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Chapter 417 – Spirit Eyes and the Five Element Mountain

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Within the chamber, Qin Yu opened his eyes. A pale purple gold light circulated in their depths, giving him a bit of an evil charm. Now, within his eyes, he could clearly see the array formation that Grandmaster Yao had arranged in the chamber. If he wanted to, he could casually break it with a single strike of his finger.

    This was the bloodline ability he had awakened after swallowing the Blood Marrow Pill. He named it Spirit Eyes. By activating Spirit Eyes, he was able to break through illusions, fantasies, and spells. According to his experiments, he could break through the majority of spell formations.

    Although Qin Yu always had the intention of studying the path of spells, he never had the chance to fully concentrate on it. Now that he had awakened his Spirit Eyes, he made up for one of his shortcomings. In the future as he wandered through the Land of Divinity and Demons and fell victim to some spell formation, he would have a chance of protecting himself.

    And that wasn’t the full extent of the Spirit Eye’s abilities.

    With a thought, the purple gold light in the depths of Qin Yu’s eyes disappeared, replaced by a faint blood red light. Then, a beam of blood light howled out, cutting, submerging into the void.

    When Qin Yu swallowed the Blood Marrow Pill and successfully awakened his bloodline to gain the Spirit Eyes, he suddenly had an epiphany. He took out the bead he obtained from the blood eye beheading ape he killed in the past. Then, splitting off its blood energy, he siphoned it into his eyes. Thus, Qin Yu gained an ability similar to the blood eye beheading ape’s own inherent supernatural art. However, this supernatural art was much stranger and more ghostly than the blood eye beheading ape’s. Once it shot out it sank into the void; it was simply impossible to avoid. However, as for how strong it was, he could only determine that after experimenting in the future.

    Scattering the power of the Spirit Eyes, Qin Yu’s pupils were soon restored to how they were before. He frowned, deep in thought. Ever since he was a child he discovered that his five senses far surpassed those of ordinary people. Now his awakened bloodline also gave him the Spirit Eyes; this should be because of his original bloodline.

    Every living creature in this world was an inheritance passed down from ancient times. In other words, whether it was cultivators or ordinary mortals, a trace of bloodlines from ancient times flowed in their bodies. Unfortunately, there were those with bloodlines far too thin so it was impossible to activate. There were also those with rich bloodlines who could obtain a formidable strength after activating them.

    Qin Yu was able to activate his bloodline. This proved that his bloodline wasn’t some mediocre existence. But, he had been abandoned as a child and had to struggle alone to survive…perhaps, starting from his bloodline, he might have a chance to find out about his life and where he came from in the future. Of course, Qin Yu didn’t have any intention of acknowledging relatives or anything like that. Since they had abandoned him in the past, there was no more connection between the two sides. But, he just wanted to ask them – why?

    Thinking about how these things were too far away, Qin Yu suppressed his thoughts. He began to think about his own arrangements.

    According to Grandmaster Yao’s memories, there were still four more years until the Demonic Ascension Gate would open. Only then would he truly have the chance to enter the Demonic Path. Now that Qin Yu had successfully grasped the skills to refine demonic pills, there were no more problems for him pretending to be Grandmaster Yao. For these next four years, he would need to cultivate well and enhance his own cultivation boundary.

    After all, the further he walked the real world of cultivators, the more he realized that the only thing in this world he could truly rely on was his own strength.

    Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred and the phantom of a mountain appeared in the depths of his memories. It was like a place where ancient beings lived and it emitted a dreadful pressure. In the shadow of the mountain, Five Nascent Soul phantoms sat down cross-legged. At this moment they cupped their hands together and said, “Fellow daoist, we meet again.”

    This was the cultivation technique, Five Element Mountain, that he had obtained from Black Lake during his trip into the Ninerealm Holy Land. Since obtaining it, Qin Yu had yet to find the opportunity to carefully perceive it. Now that the danger of his identity was resolved and he had to wait four years for the Demon Ascension Gate to open, this was the perfect time to practice.

    From Black Lake’s words, he knew that this Five Element Mountain was a cultivation technique obtained by the master of the Ninerealm Holy Land after he cut down some formidable existence. It was extremely extraordinary. If he could successfully practice it, his strength would rise drastically.

    Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. His mind entered into the mountain phantom and the five Nascent Soul phantoms all laughed out together. “I finally have a descendant!”

    This round of meditation continued for an entire month. Qin Yu was entirely still throughout, like a piece of dead wood. The aura he emitted gradually became weaker. Then, after that month, his body trembled and his eyes slowly opened. His eyes were dark and filled with a sense of deep weariness.

    “I was too negligent! I never thought that the Five Element Mountain could be so broad and profound. Just trying to perceive it one time nearly exhausted my divine sense.” Qin Yu mumbled to himself. But, within his weary eyes, there was also a trace of excitement.

    Although he had suffered a loss this time, the profound boundary and potent might of the Five Element Mountain left Qin Yu shaking with joy. The lowest cultivation standard for learning the Five Element Mountain was to be at the peak Divine Soul realm. After perceiving one path of the five elements, one could step into Blue Sea. After perceiving two paths, one could reach the peak of Blue Sea. After perceiving three paths, one could contend with a Calamity Immortal. After perceiving four paths one could break past the boundary and become a mighty being. After perceiving all five paths, one could become aware of the heavens and earth, touching on the source of the great dao and freely travelling through the world!

    As for boundaries after that, the Five Element Mountain didn’t list any. Still, as Qin Yu meditated on this cultivation technique, he managed to understand the meaning of ‘Five Elements’. This cultivation method was truly comprehensive. The five elements both promoted and restrained each other, and as they mixed and repelled, there were numerous variations born from that. And when these variations met with other variations, they produced even more variations. It was an infinite number of fluctuations leading to infinite futures, infinite possibilities!

    Qin Yu took a deep breath and calmed his surging mood. Although this was a bright and happy future, he needed to work hard to achieve it. A journey of 10,000 miles began with the first step. Cultivation needed to happen carefully and steadily, without overreaching. Qin Yu took out several pills and swallowed them. An hour later, his divine sense and magic power were completely restored.

    He still didn’t know the function of the purple moon within his soul space. But at the very least he knew that it greatly enhanced one’s ability of restoring the soul. As for the blue sun in his dantian sea…only after truly cultivating the Primordial Singular Energy Art did he realize that the Immortal Sect had completely misunderstood it.

    Yes, it could help instantly transform the attributes of a person’s magic power, but to do this was an incredible waste of the blue sun. Its true use was somewhat similar to the purple moon. It could accelerate the growth of a cultivator’s magic power. Or, the blue sun could transform into a tool which constantly absorbed heaven and earth spiritual energy, and then endlessly send pure magic power into his dantian sea where it would be absorbed into his cultivation.

    And, as the purple moon and blue sun condensed, Qin Yu faintly felt that there was some strange relation between the two. If he kept them like this, there was a chance he could obtain some sort of unexpected harvest in the future.

    Of course, Qin Yu had no need to transform the Undying True Demon Body into the Ancient Chaos Body and damage the blue sun as the price.

    “Five Element Mountain. To begin cultivating it, I will need to choose one path as my beginning road. I have cultivated the Undying True Demon Body and also have the purple moon protecting my soul. With Undying in my shadow, my defensive capabilities should be enough. Then, the only thing lacking is in my offense. If so, I will choose the path of metal within the five elements as my first road. I hope that I can uphold the peerlessly sharp and tyrannical attributes of the metal element and smoothly open up my first step on this path.”

    A radiant silver white light appeared within Qin Yu’s mind. Although it was extremely faint, it still emitted a terrifying aura that seemed as if it could split apart the heavens and earth.

    Begin perceiving the five elements’ metal path!

    Cultivation passed without a sense of time. This was especially true after reaching the Divine Soul realm when a cultivator’s life was greatly increased. If one was careful and controlled their lifespan, it was common to live for over 2000 years. One could even use taboo methods such as transforming themselves or using some sealing methods to make themselves live even longer.

    So, the deeper one’s cultivation was, the less sensitive they were to the passing of time. Qin Yu was completely immersed in perceiving the dao of metal through meditation. In the blink of an eye, two years passed.

