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Chapter 550 - I Love You, Keep On Living

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 550: I Love You, Keep On Living

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    Zi Shang moved higher and pressed his head against the ceiling of the spiral staircase. He gave Ao Ge, who was almost submerged in the Demonic Aura Pool, a wary look.

    The Demonic Aura Pool exuded a disgusting odor that permeated the entire place. The Demon Qi seeped into Zi Shang’s skin and sapped all of his energy, causing him to feel dizzy and weak.

    The Holy Power was the only thing that could dispel the effects of this terrifying Demon Qi.

    “Haha, tremble before me. People of Canglan Continent, you’ll dissolve in this black liquid and become my stepping stone to conquer this continent. After I subjugate the Canglan Continent, I’ll open the portal and bring my kin here,” said Ao Ge as he laughed maniacally. Ripples rose from the black liquid and closed in on Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge.

    “Zi Shang, I can’t undo this seal.” Yun Jiuge summoned all of the Holy Power in her body desperately and channeled it into breaking the seal on the Holy Soul.

    However, that seal was too powerful for her. It was as powerful as her physical body which was used to seal the portal back then.

    It was clear that Ao Ge had relinquished his power to seal Yun Jiuge’s Holy Soul.

    If she could overcome this limitation, she would not only obtain her Holy Power but also take Ao Ge down once and for all.

    But in order to undo the seal, she needed to have a sufficient amount of power.

    “Relax, the Holy Soul is already in your hands. You’ll definitely be able to break the seal,” said Zi Shang calmly.

    “That’s right. Yes, I can do this.” Yun Jiuge pumped herself up and tried to concentrate all of her Holy Power into undoing the seal.

    However, the remnant of her Holy Power was too weak. Her efforts were in vain.

    “Surrender, foolish people of the Canglan Continent. We, the Ancient Black Demons, are the strongest species amongst the Tianwai Demonic Clan. No one can stop our invasion,” Ao Ge’s sinister voice resonated in the area.

    The Ancient Black Demons found out by accident that the Source Power of Canglan Continent was highly suitable for them.

    Although the Canglan Continent was not considered as a plane of existence with advanced civilization, the Galactic Federation prohibited everyone from taking the Canglan Continent’s Source Power, which had developed its own consciousness.

    In order to prevent other species from discovering this coveted place, the Ancient Black Demons secretly sent Ao Ge to Canglan Continent to open a portal for them. However, a moment of carelessness allowed Yun Jiuge to use her Holy Soul to seal the portal.

    Before he lost consciousness, he released the demonic beings he had brought with him. Yun Jiuge then sealed the portal and threw him into this Secret Realm.

    He went through great lengths before he could turn the situation in his favor. He managed to lure Yun Jiuge to this polluted Secret Realm. Now, it was time for him to reap the benefits of his hard work.

    “Shut up,” Yun Jiuge shouted furiously. She shot a golden arrow towards Ao Ge. As soon as the tip of the golden arrow touched the black liquid, it burst into a gold flame.

    The level of the black liquid went down slightly.

    Had she been powerful enough, she could have set the Demonic Aura Pool on fire and let it burn until nothing was left, just like how she closed the portal forcibly in the past.

    “Don’t waste your Holy Power on this. He’s just playing mind games with you,” said Zi Shang while pressing Yun Jiuge’s hand.

    “But I can’t undo the seal,” replied Yun Jiuge, who did not want to admit that she was incapable of doing it. However, it was undeniable that she had been defeated this time.

    “There must be a way.” Zi Shang was not demoralized by their current situation.

    “We can’t make it, Zi Shang. We’ve lost. After this, I’ll expend my Holy Power to help you get out of here. Then, we’ll reincarnate one more time. This time, you must come find me as soon as possible.” Yun Jiuge held Zi Shang’s hand tightly.

    It was her fault for being so conceited and stupid in her past lifetime. She hurt the man she loved because she was too obsessed about the unattainable Child of Life and pushed him aside. Therefore, she was destined to fail.

