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Chapter 552 - : The Ending

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 552: The Ending

    Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Wow!” Little Dragon watched sadly as his new toy nearly disappeared in the air. He patted his little chubby hands and put them around its mother’s neck. It leaned its small head on her shoulder, feeling tired.


    Yun Jiuge held Little Dragon tight. In a daze, she came to the crater where Zi Shang fell from the air.

    She smelled the remnants of Zi Shang’s scent in the air. She went soft in her knees and slumped to the ground. Her mind was a complete blank.

    “Um ma!” Little Dragon babbled, and then tugged a handful of Yun Jiuge’s hair hard.

    Next, the blackened Magic Cauldron dropped and almost smashed Yun Jiuge’s toes.

    “Master, don’t be sad. I’ve used the Soul Retrieval Wood to gather Lord Zi Shang’s soul for safekeeping,” Cute Little Baby’s urgent voice rang out in Yun Jiuge’s Subconscious mind, instantly pulling her back from the brink.

    “Where is it?” Yun Jiuge’s voice could not help shaking.

    “Here.” Cute Little Baby pointed to the Soul Retrieval Wood planted in the space. A quiet black dragon was gathered inside the red mist-like tree. It was undoubtedly Zi Shang’s soul.

    “Zi Shang, Zi Shang!” Yun Jiuge’s Cognitive sank into the Magic Cauldron and condensed into a tiny figure to pounce before the Soul Retrieval Wood while crying out repeatedly.

    “Jiuge, are you alright?” said Zi Shang, who used his strength to pry open his eyelids. His pupil reflected Yun Jiuge’s figure.

    “I’m fine. I’ve already killed Ao Ge. How are you now?” Yun Jiuge reached out to touch Zi Shang, but her hand went through his soul.

    “My soul is very weak. You’ve to lift the Celestial Palace Seal and put my soul back into my original body.” After Yun Jiuge mended the heaven during that time, she had sealed the Celestial Palace. Zi Shang’s soul had followed her to reincarnate together and left his original body in the Celestial Palace.

    “I’ll definitely take you back to the Celestial Palace.” As long as Zi Shang could survive, not to mention taking him back to the Celestial Palace, it would not even be a problem to take him outside the boundary to find evil demons outside the heavens.

    “Okay.” Zi Shang’s eyelids were getting heavier and his voice became weaker. Although he hid inside the Soul Retrieval Wood at the critical moment, he still lost a lot of strength. He already had no energy to speak.

    “Master, rest assured I’ll take good care of Lord Zi Shang.” Cute Little Baby smiled obsequiously. It could finally return to the Celestial Palace after so many years of wandering outside.

    “I’ll hand him over to you. I’ll hold you accountable if anything happens to him,” Yun Jiuge said sternly.

    “Yes,” replied Cute Little Baby with a serious expression as it made sure to complete the task.

    Although Yun Jiuge would have liked to stay inside the Magic Cauldron to accompany Zi Shang, there were still many matters waiting for her to attend to.

    Yun Jiuge left the Magic Cauldron and saw that Little Dragon had already fallen into a deep sleep while holding her neck.

    “Good boy.” Yun Jiuge lovingly planted a kiss on the small corner of its forehead before sending it to the Magic Cauldron to be put next to Zi Shang. Then she spread the wings at her back and flew toward Yun City.

    Yin Shili was just standing at the top section of Yun City when he saw a golden light from afar, flying in the distance.

    He focused his eyes to gaze into the distance only to see Yun Jiuge shrouded in golden light, with her feet stepping on a magic cloud. She looked incomparably pure and holy.

    “All hail the Goddess,” Yin Shili knelt on one knee as his voice rang throughout Yun City.

    The human-beast hybrids also knelt down in succession and greeted the arrival of Yun Jiuge with utmost devotion.

    “Where’s Nangong Li?” Yun Jiuge asked Yin Shili when she descended before him.

    “He’s dead,” Yin Shili sighed.

    “What happened?” The demonic soul was not easy to deal with. She did not think Yin Shili was capable of killing him.

    “You’ll know when you come with me,” answered Yin Shili, who brought Yun Jiuge to Nangong Li’s room.

    Nangong Li’s body was seen lying on the ground and it had already become the same monster as Nangong Yue.

    Baili Moyun sat on the side with a shocked expression and in a complete daze.

    “There was a sudden bang in the sky just now, and he dropped dead all of a sudden to become like this,” Yin Shili said.

    “Very good.” There was no need for her to do it herself.

