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Chapter 418 – Purchasing Spirit Plants

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Black Demon Sect.

    Within the training chamber, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a hint of anticipation in them. The Rest Loam had finally been fused for long enough that distant space in nothingness was finally complete. He just didn’t know what sort of situation it had reached.

    This time, he waited for a full half month. When Qin Yu discovered that his connection with the sealed dimension ring was restored, he entered it with his divine sense without hesitation.

    An invisible strength seemed to cover his divine sense, shielding him from the normal feelings of paralysis and dizziness. Moreover, it was much faster than before. In the blink of an eye Qin Yu’s divine sense smoothly arrived.

    He fused with his blood, forming his divine sense body. Then, Qin Yu swept his eyes around. Shock initially colored his eyes before it finally turned to pleasant surprise.

    This thoroughly repaired space could finally truly be called a little world. There were mountains and rivers, plains and canyons. Faint traces of spiritual strength drilled out from the ground, constantly fusing into the world and causing the degree of spiritual strength to continually increase. And at the ends of this world, there was an ash gray light. The air there tumbled about at a slow but steady speed, constantly spreading outwards.

    This was the opening of a world!

    In other words, Qin Yu’s little world was constantly growing. After 10,000 years, 100,000 years, or even longer, there was a chance that it would become a place like the Land of Divinity and Demons, become a true great world that could allow for living beings to survive, reproduce, and even cultivate.

    The ground shattered and a giant grass leaf drilled out from deep below, intimately winding about Qin Yu’s divine sense body. It was docile and sweet, like a little child acting out.

    This was a leaf of the Star Cutting Grass. Now, it had already drilled deep into the depths of the world. As the world was repaired and restarted, it seemed to experience some sort of rebirth from destruction, and this apparently caused a powerful mutation. It was now over 10,000 feet long and every leaf had veins that were pale gold.

    Qin Yu could clearly feel the terrifying strength contained in the grass wrapped around him. He feared that if it slightly pushed against him, it could completely destroy his divine sense body.

    He lightly reached out a hand and patted the Star Cutting Grass. The Star Cutting Grass rose straight up from the ground, lifting Qin Yu into the air so he could clearly see this small world.

    Qin Yu faintly smiled. “Since this world has begun anew and heaven and earth origin energy has appeared, would it now be possible to plant spirit plants from the outside world here?”

    “Yes.” The little blue lamp responded with a divine sense fluctuation. This thought was much clearer than before.

    Qin Yu was overjoyed. “In these past years I have obtained some spirit seed plants. You should have some means of bringing them here.”

    “Status token, cannot open.”

    Qin Yu was startled. It was only then that he remembered he had placed his storage ring within the space of the Ninerealm Hold Land Saint Son token. He never thought that with the little blue lamp’s abilities, even it couldn’t open it up. It seemed that the Ninerealm Holy Land was stronger than he had imagined.

    Whoosh –

    His divine sense body scattered, returning to the outside world. Qin Yu lifted his hand and a storage ring appeared in his palm.

    Hum –

    A great sun phantom appeared, wrapped in a sphere of nothingness and isolating its aura so that the outside world couldn’t sense it. A deep blue light shined upon the storage ring. Then, with multiple flashes, numerous items were taken out.

    There were precious seeds he had obtained from the Southshine Nation’s treasury, the precious spirit plants he found in the Infinite Realm, the core of the Eternal Primordial Fruit, a branch of the Skythunder Bamboo, a branch of the Radiant Red Wood, and two Greatsun Mulberries.

    Beneath that deep blue light, the several spirit plants and jade boxes filled with seeds and other things seemed as if they slowly fell into water. Ripples passed out as they gradually sank in and disappeared.

    “You may search for more.” Leaving behind a simple thought transmission, the great sun phantom vanished from sight.

    Qin Yu smiled, his eyes lighting up with anticipation. Now that the little blue lamp had become a great sun, the spirit plants that grew in the little world would surely do so at a satisfactory speed.

    As long as he had enough seeds, then eventually Qin Yu would possess a terrifying medicine garden. All sorts of rare and precious spirit plants would be no problem for him.

    Without a doubt, this would be a powerful contribution to his future cultivation. It had to be known that once a pill broke into the sixth-grade, it was no longer purely increasing one’s strength. Rather, it began to involve the world’s rules. They would be greatly beneficial to cultivators that perceived the world’s rules.

