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Chapter 294 - She Is That Traitors Niece

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 294: She Is That Traitor's Niece

    "Hey, girlfriend?"

    He sat up straight and laid his hands on the sofa. He looked at Su Cha and smiled charmingly. "How rare. Muyi, after so many years, this is the first time I've heard that you have a girlfriend."

    "If only you knew."

    Bo Muyi held Su Cha's hand and turned to her with a gentle expression. "Cha Cha, let me introduce you. This is the sworn brother I was talking to you about, Yezhu. You two can be considered to know each other now, there's no need to talk too much. He's not from the same world as you. He's a playboy, he's not worthy to talk to you."

    Su Cha: "…"

    Tan Yezhu: "…"

    Su Cha's lips twitched at the sight of Tan Yezhu. Despite Bo Muyi's words, he was not angry. He leaned back on the sofa and looked at Su Cha with even more amusement. He said lazily, "Muyi, are you not joking? How dare you say that to me in front of your girlfriend?"

    Bo Muyi admitted without shying away, "Yes."

    He only brought Su Cha here to meet him, not to make them interested in chatting.

    No need for that.

    Tan Yezhu sneered, clearly aware of Bo Muyi's temper. He did not say anything but suddenly pointed at the woman standing beside him. "My new secretary, Tang Keruo."

    Su Cha also looked up and sized her up.

    She stood there silently, but it was not easy to ignore her.

    She had a strong temperament, confident and independent.

    This arrogance was not demeaning, but rather, it was natural if she was born with average skills.

    This secretary was probably not a simple person. Otherwise, Tan Yezhu would not have introduced a secretary in front of Bo Muyi.

    Unfortunately, Bo Muyi did not respond.

    He was indifferent to all women other than Su Cha. He did not express anything about what he said. He did not even glance at her. He picked up the teacup on the table and thought about what Su Cha would like to drink.

    Seeing Bo Muyi's reaction, Tang Keruo's eyes narrowed for a moment, so fast that no one could notice it.

    Su Cha felt something in her heart. Tang Keruo's eyes landed on her.

    She seemed to be not interested in Su Cha's obedient appearance. She glanced at Su Cha and looked away.

    It was as if her revenge for Bo Muyi's disregard was directed at Su Cha.

    However, Su Cha could still feel the deeper meaning in her gaze. She did not know if she was imagining things. Tang Keruo did not just ignore her, she seemed to have other emotions.

    What was it?

    Su Cha pursed her lips and smiled lightly.

    "You might not know her name."

    Tan Yezhu was not surprised that Bo Muyi did not care about her. He just grinned. "Muyi, you should know Tang Yang, right? Tang Yang, the Tang Sect traitor whom you've sent someone to kill a while ago, is her uncle."

    Bo Muyi finally reacted.

    However, he just replied softly as if he knew.

    Su Cha was surprised. Tang Yang?

    What traitor of the Tang family?

    Hearing this, Tang Keruo smiled. "Young Master Bo, our boss is overthinking. Although Tang Yang is my uncle, he has nothing to do with us since he has betrayed the Tang Sect."