    “No, I’ll not seek you out again.” Tenderness and pain flashed in Zi Shang’s eyes as he said, “I’ve waited for you for 2,000 years. I don’t want to wait any longer. Besides, Yue Ling’er told me that if you reincarnate one more time, your soul will become even weaker. Therefore, it’ll be more impossible for you to win Ao Ge.”

    “This will not happen. I’ll bring my Holy Soul with me when I reincarnate this time. We’ll be able to do better in the next life,” answered Yun Jiuge, who was distraught.

    She really wanted to convince Zi Shang to reincarnate together, but she fully knew that even with her power at its full potential in her past life, she still failed to kill Ao Ge.

    If she lost to him again in this life, she would have an even slimmer chance of winning in the next. Canglan Continent was as good as gone.

    Even if this was the case, she hoped that Zi Shang would make it out alive.

    “No, let me help you this time.” Zi Shang suddenly wrapped his arms around Yun Jiuge’s waist and pulled her into a deep kiss.

    A warm object with a familiar feeling entered Yun Jiuge’s mouth and slid down her throat to her stomach. It was Zi Shang’s Internal Elixir.

    “You’re insane!” Yun Jiuge wanted to spit his Internal Elixir out. If Zi Shang lost his Internal Elixir, his Holy Soul would be gone as well. He would die because of this.

    “Keep on living — I know that you can do it,” said Zi Shang with a smile. He had a gentle expression on his handsome face.

    He flicked a faint blue light orb towards Yun Jiuge. After it entered her body, the Moon Spirit Silk Thread suddenly appeared and enveloped most of Yun Jiuge’s body and pinned her on the wall.

    “Let me go,” Yun Jiuge ordered the Moon Spirit Silk Thread.

    However, the remnant of Yue Ling’er’s consciousness spoke to Yun Jiuge, “I knew it. Your life would be in danger as soon as you stepped into this Secret Realm. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely ensure that you’ll make it out of here alive.”

    Zi Shang had kept Yue Ling’er’s remaining consciousness in preparation for this moment.

    “Jiuge, I love you!” Zi Shang jumped into the black liquid without any hesitation.

    “Zi Shang!” Yun Jiuge screamed.

    A blinding Dragonic Light shone from Zi Shang’s body. Serrated horns grew on his forehead, while black dragon scales spread throughout his lower body. In the end, he became an extremely ferocious, massive black dragon.

    Zi Shang, who had unleashed his might as a dragon, used his strong tail to pound the walls of the Secret Realm. The black liquid rippled while the entire Secret Realm shook continuously.

    “Damn it!” Ao Ge shouted angrily. He willed the black liquid to form waves and surge towards Zi Shang.

    The strong glow that Yue Ling’er emitted stopped the black liquid from reaching Yun Jiuge. Yun Jiuge was unharmed, while Zi Shang was badly hurt.

    The black liquid had corroded his scales and he was losing blood all over his body. Yet, he continued to slam his tail aggressively into the walls, as though he could not feel any pain.

    His forehead bled while his majestic dragon horns started to fracture. However, his will remained unshakeable. The flame of determination in his dark purple eyes was reflected in his whole body.

    His bright red blood was like a fuel that burned the Demonic Aura Pool, so that Yun Jiuge would no longer be constrained by the lack of Holy Power.

    The Secret Realm was on the verge of collapsing. Cracks started to appear on the walls. Zi Shang would only need to ram into the walls a few more times before the Secret Realm fell apart.

    “Zi Shang, you are a madman,” Ao Ge said in exasperation. He never thought that a majestic Dragon Emperor like Zi Shang would be willing to sacrifice himself to this extent for Yun Jiuge.

    If Yun Jiuge really managed to escape from this Secret Realm, all of his plans would be for nothing.

    He needed to kill Yun Jiuge as soon as possible, even if it meant that he could not obtain the Source Power of the Canglan Continent.

    Ao Ge went under the turbulent black liquid. The black liquid separated itself into two.

    The black liquid on the left turned into a rope and wrapped itself around Zi Shang, preventing him from moving.

    Zi Shang struggled fiercely, but he could not break free from the rope.

    The black liquid on the right solidified into a black arrow.

    Although this black arrow was only as big as a fist, it emanated a terrifying aura. It flew towards Yun Jiuge at full speed.