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Chapter 352 - Get Some Interest First (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 352: Get Some Interest First (2)

    The manager that was waiting at the side couldn't help but gasp. The attendants that kept glancing secretly in this direction couldn't help but follow suit.

    During the past three years, rumors spread about the relationship between Gu Yu and the superstar, Su Ziqian. Everyone thought that she would be able to marry into the Gu family and ultimately become Gu Yu's wife. Some time ago, Gu Yu revealed that he was already married in his exclusive interview. Many people guessed that it was Su Ziqian, but now they learned that the lady who called herself Mrs. Gu wasn't her at all!

    She was dressed lavishly. All the things she was carrying and wearing were all sparkling with the rays of money. Although she had a pair of sunglasses on her face to hide her actual appearance, was this exaggerating lady really the wife of everyone's dream man? Was his taste so unique?

    However, everything they saw was real. The reality was that this was Gu Yu's true wife… he seemed to dote on her a lot!

    Damn it! As expected, handsome men are all blind! The ladies also wanted such a handsome, wealthy, and blind man!

    The attendant served the cappuccino that Gu Yu ordered for Xu Weilai. A beautiful, realistic-looking rose was drawn using the milk foam on the cappuccino.

    Xu Weilai admired the drawing for a moment before lifting the cup and taking a sip. The milk foam got onto her lips, leaving a patch of white.

    Gu Yu looked into her black eyes as a deep emotion flashed passed his gaze. He suddenly stood up and leaned over the table towards her. He grabbed her chin with his slender fingers and forced her to slightly lift her head.

    Xu Weilai felt the man's handsome face zooming right in front of her eyes. The next second, her breath stopped and her black eyes widened.

    Gu Yu's moved his lips again but they landed beside her ears instead. His voice was low and hoarse. It was charismatic and mesmerizing as he said, "I'll get some interest first."

    Xu Weilai felt the gazes shooting towards her from all directions. Her face instantly turned warm as if a fire was burning within her.

    Fortunately, she was wearing sunglasses so people couldn't see her embarrassment. Had she not had them on, she wouldn't have the courage to continue anymore.

    She took a few deep breaths and finally managed to calm her emotions. She continued drinking her coffee and eat the cake with Gu Yu. She appeared to dearly love him. When they were almost done with displaying their love in public, they called for the bill. Xu Weilai held Gu Yu's arm and leaned against him as they went up to their room.

    The couple only entered the room for approximately five minutes before the manager received an internal call from Xu Weilai asking him to pay a visit to her room.

    When he heard that she was in a bad mood, his heart dropped. He quickly rushed over and entered the room. There, he saw Gu Yu leaning against the sofa with a cold expression on his face. Mrs. Gu angrily shouted at him, "Manager, I only went down to have high tea with my husband. When I came back, the diamond ring I left in my room was gone! Don't tell me that a high-class private place like this has such relaxed security. Don't tell me that one of your men is a thief."

    The manager immediately remembered the diamond ring Mrs. Gu was wearing that almost blinded everyone. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead immediately. However, all the staff here passed through stringent screenings; no one would steal anything. Additionally, the people that came here were all extremely wealthy. They couldn't afford to offend anyone of them, and no one would have the guts to do it either!

    He couldn't help but ask, "Mrs. Gu, have you searched carefully? Could it be that you accidentally left it somewhere and forgot about it?"

    "Hmph!" Xu Weilai sneered, "Are you saying that it's my fault? It has nothing to do with you?"

    She instantly looked pitifully at Gu Yu and said, "Hubby, that is the wedding ring that you gave me. There's no way I would lose something I cherish so deeply, but he's saying that I did! He's bullying me!"