    “Even more spirit plants and seeds?” Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He stood up and walked out, smiling as he said, “Grandmaster Yao has already been in seclusion for over two years. It’s about time he takes a walk outside.”

    The Grandmaster Yao who had been in seclusion for so long had finally come out. This caused many Black Demon Sect cultivators to bitterly smile and curse in their hearts. How come this cruel and vicious old bastard hadn’t died yet!?

    In particular, several stewards from the dungeon quickly met up for a meeting to discuss the situation. Finally they came to the conclusion that their days of peace and leisure were over. However, what surprised the dungeon was that after Grandmaster Yao left seclusion, he actually didn’t immediately ask them for criminals to experiment on.

    Soon, news spread out that Grandmaster Yao was headed towards the Alchemy Division. This caused those from the dungeon to have a sudden realization. Since Grandmaster Yao had gone into seclusion for two years, he must have used up a considerable amount of resources. Now that he had come out, he should naturally go and receive his offerings.

    This was indeed what Qin Yu did. Taking advantage of Grandmaster Yao’s reputation as someone that was ruthless, cruel, and completely eccentric, the entire process was incomparably smooth. The Outer Court Elder responsible for passing out offerings didn’t make anything hard for him at all, but instead directly offered up the supplies with both hands.

    After receiving the offerings, he casually placed them in his token space. Since he knew that even the little blue lamp couldn’t open it, he used it with even more assurance.

    At a side hall of the Alchemy Division, this was the place where the Black Demon Sect issued missions for their alchemists. At the same time, this was where sect cultivators came to sell materials and purchase pills.

    A black-robed Qin Yu walked in, a cold and dense aura around him. The originally lively hall suddenly fell quiet. A person that recognized Grandmaster Yao hurried forward with awe and dread in his eyes and bowed, “Greetings, Grandmaster Yao.”

    Without having ever met him, many people realized that this was the Grandmaster Yao who had a reputation for killing others as he pleased and doing countless other nefarious things. Many people couldn’t help but pale and lower their heads and bow.

    “Mm.” Qin Yu coldly humphed and then found somewhere to casually sit down. The area around him for a hundred feet was suddenly swept clean, no one daring to approach. Many Black Demon Sect cultivators had already started to quietly leave. The only ones left were cultivators who had important matters or other business to attend to and had no choice but to stay. They prayed in their hearts that this old demon wouldn’t look their way.

    For instance, in a corner of the side hall, there were several Black Demon Sect cultivators who were just about to put out some materials. A while ago, these people had inadvertently obtained many spirit plant materials. Unfortunately, in the Black Demon Sect, there weren’t any alchemists who excelled in using spirit plants to refine pills. If these materials fell into their hands, they had no use at all. The only thing they could do was to exchange these items for other things and then purchase items they needed afterwards.

    Originally, they had already asked around for the price of these spirit plants. But after coming here today they were constantly pressed to sell at a lowered price point. These cultivators couldn’t help but feel annoyed and agitated.

    If they brought these spirit plant materials outside to sell, they would indeed be valuable. However, the Black Demon Sect was one of the Demonic Path’s 13 subordinate branches and they were like water and fire with the Immortal Sect. if they were found trading precious spirit plants to them, that would be a considerable crime. As for exchanging with other demonic cultivators…even disregarding how troublesome it was, the price might not be appropriate. And if there was even the slightest mistake, it was possible to provoke trouble.

    A Black Demon Sect cultivator clenched his teeth and said, “Whatever, if we need to sell it at a lower price then we will sell it at a lower price. It’s better than letting it rot in our hands. We should leave as soon as we can.” As he spoke, he vaguely glanced towards a corner of the side hall where Qin Yu was sitting.

    The several Black Demon Sect cultivators to his side bitterly smiled. While they were unwilling, they couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

    Behind the counter, the cultivator responsible for handling purchases of materials smiled. “Fellow sect disciples, have you thought about it? Then, let us begin the trade.”

    The cultivator thought about how he could obtain a commission after this transaction was complete and his smile became blinding.

    “Hold on.”

    A deep and low voice sounded out. Before the person arrived, a bone-chilling cold had already reached them. The cultivator behind the counter stiffened and asked in a trembling voice, “Greetings, Grandmaster Yao. Is there anything you need?”

    Qin Yu didn’t even glance at him. He looked towards the several anxious Black Demon Sect cultivators and said, “This old man wants those materials. My price will be 30% higher than what you are offered.”

