, when she stepped into the company, things went completely different as compared to the last time she had visited.

    When the receptionist saw her this time, she stood up from her seat and greeted her respectfully. She even led her to the special lift that only the CEO used, one that would bring her straight to the top floor.

    After walking out of the lift, Ning Meng saw Qi Shan trudging out of Huo Beichen’s office gloomily.

    “What’s wrong, Qi Shan?”

    Qi Shan looked at her with a pair of wronged, teary eyes. “Sob. Boss wanted me to go down to the streets to buy a yellow braised chicken earlier.”

    Well, there was indeed a fast food restaurant nearby that had yellow braised chicken as their specialty. Since it was already noon, it was natural for Huo Beichen to want to have lunch right now… could it be that Qi Shan did not prepare his lunch at all today? That was odd. Qi Shan would usually get all these menial things settled perfectly in the blink of an eye.

    “So… what happened next?”

    “I did exactly that! I went down and bought that entire yellow braised fast food restaurant. I even negotiated for a good price, and we only spent a few million Yuan instead of billions to secure the ownership. And yet, when I reported back, Boss got upset with me! Sob!”