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Chapter 343 - No Way

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 343: No Way

    “Yes, your son is older, but he can’t go up against our little platoon!” Jiang Yao snorted, her tear-filled eyes were as red as a rabbit’s eyes, but she managed to pull a cocky face that made herself look intrigued and adorable.

    “Yes, our little platoon can bully Colonel Lin’s little menace!” Lu Xingzhi added while caressing Jiang Yao’s head.

    “Hey! My boy is not a menace!” Colonel Lin chided in an amused tone.

    “He’s not?” Lu Xingzhi frowned suspiciously, his pretentiously confused expression was so surreal people would believe his suspicion. “Didn’t you complain to me about your little brat a few days ago?”

    They teased each other for another two minutes until the sharp sound of a whistle echoed across the helipad as a signal for assembly. It also meant that it was time for them to be apart.

    Jiang Yao and Zhou Weiqi watched from a distance as Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin boarded the helicopter, it took off, flew over their heads, flew further and further away until it disappeared from their sight.

    “Jiang Yao, let’s go. They’ve been gone for more than half an hour, I bet they must have crossed the border by now.”

    Zhou Weiqi threw the cigarette that he had only puffed twice on the floor and grinded it.

    Jiang Yao sucked in a breath in surprise. She thought that she had only looked at the sky for a few minutes, but the fact was, half an hour had passed.

    “So fast?” Jiang Yao did not know for sure whether she was referring to the time or the speed of the helicopter.

    “Jiang Yao, let’s be housemates, stay with me at the house that Xingzhi gave me, okay? The house at Golden Harbor has many vacant rooms. If you feel bored, I’ll ask Yannie to keep you company, what say you?” Zhou Weiqi asked as he opened the car door for Jiang Yao.

    “What do you want to eat for lunch? Do you want to eat at a restaurant on the way home or do you want to go home first and we’ll call for delivery?”

    Jiang Yao regained her composure upon hearing Zhou Weiqi’s voice. She got into the car slowly as she replied, “We’ll just find a restaurant on the way to settle our lunch. I want to go to the hospital to visit Grandmother Liang after lunch.”

    She lifted her gaze to the sky once again and looked at the direction the helicopter flew away in.

    “That’s enough, you’re going to sprain your neck if you keep on looking up like that. He’ll probably be back in two days’ time, trust me,” Zhou Weiqi teased Jiang Yao to ease the mood and diverted the topic back to lunch. “What do you want to have for lunch? Xingzhi said that you like something mild-flavored, how about Longteng? Did you like their food during your last visit? Was it good? They’re going to expand Longteng into a resort, their revenue will be increased by multiple folds! I’ll ask Xingzhi to discuss with our big brother to give me a VIP card so that I can go there to enjoy for free every day.”

    When he mentioned Lu Xingzhi’s mission, his tone was casual and relaxed, as if he was talking about Lu Xingzhi going to the market to do some shopping.

    “No way~” Jiang Yao shook her head. “Your big brother has to raise three kids, your brother Xingzhi has to raise four, they’re going to have a very heavy financial burden.”

    Zhou Weiqi looked askance at Jiang Yao. Should he send her back to the base and leave her there alone?

    In the end, they did not go to Longteng. The restaurant was too far away from the hospital. They stopped at a small beef noodle shop nearby for a simple lunch, bought some fruits and supplements at a nearby convenience store, and went straight to the hospital.

    At this moment, only Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran were at the hospital, the others had gone home to rest. They did not want anything to happen to the rest of the family at a critical moment like this, so Mrs. Liang and her eldest daughter-in-law went home to get some rest and would swap with Liang Yueze and his wife at night.

    “Hey, you’re here,” Liang Yueze greeted Zhou Weiqi and Jiang Yao with slight surprise when he saw them. He knew that Lu Xingzhi sent Jiang Yao to Jindo City, but he did not expect them to come to the hospital right away.