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Chapter 364 - Young Lady, How Can I Save You From Your Self-Obsession?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 364: Young Lady, How Can I Save You From Your Self-Obsession?

    When Leng Yu saw Jian Qi walking over, she instantly wanted to approach Jian Qi to tell her the truth.

    Lightning hurriedly reached for Leng Yu’s hand to stop her.

    “Leng Yu…” Lightning began to speak in a lowered voice.

    As Leng Yu looked up at Lightning, Crocodile began laughing out loudly. “Big Sister Qi, I heard that you returned with Boss. How did you two end up returning together?”

    “Of course, it was Instructor Tang who personally approached me!” Jian Qi chuckled. “He was stalking me and ended up sitting on the same bus as I did.”

    If it were the Jian Qi from before who had said this, everyone would have made fun of her.

    They would probably think that Jian Qi was too full of herself and question whether Boss was someone who would stalk another person.

    However, all of them knew that, from what Leng Yu had said earlier about how cunning Boss was, it was possible that he would stalk someone.

    Despite that, they were more curious if Jian Qi really was thinking about it this way or if she was merely kidding.

    “Oh yeah, what were you guys talking about?” Jian Qi asked yet again to steer the conversation toward its earlier direction.

    Crocodile felt the urge to puke.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, didn’t you realize that none of us want to continue talking about that matter?’

    ‘Why can’t you be more understanding and stop asking about it?’

    Lightning laughed. “We were talking about when you would be able to make Boss fall for you!”

    “That’s right.” Crocodile nodded along.

    Jian Qi raised her brows before looking at Leng Yu. “Sister Leng Yu…”

    “Indeed, we were talking about you and Boss,” Leng Yu answered.

    The two people standing next to her sighed in relief. “However, we were talking about when Boss would be able to make you fall for him instead!” Leng Yu added.

    Lightning and Crocodile. “…”

    ‘Lady, do you understand what keeping a secret means?’

    Since Jian Qi did not know what Tang Jinyu and Leng Yu had said to each other a while ago, she became curious. “Why is it Instructor Tang who would make me fall for him? Do I look weak?”

    Leng Yu. “…”

    ‘Young lady, how can I save you from your self-obsession?’

    Lightning and Crocodile chuckled in agreement. “That’s right. I have mentioned before that Big Sister Qi clearly overpowers Boss. However, Leng Yu, you insist on saying that Boss is the one going after Big Sister Qi.”

    “Yeah, Big Sister Qi is capable of charming Boss within seconds!” Crocodile nodded along.

    Leng Yu. “…”

    ‘Hoho, these two psychos!’

    When the two sensed Leng Yu’s look of contempt, they laughed cheerfully.

    They could not help it. For the sake of witnessing Big Sister Qi’s shocked expression, they were more than willing to be laughed at. Besides, they were used to being looked down upon by Leng Yu.

    When Jian Qi observed the two’s expressions, she could sense that the matter was not as simple as it was made out to be.

    She shifted her gaze to Feng Yi who was standing next to her.

    “Instructor Feng, what were you guys talking about?”

    Feng Yi looked at her with a hidden sense of bitterness. “Goddess, Boss is a cunning person. For the sake of your safety, would you like to consider dating me instead?”

    Lightning laughed. “Feng Yi, you’ve become braver, haven’t you? You actually dare to go after the person Boss likes.”

    “Feng Yi, I’m going to tell Boss that you are trying to steal his woman!” Crocodile exclaimed mercilessly.

    As Jian Qi looked at Feng Yi, she patted him on the shoulder. “To be honest, I agree with what you said. He really is a cunning man!”

    Everyone. “…”

    Could this lady have already found out the truth?

    “He set me up today!” Jian Qi felt a little disgusted when she recalled the three oily pork knuckles.

    ‘D*mn it. There’s no way I can look at pork knuckles again for a long time to come!’

    When everyone heard that Tang Jinyu had set Jian Qi up, they instantly became curious.

    “How did Boss set you up?” Crocodile asked curiously.

    Jian Qi chuckled as she looked at him. “Guess! Otherwise, you can tell me what you guys were talking about first.”

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘D*mn it. She’s setting me up now!’