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Chapter 375 - Huo Beichen, The Foxy Kuudere

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 375: Huo Beichen, The Foxy Kuudere

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    Ning Meng stared at Qi Shan as though she was staring at the dumbest idiot on the planet for a long time before opening her mouth. "Did he say how he was going to punish you?"

    "Boss wants me to be that chain restaurant's manager for a whole day! Sob! I'm a graduate of Yale University for God's sake! Do you think it's appropriate for me to be the boss of a chain restaurant?!"

    Well... truthfully, Ning Meng thought Qi Shan would fit in very well in that restaurant.

    When she thought about it now, it was a miracle that Qi Shan had not been fired already for his low EQ!

    Shaking her head, Ning Meng patted Qi Shan's shoulder. "Don't worry. You'll be fine. Now, go down there and order two sets of take-away of yellow braised chicken."

    "... okay."

    After seeing Qi Shan get into the lift to head down, Ning Meng walked into Huo Beichen's office.

    The man was sitting at his desk, carefully examining every single document that was towering in front of him. Rays of sunlight shone into the office through the French window next to him, glinting a small rim of light around him.

    A moment later, Huo Beichen's tensed up jaw finally softened as he finished dealing with the documents before he slowly raised his head.

    It was then that he saw her. In an instant, that snowy, ice-cold aura around him melted into nothingness. In an instant, that intimidating Huo Beichen was now gone. As soon as he saw her, a smile curved upon his face before his deep voice vibrated out of his refined lips. "Meng Meng."

    Ning Meng instinctively gulped down her saliva as she stared at his glittering eyes.

    This d*mned foxy dreamboat was emitting a shining, delicious attraction that was so steamy she could not help but recall that night... the night when he had been groaning her name into her ears... his voice was so magnetically enticing that her body quivered in excitement when she heard it... and after every groan, he would hilt into her vigorously... and then...


    Ning Meng shook her head¬†vigorously to pull herself together.

    How could she allow herself to be drowned in a wet dream when the day was still so bright and early?!

    Feeling her entire body burn hot from embarrassment, Ning Meng quickly looked away from the man and stared at the French window next to the desk. It was then that she heard his voice asking, "Why are you here?"

    Ning Meng instinctively answered, "Well... I'm just... it's quite lonely to stay at home, you know~"

    As soon as those words had escaped her lips, Ning Meng was stunned by her own words. "Lonely"? It felt as though she was hinting at something else in her words earlier... Oh, no. What would he think of her if he thought she was... missing his company before the night cloaked in?

    As she was deep in her thoughts, she could hear the man's soft snigger. In an instant, her face had become as red as an apple.

    Huo Beichen stood up from his desk and walked toward her slowly. "Lonely, huh?"

    Ning Meng quickly explained anxiously. "Well, I mean... you know, the normal ‘lonely'. Not the kind of ‘lonely' that you're thinking of, you know?"

    Huo Beichen stood before her, lowering his head and gazing into her eyes. "Oh, and just what kind of ‘lonely' am I thinking of?"

    Then, lowering his head further, he whispered into her ear. "It's still day time. How about we wait until night falls? Hmm?"


    ‘Wait until night falls? Wait until night falls for what?'

    Recalling how they had made love to each other heartily every night after their first night, Ning Meng took a step back nervously as she felt every drop of blood in her veins start to boil in excitement. "Wha... What are you talking about?"

    Huo Beichen's eyes dimmed seductively as he continued asking, "Oh, I see. You mean... you couldn't wait until night time?"

    No, that was not what she had in mind!!

    Ning Meng raised her voice in embarrassment, "No... that's not...! If you can't take it seriously, I'll leave the office!"

    Huo Beichen mocked up a wronged look. "But I was being serious!"

    "...but you're saying about wait till night falls or... could not wait until night time!"

    Huo Beichen smiled. "I meant that it's still too early for me to get off from work. I'll come home to accompany you at night. If you can't wait, I can still call it a day now and come home with you, if that's what you want."


    Ning Meng widened her eyes to stare at the man before her. "So, that's what you meant?"

    "Yeah. If that wasn't what I meant, what would I have meant to say earlier?"


    Ning Meng's face turned red instantly. Then, her embarrassment turned into a huff of anger, "I'm going home now! Bye!"

    However, before she could walk out the door, the man grabbed her arm and pinned her against the door. Lowering his head, he whispered into her ear with his deep, enticing voice. "Or perhaps I'll keep you company now?"