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Chapter 461 - God“s Arrival

Let Me Game in Peace
     461 God“s Arrival

    Zhou Wen looked at Zhang Yuzhi, who was crying in front of the black six-winged dragon's corpse. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly saw a golden beam rise from the seawater.

    A golden apple floated out of the water amidst the pillar of light and slowly rose into the air.

    The golden apple was clearly the one Zhou Wen had thrown out. At that moment, it seemed to be alive. It floated in the air and emitted a resplendent divine light.

    A golden beam of light descended from the sky like a god. That figure seemed to be condensed from golden light as a terrifying pressure descended. It was like a sea of death, as though it was a supreme existence in the world.

    The golden light descended from the golden beam, stopping only when it reached the golden apple. It reached out and grabbed the golden apple.

    Almost at the same time, Zhou Wen and company heard the indescribable divine voice in their minds. "Human, you have completed the trials of my race in the human world. Leave your names behind. You will receive the rewards my race will bestow."

    "I don't want it." Zhang Yuzhi shook her head and said, the tears on her face still remaining.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng exchanged looks before An Sheng nodded at Zhou Wen. After some thought, he said to the golden light, "Poison."


    Once Zhou Wen said that, the entire island trembled as though the universe's birth was repeating as the time passed. The destroyed island rapidly recovered under the golden glow.

    The seawater retreated and the ground returned to normal. The rocks flew back and the grass sprouted again. A golden apple tree formed a golden apple.

    Under the golden apple tree, a black dragon appeared. It looked very similar to the one Zhou Wen and company had killed, but there were some differences.

    As for the black six-winged dragon corpse that Zhou Wen and company had killed, it gradually disintegrated and vanished, only leaving behind a dimensional crystal.

    There was an additional item under the apple tree. It was a golden monolith. On the top of the monument was the word: "Poison." There was nothing below.

    "I'll bestow you a golden apple in the name of the gods." The golden light held the golden apple as the apple shimmered. Moments later, the golden light gradually faded as the luster on the golden apple converged before slowly flying towards Zhou Wen.

    When the golden light and beam vanished, the golden apple landed in Zhou Wen's hand. Although it was still the golden apple, Zhou Wen felt that it was somewhat different.

    "How do we get out?" Zhou Wen couldn't help but ask when he saw the golden light vanish.

    "Let's try retracing our steps," An Sheng said.

    "Let's go." Zhou Wen helped Zhang Yuzhi up and picked up the dimensional crystal that the black six-winged dragon left behind.

    It was a skill crystal, but he had no idea what skill it was. Furthermore, Mythical Crystals had high attribute requirements. It wasn't something that could be easily absorbed.

    The trio once again arrived at the pool. This time, the pool directly sucked them in. When they came out of the waterfall again, they realized that they had returned to the original island. Their boat was moored on the beach and the distant islands could be vaguely seen.

    "Do we still head for the other dimensional zones?" An Sheng asked Zhou Wen.

    "Our injuries are so heavy. I don't know when we will recover. Why would we go?" Zhou Wen felt certain that the dimensional zones in real life had a vendetta with him. It was best if he didn't head to any dimensional zones in reality.

    The trio boarded the boat. Zhou Wen and An Sheng were seriously injured, so it wasn't appropriate for them to move around. Zhang Yuzhi drove the boat while An Sheng was in charge of directing her as they returned in the same way towards the Peninsula of Gods.

    "We have a total of two spoils of war. The golden apple and black six-winged dragons' Essence Energy Skill Crystal. Yuzhi, choose one." Zhou Wen placed the two items in front of Zhang Yuzhi.

    If it wasn't for Zhang Yuzhi, he might have already died. He wouldn't have been able to hold on until the Demonic Neonate's ancient sword tore out of its heart. Zhang Yuzhi really deserved it.

    "There's no need. I don't want to see anything related to it." Zhang Yuzhi shook her head.

    "Are you alright?" Zhou Wen asked Zhang Yuzhi.

    Zhang Yuzhi's condition was clearly odd. She seemed completely heartbroken over a dimensional creature. Furthermore, despite the black six-winged dragon being in such a rage, its final strike didn't injure her. It was clearly a little odd.

    Zhou Wen guessed that the Essence Energy Art which Zhang Yuzhi might have cultivated had something to do with her Life Providence. Zhou Wen had previously heard that some Life Providences could communicate with dimensional creatures, but Zhang Yuzhi's ability was clearly not as simple as communication.

    "I'm fine. I'll get used to it." Zhang Yuzhi forced a smile, but it was obvious that she was still in a terrible mood.

    Seeing that she really didn't want it, to the point of finding it a little loathsome, Zhou Wen offered the two items to An Sheng.

    An Sheng took the dimensional crystal and left the golden apple to Zhou Wen. "Take this. Who knows, it might be useful in the future."

    Zhou Wen didn't stand on ceremony with An Sheng as he put away the golden apple.

    Zhang Yuzhi didn't wish to talk about the incident on the island at all, so Zhou Wen and An Sheng didn't ask further.

    Along the way, Zhou Wen and company saw a group of Sky Cranes tear through the air and quickly arrive in front of their boat. Zhang Xiao descended from the back of Sky Crane. When he saw Zhou Wen's and An Sheng's severe injuries, his expression changed drastically. He ignored them and walked straight to Zhang Yuzhi and asked anxiously, "Yuzhi, are you alright?"

    "I'm fine. Thanks to the protection from Zhou Wen and An Sheng, I wasn't injured. They were severely injured. We have to thank them properly," Zhang Yuzhi said.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng immediately understood that Zhang Yuzhi was afraid that the Zhang family would cause trouble for them.

    "Thank you for protecting Yuzhi. If there's anything you need in the future, feel free to inform me." Zhang Xiao said to Zhou Wen and An Sheng before getting an Epic expert from the Zhang family to use rare healing spells to treat their injuries. At the same time, the Sky Crane Team escorted Zhang Yuzhi back.

    After returning to the harbor, Zhou Wen and An Sheng had greatly recovered. The Zhang family quickly left with Zhang Yuzhi, as though they were protecting a real princess.

    "I heard that the Zhang family's little princess is very doted upon. Originally, I thought it was because the Zhang family only has one daughter, but from the looks of it, it's not that simple. It might be a reason, but the most important reason is probably related to her Life Providence," An Sheng said to Zhou Wen when he saw the Zhang family escort disappear with Zhang Yuzhi.

    Zhou Wen nodded. He naturally could tell that there was something wrong with Zhang Yuzhi. Recalling how she had slept in a coffin on the plane, it only implied a greater problem.

    "Don't think too much about it. Let's find a place to recuperate. With such serious injuries, I'm afraid it will take some time for us to recover. Fortunately, the Zhang family helped us with their healing skills. Otherwise, it's hard to say if we would even be able to participate in the auction the day after tomorrow," An Sheng said.