    “Miss Yun, what the hell is going on?” Baili Moyun held the wall to stand up. He did not understand how his close friend could become such a monster.

    “Nangong Li and Nangong Yue were killed by demonic souls,” Yun Jiuge recounted the story of the evil Tianwai Demonic Clan and Ao Ge.

    The demonic soul had possessed Nangong Li with the intention to wipe out the human-beast hybrids of Yun City. Unfortunately, he did not manage to take action and instead perished along with Ao Ge.

    “Now that the passage is closed, is the Great Catastrophe coming to an end?” Yin Shili nervously asked.

    “The Tianwai Demonic Clan has already turned their attention here. They’ll send people here sooner or later. We must make preparations in advance. Summon all the human-beast hybrids. I’ve matters to instruct,” said Yun Jiuge, who wasted no time. After she settled things here, she still had to bring Zi Shang back to the Celestial Palace.

    After all the human-beast hybrids gathered, Yun Jiuge eliminated all the Demon Qi in the Chaotic Secret Realm in front of everyone.

    Golden light shone on the land and everything grew. Green grass sprouted, and clean spring water re-emerged.

    The human-beast hybrids knelt excitedly at Yun Jiuge’s feet with tears streaming down. They muttered effusive thanks to the Goddess for her gift.

    “Ow, ow, ow, aren’t you going to take me along?” A’dai’s beady eyes widened from the fear upon hearing that Yun Jiuge was going to leave.

    “You are needed here more,” said Yun Jiuge. She patted A’dai’s head, secretly giving him a little Holy Power.

    A’dai’s body shape lengthened, and he slowly grew taller to finally become a young man with a handsome face and upturned eyes.

    “When you grow up, you can come to the Celestial Palace to look for me,” Yun Jiuge said. She shot out a golden prophecy in the air and ordered the Eagle Clan’s Prince Ling Fei as the king of all beasts to lead the entire human-beast hybrid clan.

    She also left a code of worship for the Cultivators at the shrine, allowing the various tribes to select outstanding human-beast hybrids to enter the shrine to learn the knowledge of worship. This would help the human-beast hybrids continue to evolve.

    After Yun Jiuge settled matters at the Secret Realm, she took Baili Moyun and Yin Shili to leave.

    “Goddess, what can I do?” Baili Moyun looked determined. The death of a close friend demonstrated how terrible the Tianwai Demonic Clan was. He was eager to do something.

    “I’ll bestow you with a Nascent Soul Cultivation. I hope you can lead the righteous and prepare for the arrival of the Great Catastrophe.” Yun Jiuge took out a Holy Pill which she had refined in her previous life. It was originally prepared for herself when she had to battle against the Tianwai Demonic Clan.

    But after what happened with Zi Shang, she did not intend to take on the heavy burden herself.

    The rise and fall of the world concerned everyone. Baili Moyun’s heart was righteous. She believed that he would be able to lead the righteous Cultivators to achieve results.

    “Goddess, rest assured that I know what to do,” replied Baili Moyun as he received the Holy Pill and swallowed it. Then he took his leave and left.

    “It looks like the demonic clan is left to me,” said Yin Shili as he took a step forward toward Yun Jiuge.

    “This is the thing that Zi Shang promised you.” Yun Jiuge took out two green Hearts of the Heavens and the Earth.

    “Thank you very much.” Yin Shili did not say anything bold or grand. He was taught by Fan Yin and had long regarded the saving of the world as his duty.

    After Yin Shili departed, Yun Jiuge came to Shiwan Grand Mountain to find Jun Yichen, Luo Tian and Ye Yu, informing them of the matter about the Tianwai Demonic Clan. Next, she also similarly bestowed Holy Pills upon them.

    “Eldest Miss, will we see you again in the future?” Ye Yu looked sadly at Yun Jiuge. Jun Yichen and Luo Tian also looked sad.

    “Cultivate well and you can come visit me when you reach the Soul Formation Cultivation,” Yun Jiuge comforted.

    “Where do you live? How are we going to find you?” Ye Yu was immediately shocked.

    “I live in Kunlun Mountain Celestial Palace…”

    That night, thunder suddenly rolled in the Kunlun Mountain range. Golden light erupted within a 100 mile radius. Dramatic phantom shadows enveloped the entire land.

    The golden Celestial Gate barely opened, and a column of golden light covered Kunlun Mountain. A pure and beautiful woman slowly ascended amid the golden column of light. Henceforth she left behind countless legends in Canglan Continent…