    The terrifying cultivators were startled. Their eyes lit up. The leading cultivator said, “Grandmaster Yao, are you for real?”

    Qin Yu coldly coughed. “My word has always been good!” He raised his hand and took out a jade bottle. “There are ten Soul Ghost Pills in here. Give me the materials.”

    After being given a fright, the several people quickly took out the materials. Qin Yu looked over them and nodded, “Very good. From now on, if you find any spirit plants, in particular seeds and other such materials, you can come and look for me. I will give you a satisfactory price.”

    After he spoke he flicked his sleeves and left, leaving behind a crowd of stunned people. They were all wondering, since when had this strange and vicious Grandmaster Yao become so well-spoken?

    “Hurry and check the Soul Ghost Pills!” The several Black Demon Sect cultivators gathered together and cautiously took out the jade bottle to inspect it. A rich slaughter energy surged out and the anxious people suddenly relaxed, excitement in their eyes.

    High-grade pills!

    “Go, we’re leaving first!” The Black Demon Sect cultivators left in a hurry.

    But this scene had already been witnessed by many people. What happened in the side hall began to spread around in a small area. Grandmaster Yao had used ten high-grade Soul Ghost Pills to exchange for a batch of spirit plants. Although the spirit plants were high quality, to trade them for ten high-grade Soul Ghost Pills was absolutely a great price!

    If this only happened once or twice, then everyone would simply talk about it and forget it. After all, Grandmaster Yao was known to be subject to shifting moods, and who knew what was going on in that head of his. But, the crux of the issue was that on the next day, the Alchemy Division issued a long-term mission to purchase spirit plants, spirit seeds, and other similar materials. The rewards offered were also extremely rich. And, the one who issued this mission was Grandmaster Yao who had just stirred up a little storm yesterday.

    With Grandmaster Yao’s reputation, even if this mission was set for an extremely long period of time, no one dared to risk death to go up and trade anything with him. But, it just happened that there was a Black Demon Sect cultivator who owed many loans and was forced to take the risk and trade with Grandmaster Yao. The result was completely unexpected.

    Three days after this Black Demon Sect cultivator paid off all his loans, several other Black Demon Sect cultivators arrived at Grandmaster Yao’s dwelling. They found that they couldn’t see Grandmaster Yao at all. Rather, the ones that received them were two giant and sturdy fellows standing outside the palace!

    These two people were at least 10 feet tall and their bodies were solid and strong like iron. Even though they wore the largest set of servants’ clothing, it was far too tight and small, exposing their thick and bulky muscles for all to see.

    No one doubted that those massive bowl-sized fists could beat someone into utter submission!

    But since they had already come, they braced themselves and walked forward, stating that they came to exchange spirit plant materials with Grandmaster Yao. Unexpectedly, even though these two big fellows had barbaric and fierce appearances, their attitudes were mild and pleasant. After inquiring into what materials there were and what the request was, one of them took the spirit ring and walked straight into the main hall.

    Soon, that big fellow returned and gave back the storage ring. “Grandmaster said that your materials are very good. If you have any in the future, you can continue returning to trade.”

    After checking the goods within the storage ring, the several people were all overjoyed. They nodded like little chickens poking at rice, their eyes flashing like stars. They thought that with Grandmaster Yao here, who would bother selling to those blood-sucking ghosts at the Alchemy Division?

    Grandmaster Yao’s reputation soon spread throughout the entire Black Demon Sect. He became the gospel of all cultivators who had a massive amount of spirit plant materials in their hands. For a time, the palace entrance was bustling. If it weren’t for those two large fellows guarding the door, the palace gates would likely have been trampled down!

    “Tsk tsk, with that physique, height, and strength, I think they are barbarians!”

    “I heard that only in the uppermost regions of the Qin and Zhao Countries, where the weather is bitter cold do such barbarians exist. They are born with incredible strength and make the best servants. Their value is not low!”

    “Servant? Only Grandmaster Yao could afford them. Look at their rich blood energy. Their mortal bodies must be strong to a ridiculous degree! If we went up against them, even we might not be their match!”

    “That’s right, these two barbarians must be masters.”

    From the bodies of the two large barbarians, the Black Demon Sect cultivators finally drew a conclusion: Grandmaster Yao had kept his depths hidden; he must be terrifyingly wealthy!

    And the most direct result was that the Black Demon Sect cultivators had even greater faith in Grandmaster Yao’s financial resources. All sorts of spirit plant materials came rushing forward!