    Cultivating the Five Element Mountain involved Divine Soul, Blue Sea, Calamity Immortal, and even higher realms. Thus, it naturally wasn’t something that one could cultivate through seclusion and meditation alone. The cultivator needed to have an extremely deep understanding and knowledge of the world’s rules. This understanding and knowledge were the same as a foundation. Only by creating a solid foundation could one build up the incredible powers above it.

    Since Qin Yu stepped into Divine Soul, he had perpetually either been exhausted to the bone, running for his life, or dealing with one of the numerous twists and turns he was given. He never had the opportunity to fully focus on perceiving the rules. It could be said that when it came to perceiving the rules, he was a complete blank.

    The bare minimum to cross the threshold into cultivating the Five Element Mountain was to be at the peak of Divine Soul; this alone proved just how much it valued perceiving the rules. With a completely blank slate, there was simply no chance of success. However, in this aspect, Qin Yu was most different from other cultivators. This was because he had a little world of his own.

    Right now it seemed as if Qin Yu was in seclusion within his chamber, not coming out. But, his divine sense had passed through his sealed dimension ring and arrived at the distant space in the endless nothingness.

    Having fused with the Rest Loam, this originally near-collapse space had begun regenerating at an astonishing speed. Even the world’s rules were becoming increasingly complete. Although there were still many incomplete places compared to the complete rules of the outside world, it was still incredibly helpful in helping Qin Yu perceive the rules.

    Because in this space, with the approval of the little blue lamp, Qin Yu was the ruler of the heavens and earth; everything was in his control.

    This included even the rules!

    At this time, Qin Yu’s divine sense body was sitting down cross-legged in a pitch black sphere. This sphere was a hundred miles in size and completely isolated the inside from the outside. So, no matter how fierce or violent it was within the sphere, none of it could transmit outwards and cause any damage to the healing world.

    Within the pitch black sphere, there were countless beams of silver white that howled around, as fast as lightning. They were so fast that they were impossible to catch. However, even though they were this fast and even though there were so many beams of silver white light, they actually never bumped into each other.

    As Qin Yu sat down, he was like the controller of all. All the rays of silver white light revolved around him, flowing in tandem with his heart. These silver white lights were condensed from the rules of the metal element. Although they looked like simple silver white lights, there were at least thousands of rules contained within them. These rules were perfectly combined together, revealing their incomparably formidable metal attributes.

    Unfortunately, even though Qin Yu was able to order the metal lights to appear, he still couldn’t figure out what sort of rules they contained. Because he didn’t fully understand what they were composed of, when he ordered them to split apart, the silver white lights would directly collapse.

    This was like having an extremely complicated toy made from a precise combination of numerous parts. Even if you were given the ability to control it, if you didn’t understand its structure fully and you wanted to disassemble it, you would only end up damaging it.

    Of course, when compared with other cultivators who were perceiving the path of metal, Qin Yu was already far, far more fortunate. This was because he already had a model of the ‘toy’, and he could slowly take it apart, piece by piece. Even if something went wrong, he could reverse it back to how it was originally and then begin again.

    This meant that Qin Yu reached an extremely terrifying speed when it came to cultivating the path of metal. As his understanding of the metal path deepened, he understood more and more as he continued to dismantle it.

    Yet, the deeper he went, the more complex the combinations of rules would become. This made it seem as if Qin Yu’s speed of cultivation wasn’t too fast. But, the truth was that his speed of growth was enough to cause countless jaws to drop!

    Suddenly, a strange fluctuation swept through the entire world. Within the black sphere, Qin Yu’s divine sense body opened its eyes and revealed a look of pleasant surprise. He stood up and the silver white light around him vanished from sight. The black sphere also disappeared.

    He looked up towards the great sun in the sky. The little blue lamp at its core was sending out a deep blue light. And the blue light now covered a scope of three feet. It was clear that after integrating with the Rest Loam and during the process of repairing this world, it had also obtained significant advantages.

    “World...will…reset…you…leave…” Intermittent thoughts spread out. Compared to how it was before, the little blue lamp’s ability to express itself was much stronger.

    Qin Yu’s divine sense body smiled. “Alright. I hope everything goes smoothly.”

    Whoosh –

    His form vanished, turning into a drop of blood.