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Chapter 376 - Bitten Lip Look!!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 376: Bitten Lip Look!!

    Ning Meng was now sandwiched between him and the door.

    It was winter, and the heater was turned on in the office. However, the temperature of the door was still quite cold, and the chill seeped through her clothes and onto her skin. Although he did not press close against her, his body heat was oozing out. She was trapped between ice and fire.

    Ning Meng was about to say something when he lowered his head and gently kissed her. She widened her eyes with a wronged look on her face and stared in disbelief at him.

    Although the door of the office could block out sounds well, as she was leaning against the door, she could sense the Secretarial Department on the other side, waiting for their boss's orders. She could hear the walking footsteps and the sound of their discussion.

    "This is an urgent document that needs the boss's signature. Is he in?"

    "Yes, he's in. Go ahead and enter."

    When Ning Meng heard this, she subconsciously tried to push him away. Yet, when she tried to push him with all her strength, he refused to budge an inch. She could hear the footsteps stop at the door. She wanted to tell him to let go, but all she could do was let out a mumbling sound. He had completely pushed all her words back into her belly.

    The person stood outside and called out, "CEO Huo."

    Huo Beichen ignored the call and kept his eyes closed. Ning Meng tried to push him again, and finally, managed to do so after much struggling. Before she could say a word, he put his finger against his lips, signaling for her to keep silent. He then leaned over to her ear and quietly whispered, "If they hear what you have to say, they will simply speculate."

    Her peach blossom eyes welled up with tears, and she used her big, round eyes filled with accusations to stare at Huo Beichen, asking him with her eyes, "and so?".

    "So, don't make a sound."

    He lowered his head again after he had said this. The room was dead silent. The person outside noticed that there was no sound and did not dare to casually walk in. Thus, he walked to the side and asked, "Is CEO Huo really inside?"

    "Yes, he is!"

    "Why did he not ask me to go in when I called out his name?"

    "I think the missus just went in."

    "… Understood!"

    What did you understand? She had not made a single sound! What would you simply speculate? Wait, that did not sound right. Would silence not make the truth seem more apparent?! She had been cheated by this man!

    Ning Meng's face flushed red. She felt as though all the air in her lungs had been sucked out. She was feeling light in the head, and her whole body was feeling weak. After a long while, he finally let her go.

    Lowered his head, he looked at her rosy red lips and big, watery eyes. Huo Beichen felt a fire surging inside of him, and he could barely resist it. But although Ning Meng's lips were seductive and she looked quite wild, she was easily embarrassed. If he made his amorous advances here, he was afraid that she would hide from him for a few days. Huo Beichen held himself back and let go of her.

    It was at this time that Qi Shan knocked on the door. "Boss, Missus, your braised chicken rice is here! May I come in?"

    He pushed open the door after he had said this. When the door opened, he saw Ning Meng and Huo Beichen standing just by the door. Qi Shan went into a daze and seemed to have realized the situation. "Boss, Missus, you're too kind to be waiting for me here… I'll just put these on the coffee table near the sofa…"

    After saying this, he curiously looked at Ning Meng. "Missus, why are your lips swollen?"

    She threw a glare at Huo Beichen and let out a cough. "This is called a bitten lip look. Don't you even understand fashion?"

    Qi Shan put the food down. Two minutes after he had walked away, Zhen Shanmei sent a WeChat text to her: [How do you put on a bitten lip makeup look?]