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Chapter 551 - Birth of The Child of Life

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 551: Birth of The Child of Life

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    Yun Jiuge’s pupils suddenly contracted. The Moon Spirit Silk Thread also sensed a great danger and immediately took Yun Jiuge to take cover everywhere in order to escape Black Arrow’s assault.

    Black Arrow chased Yun Jiuge around but did not lock in successfully. It appeared as if it was impatient and stopped. Then it instantly split into countless black arrows which filled the whole space.

    The black arrowheads all aimed toward Yun Jiuge such that no matter where she took cover, she could not shake off the attack.

    “Go to hell!” Ao Ge yelled out smugly as numerous black water arrows launched simultaneously, shooting toward Yun Jiuge with a destructive momentum.

    Yun Jiuge braced herself. The golden colored Holy Power coagulated on the surface and got ready to fight against this terrible attack.

    At this time, Zi Shang suddenly gave a roar.

    The black dragon body suddenly exploded. He broke free of black water’s captivity to shield Yun Jiuge.

    Countless black arrows densely pierced his body. Numerous wounds appeared in his already scar-ridden body, like a piece of rotten cloth.

    “Zi Shang!” Yun Jiuge screamed, losing control.

    She trembled and put her arms around Zi Shang’s blood-stained dragon head, wanting to caress him and yet afraid of hurting him.

    “Continue living,” Zi Shang uttered these words tiredly in a hoarse voice before he exhausted his last strength to slam hard into the top of the stone wall.

    His dragon blood mixed together with the black water and finally exploded in the entire space.

    Yun Jiuge’s body was sent flying by a huge wave from the blast, hurtling toward the sky broken with a big hole.

    Her body floated in the air and the wind whistled in her ears. The dark-brown land once again appeared before her eyes, like a scene of the impending end.

    In this dark gray image, Zi Shang’s blood drenched broken body was incomparably dazzling.

    His dark purple pupils were firmly injected with Yun Jiuge’s figure. His falling body turned into ashes inch by inch and disappeared into the heavens and earth.

    “Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

    Yun Jiuge wailed with the roar of an injured beast, plaintively lamenting. Her Holy Soul suffered in agony as if it had been cracked open.

    The Dragon Pearl in her body sensed the death of its master and exerted the last bit of Demonic Power to rush forth into her abdomen, along with the golden colored Holy Power.

    Her abdomen was squeezed so hard that she broke out in cold sweat all over her body from the pain.

    She could feel a great force squeezing her Elixir Field. Warm water flowed out of her lower body as something fell out from inside her body and floated in front of her.

    It was a palm-sized white egg. After it violently shook from side to side, it emitted sounds of a shell breaking.

    A lovely little head peeked out. There was a pair of forked golden horns on its head filled with golden colored hair. It had a round little face, short thick eyebrows, and a fiery red Phoenix Feather Flower mark in between its brows.

    It looked a little like Yun Jiuge, and somewhat resembled Zi Shang. It was without a doubt, their child, the legendary Child of Life.

    Yun Jiuge gazed fixedly at the child, but her mind was completely blank. She felt that her soul was gradually disappearing with the death of Zi Shang.

    Whether it was saving the common people or reversing the Great Catastrophe, all these had nothing to do with her. At this moment, she just wanted to follow Zi Shang to death…

    Little Dragon climbed out of the shell and suspended in midair in front of its mother. Its body was extremely healthy, and its limbs were chubby. A golden dragon tail also trailed from its tailbone, radiating with the purest light of life.

    “Child of Life?!” Ao Ge’s voice rang out in surprise. A huge black colored palm rose from the ground to grab Little Dragon in the air.

    “Waa, waa waa!” Little Dragon started crying from the fright. Rolling thunder along with hail rumbled and descended to fiercely scatter the black colored hand in the air.

    Ao Ge was not discouraged by the failure of his strike.

    He gathered all the Demon Qi in the whole Secret Realm and once again coagulated it into an even more terrifying and bigger black colored palm than before to lunge toward Little Dragon.

    Little Dragon’s thunder and hail descended again but could not break the terrible black colored hand again.

    “Waa, waa, waa!” Little Dragon was fearful and immediately scrambled to throw itself into Yun Jiuge’s arms. It desperately wiggled into her clothes, wishing it could turn into an egg to return to its mother’s arms.

    The warm touch finally awakened Yun Jiuge’s sense. She held her child’s small body and her whole person finally came to life.

    Zi Shang was dead. What she wanted to do was to take revenge, and not wallow in remorse.

    Yun Jiuge used the Moon Spirit Silk Thread to tie up the big black hand, and then coagulated her Holy Power again to break through the seal.

    The golden Holy Essence had already broken the seal when it arrived. The familiar Holy Power was once again integrated into Yun Jiuge’s Holy Soul, flowing through her entire body.

    A fiery golden flame lit up the spot between Yun Jiuge’s brows. The Phoenix Feather Flower was dazzling like a phoenix in transcendence.

    Beams of red patterns spread continuously downwards from her forehead. The fiery golden brilliant feathers formed into spread-out wings at her back, illuminating the world with Holy Light.

    “Damn it!” Ao Ge screamed uncontrollably.

    After the seal was lifted, his Soul Power also disappeared dramatically. He would really be destroyed if he could not find a way to escape.

    Ao Ge’s threw a rancorous look at Yun Jiuge. The black colored big hand conjured up by the black water split into countless raindrops that fell on the world.

    As long as a shred of his soul escaped, he could continue to hibernate and wait for the day where he would be able to bring about a change in his fortunes.

    Yun Jiuge, just you wait! It’s not over yet!

    Ao Ge’s soul split into thousands of pieces. Just when he was about to descend on the ground to escape, everything suddenly became a blur in front of his eyes and the vast Secret Realm transformed into a blue space.

    “You’re not the only one able to set up Energy Barriers in space,” Yun Jiuge’s voice spread throughout like ripples in the water.

    Ao Ge’s eyes widened in horror. He looked up, and saw Yun Jiuge carrying Little Dragon while they looked at him from on high.

    The golden Little Dragon was opening his small hands and looking at him with curious and innocent eyes, as if it were looking at something fun.

    Energy Barriers in space was the golden dragon’s natural attribute. After it had absorbed its mother’s Holy Power, it was able to bring it out even more extraordinarily. The black water which Ao Ge had transformed had all transferred to its own Energy Barrier in space.

    “Canglan Continent is mine. You shouldn’t attempt vainly to possess things that don’t belong to you!” said Yun Jiuge as she raised her hand expressionlessly. A ray of golden flame shot out from her hand, and then floated into the air to become a Lightning Fire Needle.

    “Go to hell!” Following Yun Jiuge’s command, the Lightning Fire Needle transformed into countless lightning needles, falling like a storm.

    Zi Shang’s thunder blew up over the black water and turned into a golden flame, raging in combustion in the end.

    The black water gurgled like boiling water, turning into clear water vapors which then disappeared without a trace.

    “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. I can still be of use to you if you spare me. You can take me and the Black Inkstick Clan. They’ll be willing to pay any price in exchange for my life…”

    Ao Ge gave a poignant cry and kept appealing to Yun Jiuge to spare his life.

    Yun Jiuge’s response to him was to increase the output strength of her Holy Power. Like pouring a bottle of oil on a fire, she swiftly burned Ao Ge’s soul till there was nothing left.