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Chapter 297 - New Toy?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 297: New Toy?

    After she went to the washroom, she washed her hands and returned to the private room.

    Tang Keruo stood there with a calm smile on her face, so perfect and formulaic.

    Even after threatening Su Cha in the washroom, Tang Keruo still managed to smile calmly at her.

    Su Cha met that smiling gaze that was, in truth, glacial. Her eyes flickered slightly as she lowered her head, as if she was afraid to meet Tang Keruo's eyes.

    Bo Muyi had been paying attention to Su Cha since she returned, and thus he keenly noticed some changes. "What's wrong?"

    As he spoke, he exuded a cold aura and glared at Tang Keruo.

    Tang Keruo suddenly felt the man's fierce and bloodthirsty gaze. Her heart tightened and her scalp went numb.

    This man was too scary.

    If Su Cha really said something, Tang Keruo had a feeling that she would not be able to bear the consequences. She might even have to ask for mercy…


    As expected, the girl shrunk and walked to Bo Muyi's side. She hugged his waist and whispered, "Maybe I'm just a little uncomfortable."

    She seemed to be in low spirits.

    Tang Keruo smirked.

    She was really timid. She was so scared that she dared not say anything.

    "Then let's go back early."

    Bo Muyi knew that it was normal for Su Cha to feel uncomfortable during special times, but…

    His eyes darkened. Why did he feel that this little naughty fellow was hiding something?

    Tan Yezhu looked at Su Cha with interest. "What's wrong? Did I make you feel uncomfortable in any way?"

    Right, there's that. Su Cha had just arrived, so it was impolite of her to say such a thing.

    She was not giving face to Tan Yezhu.

    Su Cha lifted her head and glanced at Tan Yezhu carefully. Then, she shrank into Bo Muyi's arms and whispered, "I'm just a little uncomfortable. I'll just sleep here for a while."

    Tan Yezhu observed Su Cha's expression.

    This person clearly did not look like this when she first came in…

    He looked up at his secretary, Tang Keruo.

    Bo Muyi was unhappy. His eyes darkened. "You are really talkative."

    He then touched Su Cha's cheek. "Let's go back for now and meet him again next time."

    He got up and Su Cha hugged his waist. She leaned against his arms and got up with him. Tan Yezhu shrugged indifferently. "Okay. I will stay for a long while this time around. I can come to the Lookout Pavilion to see you."

    After saying that, he waved his hand and grinned. "Bye, Muyi. I won't see you off."

    His words were annoying.

    Bo Muyi ignored him and left with Su Cha.

    When they passed by Tang Keruo, Su Cha glanced at her with a timid look.

    After they left, Tang Keruo suddenly smiled and said, "Boss, what a cute little bunny, don't you think so?"

    Tan Yezhu looked at her, supporting his forehead and raising the corner of his eyes devilishly. "Oh really? Has my dear Keruo found a new toy?"

    Tang Keruo lowered her head and smiled. "It's not like I'd dare to be the girlfriend of the Bo family's young master. I just find this interesting."


    Tan Yezhu nodded in agreement. "Be careful, Keruo. When a rabbit is anxious, it will bite."

    Tang Keruo smiled confidently, thinking that the boss was just joking.

    Tan Yezhu smiled meaningfully at Tang Keruo's confident look.