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Chapter 1004 - What Rights Do Wen Haowen Have to Run an Entertainment City?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1004: What Rights Do Wen Haowen Have to Run an Entertainment City?

    The entertainment industry was indeed the most lucrative one at the moment. For example, the Gu Family had earned a fortune from the entertainment business that they manage. For example, the luxurious and upscale Jiayuan Club had a ridiculously high daily profit margin. The thought of it was enough to make one feel tempted and it was only normal that he would want to take a share of the loot.

    However, neither Si Yiyan nor the Gu Family were as ambitious as Wen Haowen as to think of building an entertainment city. The mere construction of it required a massive amount of funds that was enough to cause a major cash flow problem for the Wen Corporation.

    The Wen Corporation was a proper business and hence, they did not have connections to the triads like the Gu Family who could run their entertainment business without worries, neither were they like Si Yiyan who held immeasurable power and could be dauntless. However, even then, the Gu Family and Si Yiyan had been abiding by the rules.

    Who was Wen Haowen to run an entertainment city?

    Of course, her true concern was the fact that the entertainment industry was closely related to the three vices: gambling, drugs, and prostitution. They might easily provoke the triads too. Wasn’t Wen Haowen afraid of staining the decent Wen Family’s reputation and wreak havoc? The entire Wen Family would be implicated if that were to happen.

    Of course, she could understand the reason behind Wen Haowen’s actions. After all, the exposure of his adulterous affair had given Wen Haowen a huge blow, causing him to almost lose his position as CEO. Later on, he managed to salvage his reputation, though it was still stained and badly damaged. He was branded as an ultimate scum and an incompetent CEO.

    He initially wanted to make use of the Ai Shang product launch to make a comeback and salvage his reputation. However, Yang Ziyu’s pregnancy had sabotaged his plans and even gave Wen Xinya the chance to take credit for solving the matter. Wen Haowen could not take it lying down at all.

    Hence, he desperately needed to do something to prove his worth and secure his position in the Wen Corporation. He also had to salvage his reputation.

    The shareholders managed to earn a fortune from the attack that they had launched on the Xiao Family. Due to the fact that Wen Haowen was the one who initiated the attack on the Xiao Family, the shareholders were rather pleased with him. Hence, he wanted to take the opportunity to raise the proposal about the entertainment city.

    How could the shareholders turn down the opportunity to earn more money?

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly and wondered to herself just who Wen Haowen’s backer could be.

    Could this have something to do with the fact that Wen Haowen had been spending nights away from home?

    According to Mother Wang, Wen Haowen did not behave strangely apart from staying out on several nights while Wen Xinya was away. Yet, the matter about the entertainment hub popped up out of nowhere. Could it be that this was created by his mistress?

    Wen Xinya’s face grew sullen.

    Secretary Cao explained, “The downpayment for the construction of the entertainment city is massive. It’s currently estimated to be about five billion yuan. I reckon the total cost will be more than 10 billion yuan. Wen Haowen is obviously planning to use the fluid funds to invest in this project. That would greatly affect our progress in expanding to the luxury market.”

    The Wen Corporation mainly dealt in the jewelry and apparel industry and Ai Shang had received great success in launching the concept of feeding one’s skin with fruits. As long as they manage the second part of the expansion well, they would definitely make outstanding progress in the cosmetics industry.

    Yet, Wen Haowen brought up such an idea which would drain the Wen Corporation’s funds, now that the expansion was stable and they had already achieved wonderful results in the apparel business. It was a huge taboo for him to be focusing all his energy and money on an industry that he knew nothing about.

    Having understood what he meant, Wen Xinya said, “Uncle Cao, I understand what you mean. You might not know this, but Grandpa has already stated that he doesn’t have an opinion about the proposal.”

    Since Old Mr. Wen did not have an opinion, she was in no place to intervene despite being the successor of the Wen Corporation and owning 10% of the company’s shares. After all, she still had yet to take over the family and company officially.

    Secretary Cao was in disbelief. However, after some thought, he felt that the Wen Corporation’s, as well as the shareholders’ interests, would be concerned in every proposal and it was only normal that Old Mr. Wen would intervene. Yet, Wen Haowen took matters into his own hands and acted before asking for Old Mr. Wen’s permission. Hence, Old Mr. Wen could not dispute their decision regardless of how displeased he was.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Since Wen Haowen is insistent on executing the project, no one can stop him from doing so.”

    Secretary Cao was slightly stunned.

    Wen Xinya laughed and said, “Secretary Cao, why don’t you think about what kind of a person Wen Haowen is? Throughout all these years, since when has he ever acted before seeking permission?”

    Secretary Cao shook his head and answered, “CEO Wen would always discuss with Old Mr. Wen before making any major or important decisions. That’s the reason why Wen Haowen had been able to keep his position as CEO, despite making little to no progress.”

    Wen Xinya applauded and laughed in a derisive manner. “There you go. Wen Haowen is timid and irresponsible. He has to discuss everything with Grandpa before coming to a decision. Hence, he wouldn’t face any obstructions or obstacles in the Wen Corporation, and even if anything were to go wrong, he can just use Grandpa as a shield. With Grandpa around to support him, he obviously can keep his position as CEO.”

    Secretary Cao was at a loss for words. Wen Haowen was incompetent and conceited. Yet, he wanted to rely on others.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “But look at the way he handled this project this time. Every move of his was flawless. That’s atypical of Wen Haowen. He must have an intelligent backer to support him. That’s why he’s so brave and dauntless as to hold a board meeting without Grandpa’s consent. Since he’s dauntless, no one can stop him at all. After all, he’s the CEO of the Wen Corporation.”

    Secretary Cao took a deep breath and said, “You’re right.”

    Wen Xinya continued, “I’m in no place to interfere with the project, either. I still have a lot of questions that need to be clarified with some investigation. Uncle Cao, I’ll need you to keep a lookout for the matters going on in the Wen Corporation. ”

    She was indirectly saying that she would not leave him in the lurch!

    Secretary Cao said smilingly, “Don’t worry, Missy. Leave this matter to me.”

    He had indeed sought the right person.