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Chapter 339 - Mediocre Man

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 339: Mediocre Man

    The silence that ensued was deafening.

    Jiang Yao dared not imagine how devastating a total wipe out was, nor did she ask why Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin were back at home earlier than usual.

    Nobody knew how long they stayed in each other’s arms, leaning on the door for support. In the quiet house, only their breathing was heard.

    Jiang Yao started sobbing. She bit her lips, and spoke softly, “Lu Xingzhi, how I wished you were a mediocre person. Why do you have to be so good at what you do?”

    He would not have been involved in any of these incidents.

    “My dear… Jiang Yao.” Lu Xingzhi sighed. “But your husband is one of the best soldiers out there. I am leaving for Jindo City in an hour to join the rescue effort.”

    She knew it, she knew everything! Even if she did not ask, she knew it would come to this!

    “Why are they sending people over when the rescue team was wiped out last night?! Why can’t the country just give the hijackers what they want? Why are they still sending their own countrymen to die? Isn’t that enough?!” Jiang Yao wailed; she was close to falling apart.

    If only Lu Xingzhi had not told her about the tragic loss of last night’s effort, she would not have reacted so drastically. Now that she knew the danger of the mission, she would never allow Lu Xingzhi to go.

    She was afraid.

    Afraid of seeing him injured, or worse, seeing him return in a body bag.

    She did not want to go through the feeling of despair and misery ever again.

    “Can you not go? How about you retire from the military, huh? We can always do something else!” Jiang Yao held on to Lu Xingzhi tightly. Nobody could really understand how she was feeling right then and there.

    “I will be fine, dear. The arrangements are better this time. Plus, we obtained plenty of information from the people that were sacrificed yesterday. Old General Liang is still there, waiting for us. I don’t care about anything else, but I need to go in and rescue him!”

    Tighter, and tighter as they hugged each other.

    Frustrated, Lu Xingzhi would not have asked Jiang Yao to visit if he knew a mission like this would come up.

    She came, but she did not have a good time here.

    First, there was Mrs. Ge, then there was this dangerous mission. How could Jiang Yao enjoy her time here at the platoon?

    Jiang Yao could not stop crying. She had always been a strong and sometimes, stubborn girl. Today was the day she lost control of her tears, she kept sobbing.

    Could it be that during her last life, since she was at Nanjiang City, Lu Xingzhi was transferred out of the platoon here at Jin City and did not join the rescue mission?