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Chapter 296 - Start, Show

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 296: Start, Show

    A thick layer of carpet covered the washroom of the clubhouse, silencing one’s footsteps.

    Su Cha was about to enter when she suddenly smiled and said, “Is Secretary Tang going to the washroom too?”

    Tang Keruo paused. Her eyes were no longer as calm as when she was facing the two big shots. Her gaze on Su Cha had become colder and sharper.

    “Miss Su, you are so lucky.”

    Su Cha was surprised by her sudden words.

    She tilted her head as if she was innocent. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. By ‘lucky,’ are you referring to my becoming Muyi’s girlfriend? If so, you’re right, I do have a good life.”

    “Miss Su, you’re just acting dumb now.”

    Tang Keruo glanced at her from head to toe. The girl’s 18-year-old appearance was deceptive. Given Su Cha’s superb acting skills, Tang Keruo could not tell if she really did not understand.

    However, she suddenly smiled lightly. “Miss Su, do you really not know what the Tang Sect is?”

    Su Cha frowned as if she was trying hard to think. “The Tang Sect is a sect—the kind that knows how to throw hidden weapons. However, those are found only in novels and TV shows.”


    Tang Keruo sneered as if she was about to turn around and leave. But in an instant, she faced Su Cha again and flipped her wrist. It was as if something cold shot out from her hand.

    The girl did not look as if she was able to react in time. She turned around only when she heard a “Ding.”

    A silver needle was pinned firmly on the wall. All the renovations done on the stone wall could not even leave a scratch on it, but the silver needle managed to get embedded in an unbelievable manner.

    One could well imagine that if the needle had been thrown at Su Cha…

    Su Cha turned around and looked at Tang Keruo in fear.

    Tang Keruo’s eyes narrowed when she saw Su Cha’s expression. A trace of disdain flashed across her eyes before she chuckled softly. “Did you see that, Miss Su? This world is not what you think it is. Don’t think that you can be so naive just because you have Young Master Bo’s protection. You don’t know what the Bo family represents. You can’t take my uncle’s revenge lightly.”

    Su Cha was terrified. “Aren’t you afraid that I will complain? You threatened me, Miss Tang!”


    Tang Keruo did not care at all. She combed her hair and said, “Miss Su, I’m afraid you don’t know who the Tang Sect is. Even if Young Master Bo can protect you, can he do so forever?”

    After saying this, she went to pull out the silver needle. Then, she gave Su Cha a look of complete contempt and turned to leave. Her back was straight and strong, like that of a proud queen.

    That cowardly Tigress under the protection of others was the reason her uncle got killed.

    But Tang Keruo did not see that after she left, the girl behind her did not look afraid.

    Su Cha lowered her eyes and chuckled.

    The girl’s laughter was like a silver bell that resounded in this environment.

    Although she did not know who this Tang Keruo was, she knew that she belonged to the Tang Sect. The traitor of the Tang Sect was her uncle?

    She said that she could not take her uncle’s revenge lightly…

    Su Cha was puzzled.

    She had never killed anyone before. How could she be blamed over someone who had nothing to do with her?

    Su Cha was suddenly a little excited. Deciding to continue with this performance, she intended to let them think that she was a tame Tigress next to Bo Muyi and slowly tease out the mysteries of this world.