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Chapter 363 - What Are You Talking About So Happily?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 363: Chapter 364 What Are You Talking About So Happily?

    “Why are you standing here all by yourself like a fool?” Lightning patted Leng Yu on her shoulder.

    The trio noticed Leng Yu staring into the distance as soon as they walked over.

    Moreover, she had a weird expression on her face. Most importantly, there was nobody standing in front of her.

    “Leng Yu, are you sick?” Crocodile asked.

    Feng Yi also looked at Leng Yu concernedly.

    Leng Yu shook her head. “No. I was thinking about what Boss just said.”

    “What happened to him?” Lightning asked. “Didn’t you say that he returned with Big Sister Qi? Did Big Sister Qi tease him so much that he threw a fit again?”

    Leng Yu remained silent.

    As she looked at the three of them, she could not help but press her hand against her forehead.

    “Did Boss yell at you?” Crocodile could not resist asking her when he saw the troubled expression on her face. “You know how Boss is always cold as ice.”

    “That’s right. Don’t be sad.” Feng Yi added consolingly.

    Leng Yu’s mouth twitched. “You guys have weird thoughts. Who told you Boss yelled at me?”

    “Why else would you look so troubled?” Crocodile asked.

    “It’s because of you three,” Leng Yu said as she looked at the three men coldly.



    They were wondering when Leng Yu had started becoming such a sensitive kind of person.

    Now, they were able to discard all of their earlier concerns.

    After seeing the three of them with depressed looks on their faces, Leng Yu calmly explained what she and Tang Jinyu talked about earlier.

    “Did Boss really say that?” Feng Yi asked urgently.

    Leng Yu nodded calmly.

    “Therefore, my question would be, does Jian Qi really not have genuine feelings?”

    Lightning laughed out loudly. “Oh, goodness. I’ve said it before that Boss is a big, bag, cunning wolf. He has laid such a huge trap.”

    “Haha! However, I don’t pity Big Sister Qi at all. She’s the one who has been constantly getting us into trouble.”

    “Nobody tell Big Sister Qi about this matter. I would like to see what happens when she eventually falls into the trap on her own. It’s going to be entertaining.” Crocodile nodded along.

    “No one can escape from a trap Boss has laid.”

    Leng Yu looked coolly at the two distasteful men. “Lame.”

    “Leng Yu, you are not allowed to tell Big Sister Qi about this either.” Crocodile began to speak. “From now on, apart from the four of us and Boss himself, nobody else can find out about this.”

    The more people knew about this, the quicker the piece of information would be leaked.

    “Why should I do as you say?” Leng Yu asked.

    “Do you think you ought to reveal Boss’s plans so easily?” Lightning asked. “Wouldn’t you be ruining his plans if you were to do that?”

    Leng Yu gave it some thought. She felt that what Lightning said was reasonable. After all, she was not in the place to intervene in a matter of feelings between two individuals.

    “Have the three of you thought of how I felt?” Feng Yi grumbled as he looked at the other three. His gaze finally landed on Lightning and Crocodile, both of whom were laughing hysterically.

    “Your feelings can be ignored completely. Big Sister Qi has long eliminated you from being a possible candidate. Besides, if you try to compete with Boss, you’d be beaten to a pulp,” Lightning said calmly.

    Feng Yi. “…”

    ‘I… I have a group of terrible friends!’

    “My goddess…” Feng Yi began speaking in a grieved tone. “She is being tricked by Boss one step at a time. Boss is such a cunning person. I feel terribly sad…”

    “There’s no reason for you to be sad!” Crocodile chuckled. “Big Sister Qi is terribly happy with teasing Boss every day.”

    “Get lost!” Feng Yi exclaimed.

    “Although you no longer have your goddess, you still have Crocodile!”

    “Get lost!” Feng Yi repeated.

    “Get lost!” Crocodile chimed in.

    “Look, you two thought of the same thing simultaneously!”

    Crocodile and Feng Yi. “…”

    “What are all of you talking about so happily?” A scornful voice could be heard.

    The four of them looked over at the person at the same time.

    “What were you just talking about?” Jian Qi smiled as she asked.