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Chapter 377 - Let’s Eat Some Meat Tonigh

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 377: Let’s Eat Some Meat Tonight

    Ning Meng was so furious that she wanted to throw her chopsticks away. Why was Qi Shan's mouth so big? She took her phone and replied to Zhen Shanmei's text: [Ask Qi Shan to help you.]

    Zhen Shanmei: [?]

    After Ning Meng had sent the text, she tossed her phone to one side and threw an angry glare at Huo Beichen. It was all his fault!

    Unfortunately, her peach blossom eyes carried an air of allure when she stared at others. Huo Beichen misunderstood the meaning behind her glare and looked toward the door. He then whispered, "You can't wait until tonight?"


    Her face flushed red. "Can you not speak normally?!"

    She was about to explode at his teasing. Huo Beichen laughed at her. "Why don't you stroll around the company this afternoon? I have an important conference. I'll let you eat some meat tonight when we get back."

    Huo Beichen's braised pork was indeed delicious. Although Ning Meng felt that the phrase "eat some meat" was a bit ambiguous, she decided to continue on the normal thinking path. She did not want to give him any more opportunities to make fun of her. Hence, she nodded. "Sure, let's eat some braised pork tonight, then."

    Huo Beichen smiled and did not say another word. After they had both finished their meal, Huo Beichen went for his meeting. Ning Meng sat on the sofa and thought about the happenings of the day. Ning Ke had yet to bring her much trouble. She was instead thinking of the Little Queen, Li Shiyao's family matters.

    With these kinds of parents, there would be endless suffering in the future if they did not quickly handle this situation. After Li Shiyao won an award and rose further up the ranks, the tactics used today would not work anymore. She needed to think of a solution before the TV drama finished its filming. While she was deep in her thoughts, someone gently knocked on the door. Ning Meng shouted, "Come in!"

    The office doors were pushed open, and a secretary in her twenties walked in. She was holding onto a document and respectfully spoke to her. "Missus, this is a document that requires CEO Huo's signature. I'm putting this on his table."


    Why did it feel like she was the lady boss when someone needed to ask for her permission? Ning Meng felt quite uneasy about this but smiled anyway. After the secretary had put the document on the table, it seemed as though she wanted to talk, but restrained herself out of fear.

    "Anything else?"

    The secretary then smiled timidly out of curiosity. "I wanted to ask about the bitten lip makeup look. How do you do it? After PA Qi Shan told us about it, our Secretary Department is very intrigued and especially sent me over to ask you."


    Did Qi Shan install a loudspeaker onto his big, fat mouth?

    Her face went blank. Not daring to tell her the truth, she stood up. "Come, let me teach you how."

    The bitten lip look had only become trendy during the last few years in her real world. The fact that this was non-existent in the book was quite logical. Ning Meng took out a lipstick and some liquid foundation, put on some light makeup, and showed the secretary. The secretary's eyes brightened up at this sight. "This is such a pretty look! Missus, you're amazing!"

    Ning Meng's lips twitched, and she waved her hand. "I learned this from someone else too."

    The secretary left with her heart filled with gratitude. Before the office doors closed, she could hear the ladies in the Secretary Department coming over. "Have you asked her?"

    The secretary was elated. "Yes!"

    Since then, the bitten look became trendy in Huo Group. When Huo Beichen came to work the next day, he noticed that the ladies in the Secretary Department all had lips that looked as though they had been gnawed on by a pig.

    Huo Beichen was rendered completely speechless at this sight.