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Chapter 351 - Get Some Interest First (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 351: Get Some Interest First (1)

    Aw. it was too much pressure to have to hire a boss like her partner, whose time was calculated to the very second and minute.

    Xu Weilai blinked a few times and cleared her throat. She asked earnestly, “Love is everywhere. Why not give me a discount?”

    Gu Yu replied directly, “No.”

    Xu Weilai scratched her head and stood up. She paced around the room for a while as she used her intelligence to think of a solution. When she opened her mouth again, there was a hint of whining in her voice. “Then… can you give me a couple of prices?”

    A couple of prices…?

    Xu Weilai could see the happiness deep within Gu Yu’s eyes, which smoothened out his sharp and cold features as he leaned back onto the driver’s seat. After at least ten seconds of silence, he lazily replied, “Yes.”

    After getting Gu Yu’s approval, Xu Weilai’s eyes lit up brightly.

    At first, she thought that it would take a lot of effort for her to persuade him. However, she didn’t expect him to be so easy to convince. He was cold one second ago, then kind-hearted the next moment. Men were so fickle-minded.

    Even so, she liked it this way!

    “Then tell me; what do you need me to do?”

    Xu Weilai straightened her expression as she said each word clearly, “I need to borrow your power!”


    After Gu Yu hung up, another call came in almost instantly.

    He scanned the caller ID and slid his finger on the phone. Then, he placed his phone beside his ear and said, “Speak.”

    Assistant Lin’s extremely anxious voice rang out from the other side. “Mr. Gu, how long will it take for you to return to the company? The top management of the company is already in the meeting room. They’re waiting for you to start the meeting.”

    Gu Yu tapped on the steering wheel a few times with his long finger before he said, “I will not be going back to the company today. The meeting is postponed.”


    That wasn’t what Gu Yu said when Assistant Lin called him one hour ago! Didn’t he say that he would arrive at the company meeting on time?

    Even though the top management was all ready and well-prepared in the meeting room now, did Gu Yu say that he wasn’t coming back?


    Gu Yu had the right to not need to explain any of the decisions he made to Assistant Lin. However, Gu Yu didn’t mind sharing his reason with him this time. “My wife hired me. From today onward, all my time belongs to her.”

    Assistant Lin didn’t know what to say.

    The reason he wouldn’t return to hold the meeting was that he was accompanying his wife?

    Assistant Lin felt like breaking down a little. For a moment, thought about having to face the cold expressions he would get from the company’s top management. Deciding to make a final effort, he said “Mr. Gu, the company needs you! At least return and hold the meeting first!

    “Oh…”The corners of Gu Yu’s lips lifted into a slight smile as he said, “My wife needs me more than they do.”

    Assistant Lin wasn’t just attacked with several objections to hold the meeting. He was even forced to listen to Gu Yu flaunting his love for Xu Weilai. His words made Assistant Lin feel bitter.

    “If there’s nothing else that’s important today, then don’t call me anymore.” Gu Yu paused for a second before continuing. “Actually, don’t call me even if something important comes up!”

    The moment he finished speaking, he hung up the call without any hesitation.

    Assistant Lin silently wiped his tears, which were enough to fill the West Lake.

    Gu Yu’s car drove back to the entrance of L building. He gracefully threw his car keys to the valet parking young men and moved his long legs. He then walked elegantly into the building.

    Based on the instructions Xu Weilai gave him, he didn’t go directly up to the room. Instead, he went to the restaurant in the building and sat in the most obvious spot to wait for her.

    In the room, Xu Weilai changed back in her most attention-grabbing attire and makeup. The only thing she didn’t wear was her diamond ring. After that, she walked out of her room and took the lift down; the sight made her seem like a wealthy lady. She swaggered into the restaurant, catching everyone’s attention on the way.

    She sat on the seat opposite of Gu Yu and smiled at him sweetly. Then, she shouted in a sweet voice, “Honey! You must have waited for so long!”

    Gu Yu gave a small smile as he savored the fact that she called him ‘honey’. He replied, “Well, I should always wait for you.”